Annabelle Comes Home (2019)

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Annabelle Comes Home (2019

taglineWelcome To The Home Of The Conjuring Universe

Director: Gary Dauberman

Stars: Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Madison Iseman, Samara Lee, Katie Sarife

Horror, Mystery, Thriller (1h 46min)


Rated 6.0 after 26,922 votes, 53% postive reviews on 17-Sep-19.


While babysitting the daughter of Ed and Lorraine Warren, a teenager and her friend unknowingly awaken an evil spirit trapped in a doll.


Gary Dauberman (director) Vera Farmiga Patrick Wilson Mckenna Grace Madison Iseman Katie Sarife Michael Cimino

Vera Farmiga (Lorraine Warren), Patrick Wilson (Ed Warren), Mckenna Grace (Judy Warren), Madison Iseman (Mary Ellen), Katie Sarife (Daniela Rios), Michael Cimino (Bob Palmeri), Samara Lee (Bee), Kenzie Caplan (Nurse), Sade Katarina (Nurse), Michael Patrick McGill (Cop), Brittany Hoza (Young Woman in Car), Sheila McKellan (Cemetery Ghost), Eddie J. Fernandez (Truck Driver), Steve Coulter (Father Gordon), Luca Luhan (Anthony Rios), Gary-7 (Ghostly Priest), Paul Dean (Mr. Palmeri), Alison White (Mrs. Faley), Oliver Dauberman (School Bully), Lou Lou Safran (Little Girl (Rebecca)), Anthony Wemyss (Daniela's Dad), Natalia Safran (Bride), Edwin Scheibner (Exorcism Guy), Bill Kottkamp (Pizza Guy), Douglas Tait (Werewolf), Alexander Ward (Demon), Ava Hamada (Party Guest), James William Ballard (Parent at School (uncredited)), Emily Brobst (Rory (uncredited)), Cadence Murray (School Girl (uncredited)), Sara Raftery (Coin Corpse (uncredited)), Bob Telford (Last Rites Priest (uncredited)), Shawn Weston Thacker (Student (uncredited))


James Wan (story by), Gary Dauberman (screenplay by)

Produced by

Michael Clear (executive producer), Michelle Morrissey (executive producer), Victoria Palmeri (executive producer), Peter Safran (producer), James Wan (producer (p.g.a.))



Let me just sum the whole movie up for you all: Parents leave, just the kid and the babysitters in the house, house is haunted, ghosts everywhere, jump scares, then some jump scares, some more jump scares, then some more jump scares, oh and some more jump scares. I mean honestly do they really think that this is actually scary, do they think they're viewers are 5 years old. Might as well have gone into a haunted house, at least I would actually enjoy it. I really hope this isn't how the next horror films are going to play out. What they need to do is actually hire some real writers, spend more than 5 minutes on the plot, the scary stuff, etc. spend some actual money on the movie as well so we can have some actual good special effects. Why waste our time with this excuse of a "horror film". When I watch a horror movie I want to actually be terrified. There needs to be more than just jump scares, like a really creepy plot and characters, kind of like the first two insidious movies, I actually had nightmares from those movies. Watch this movie if you just need to fill an hour and a half while waiting for your parents or your wife and kids at the mall, don't expect anything new or original or certainly scary.

Memorable quotes

Lorraine Warren: There is a lot of evil in this room. But you know what I actually like about it? All the evil in here reminds me of all the good that's out there.

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The samurai armor that features in the Warren occult museum is based off Japanese mythology's demonic warrior the Oni, marking along with the Ferryman the second cultural mythology entity appearing.

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Other titles

Annabelle Comes Home ((original title); Denmark; India (Hindi title); UK) • Annabelle 3: Viene a casa (Argentina; Peru; Uruguay (original subtitled version)) • Annabelle 3: De Volta Para Casa (Brazil) • Анабел 3 (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)) • Annabelle 3 - Retour à la maison (Canada (French title)) • Annabelle 3 (Croatia; Czech Republic; Germany; Hungary; Israel (Hebrew title); Italy; Turkey (Turkish title); USA (informal title)) • Annabelle - La maison du mal (France) • Anabella 3 (Latvia) • Anabele 3 (Lithuania) • Annabelle 3: viene a casa (Mexico) • Annabelle wraca do domu (Poland) • Annabelle 3 - O Regresso a Casa (Portugal) • Проклятие Аннабель 3 (Russia) • Anabel 3: Povratak kući (Serbia) • Annabelle 3: Návrat (Slovakia) • Annabelle vuelve a casa (Spain) • Анабель 3 (Ukraine) • Annabelle: Ac Quy Tro Ve (Vietnam)



Rated R for horror violence and terror


Argentina:13 / Australia:M / Austria:16 / Belgium:KNT/ENA / Brazil:14 / Bulgaria:D / Canada:14A / Canada:14A / Canada:14A / Canada:14A / Canada:13+ / Chile:14 / Colombia:12 / Czech Republic:15 / Denmark:15 / Ecuador:12 / Ecuador:12 / Ecuador:15 / Finland:K-16 / France:12 / Germany:16 / Greece:A-18 / Hong Kong:IIB / Hungary:16 / Iceland:16 / India:A / Indonesia:13+ / Ireland:15A / Italy:T / Japan:G / Lithuania:N-16 / Luxembourg:16 / Malaysia:P13 / Maldives:15+ / Malta:15 / Mexico:B15 / Netherlands:16 / New Zealand:M / New Zealand:R13 / Nigeria:15 / Norway:15 / Peru:14 / Philippines:R-13 / Poland:15 / Portugal:M/16 / Russia:18+ / Singapore:PG13 / South Africa:16 / South Korea:15 / Spain:16 / Switzerland:16 / Taiwan:R-12 / Thailand:15 / Turkey:15+ / United Kingdom:15 / United States:R / Vietnam:C18



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