Killing Eve (2018)

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TV Series: Seasons I, II 

“Killing Eve” (2018

Director: Damon Thomas (7 episodes, 2018-2019), Jon East (3 episodes, 2018), Harry Bradbeer (2 episodes, 2018), Lisa Brühlmann (2 episodes, 2019), Francesca Gregorini (2 episodes, 2019)

Stars: Fiona Shaw, Sandra Oh, Adrian Scarborough, Susan Lynch, Adeel Akhtar

Drama, Thriller (43min)

USA USA, UK UK, Italy Italy

Rated 8.3 after 43,373 votes on 11-Jun-19.

11 wins & 33 nominations


After a series of events, the lives of a security operative and an assassin become inextricably linked.


Jon East (director) Harry Bradbeer (director) Francesca Gregorini (director) Sandra Oh Jodie Comer Fiona Shaw Kim Bodnia

Sandra Oh (Eve Polastri 17 episodes, 2018-2019), Jodie Comer (Villanelle 17 episodes, 2018-2019), Fiona Shaw (Carolyn Martens 16 episodes, 2018-2019), Kim Bodnia (Konstantin 15 episodes, 2018-2019), Owen McDonnell (Niko Polastri 14 episodes, 2018-2019), Sean Delaney (Kenny Stowton / ... 13 episodes, 2018-2019), Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Elena Felton 7 episodes, 2018), Edward Bluemel (Hugo 7 episodes, 2019), Henry Lloyd-Hughes (Aaron Peel 5 episodes, 2019), Nina Sosanya (Jess 5 episodes, 2019), Darren Boyd (Frank Haleton 4 episodes, 2018), Sonia Elliman (Madame Tattevin 4 episodes, 2018-2019), David Haig (Bill Pargrave 3 episodes, 2018), Aaron Vodovoz (Prison Guard 3 3 episodes, 2018), Adrian Scarborough (Raymond 3 episodes, 2019), Jung Sun den Hollander (The Ghost / ... 3 episodes, 2019), Emma Pierson (Gemma 3 episodes, 2019), Andrei Zayats (Concierge 2 episodes, 2018), Luke de Woolfson (British Dad 2 episodes, 2019), Susan Lynch (Anna 2 episodes, 2018), Ken Nwosu (Max Sanford 2 episodes, 2018), Emanuele Romano (Palazzo Guard 2 episodes, 2019), Olivia Ross (Nadia 2 episodes, 2018), Adeel Akhtar (Martin 2 episodes, 2019), Billy Matthews (Dominik Wolanski 2 episodes, 2018), Andrea Tivadar (Young Woman 2 episodes, 2019), Zhenya Leverett (Agniya 2 episodes, 2018), Laura Karklina (Young Woman 2 2 episodes, 2019), Shannon Tarbet (Amber Peel 2 episodes, 2019), Yakim Nedelchev (Filip Petrova 1 episode, 2018), Topher Collins (Police Officer 1 episode, 2018), Yuli Lagodinsky (Irina 1 episode, 2018), Sabrina Open (Local Girl 1 episode, 2018), Giulia Patrignani (Girl in Ice Cream Parlor 1 episode, 2018), Irina Lytiak (Paramedic 1 episode, 2019), Arian Nik (Jay 1 episode, 2019), Tom Ward-Thomas (Legoland Receptionist 1 episode, 2019), Irina Kara (Head Guard 1 episode, 2018), Paolo Roca Rey (Ice Cream Vendor 1 episode, 2018), Simon Thorp (Greg Richardson 1 episode, 2019)...

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Luke Jennings (16 episodes, 2018-2019), Emerald Fennell (6 episodes, 2019), Phoebe Waller-Bridge (developed for television by) (4 episodes, 2018), George Kay (2 episodes, 2018), Vicky Jones (1 episode, 2018), Rob Williams (1 episode, 2018), Henrietta Ashworth (1 episode, 2019), Jessica Ashworth (1 episode, 2019), Jeremy Dyson (1 episode, 2019), D.C. Moore (1 episode, 2019), Freddy Syborn (1 episode, 2019)

Produced by

Adrian Kelly (line producer (16 episodes, 2018-2019)), Lee Morris (executive producer (16 episodes, 2018-2019)), Phoebe Waller-Bridge (executive producer (16 episodes, 2018-2019)), Sally Woodward Gentle (executive producer (16 episodes, 2018-2019)), Sandra Oh (co-executive producer / associate producer (13 episodes, 2018-2019)), James Levison (assistant producer (8 episodes, 2018)), Colin Wratten (producer (8 episodes, 2018)), Elinor Day (series producer / series produced by (8 episodes, 2019)), Emerald Fennell (executive producer (8 episodes, 2019)), Francesca Gardiner (co-executive producer (8 episodes, 2019)), Gina Mingacci (executive producer (8 episodes, 2019)), Damon Thomas (executive producer (8 episodes, 2019)), Jenny Robins (story producer (6 episodes, 2018)), Henrietta Colvin (development producer (4 episodes, 2018)), Andrew Noble (producer (4 episodes, 2019)), Morenike Williams (producer (4 episodes, 2019)), Ute Leonhardt (line producer: Rome / line producer: Italy (3 episodes, 2018-2019)), Oana Prata (line producer: Romania (3 episodes, 2018)), Antonin Depardieu (Paris line producer / line producer: Paris (2 episodes, 2018-2019)), Mathias Schwerbrock (line producer berlin (1 episode, 2018)), Saskia van der Tas (line producer: Topkapi Production Company (1 episode, 2019))



Sandra Oh, one of the most underrated actors in the business, finally gets a vehicle where her immense talent is utilized to its fullest. I was riveted by her from the first scene-and that was before the appearance of Jodie Comer. There's no screen portrayal of a psychopath, male or female, that I've seen who is more convincing than that of Villanelle.

The only comparable ones, that come to mind, is Michael Caine's portayal, in the absolutely brilliant, original Get Carter, and of course, Anthony Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter in the Silence of the Lambs. There haven't been any such comparable portrayals by a female-until now. Villanelle kills it (pardon the pun).

I noted that Jodie Comer, an exceptionally and uniquely beautiful woman, has eyes that are spaced relatively far apart. I'm wondering if that was a deliberate consideration when she was cast, because my first thought was that I was reminded of a lizard, or bird of prey. Villanelle has as little mercy, or compassion, as either.

The scene captured in the trailer-where she is in the ice cream shop, exchanging gazes with the little girl, was breathtaking in ways beyond what she does to the child when she walks out. In the lead up, when she is sitting across the room from the girl, it's clearly communicated that this is not a normal woman. The first instinct for most of us, upon meeting the eyes of a child in that circumstance, would be to smile. She does not-until she's reminded to do so by her observation of the man behind the counter. Of course; a sociopath is incapable of sentiment or affection. They can only fake it. She could not, until reminded by the man. In the end, walking out, she cannot help but follow her true nature.

She's clearly capable of anything.

She's a monster, but a beautiful, charismatic and extremely compelling one. All the more so, when we find out that she's an assassin, and an extremely skilled and resourceful one. So much so that she's apparently the "go to" killer of her employer, whoever it is. One gets the clear impression that she's not only indifferent to taking human life, she does it with almost gleeful and cruel nonchalance. There's no actor, male or female. that I've seen who pulls that off like Comer.

It becomes clear that Sandra Oh's Eve hides the scores of demons and trauma that she's clearly carrying with that flawless dry humor and wit of hers. One wonders if those demons are in part what makes her so relentless and driven. That she pulls off her character so effortlessly (so it seems) is a tribute to her underappreciated skill as an actor. It's for those reasons that virtually any other actor would have been well overshadowed by Comer's performance. Not a chance here.

I'll be stunned and disappointed if she-along with Comer-do not become bona fide stars now.

At the end of the first episode, with Vellanelle's already impressive body count-and ruthlessness-showcased to full effect, and with she and Eve (her prospective nemesis and muse) having inadvertently crossed paths, I can't even imagine what is to come between these two very damaged, and very powerful women.

As a member of the male gender, I'm already hooked.


Sandra Oh has said that she 'waited' 30 years for a role as meaty as this. When she first read the script, however, she had no idea who the producers wanted her to play, assuming she would be a receptionist or doctor, or some such secondary role usually attached to Asian actresses. Needless to say, she was ecstatic when her agent Nancy Gates assured her she'd be playing Eve.

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11 wins & 33 nominations 
Golden Globes, USA • Primetime Emmy Awards • BAFTA Awards • Screen Actors Guild Awards • American Cinema Editors, USA • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards • Festival de Television de Monte Carlo • Fotogramas de Plata • Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association (GALECA) • Gold Derby Awards • Gotham Awards • IGN Summer Movie Awards • MTV Movie + TV Awards • National Television Awards, UK • Online Film & Television Association • Satellite Awards • Television Critics Association Awards • Televisual Bulldog Awards, UK

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Killing Eve ((original title); France; Italy; Spain; USA) • Убивайки Ийв (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)) • Na mušce (Czech Republic) • Megszállottak viadala (Hungary) • Obsesja Eve (Poland) • Obsesia Evei (Romania) • Убивая Еву (Russia) • Ubiti Iv (Serbia)



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