See Jane Date (2003)

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See Jane Date (2003

taglineMeet Jane. She's always one date away from finding the perfect guy.

Director: Robert Berlinger (as Bob Berlinger)

Stars: Francis X. McCarthy, Zachary Levi, Antonio Sabato Jr., Jamie Elman, Yannick Bisson

Comedy, Romance (1h 30min)

Canada Canada, USA USA

Rated 6.1 after 1,457 votes on 13-Oct-18.


Single, ambitious, magazine assistant editor Jane Grant has just received an invitation to her younger cousin's wedding, and it's engraved with two of the most dreaded words a perpetually available single can encounter: "plus guest." Come wedding day, Jane had better deliver. After all, she's already told everyone, including her meddlesome and obnoxious Aunt Ina and now-famous high school nemesis Natasha Nutley, that she's in a serious relationship. Now, Jane has two months to find a guy to fit the lie, complete the guest list, and save face. If the series of miserable set-ups orchestrated by her well-meaning best friends Eloise and Amanda are any indication, Jane's in for big trouble. From first date to blind date, from double date to last date, the match game is on-and with millions of men to pick from, Jane is sure to find Mr. Right, right?


Charisma Carpenter David Lipper Joshua Malina Evan Marriott Cameron Mathison Eddie McClintock Zachary Levi

Charisma Carpenter (Jane Grant), David Lipper (Ethan Miles), Joshua Malina (Kevin Adams), Evan Marriott (Hank Chilton), Cameron Mathison (Gary Babcock), Eddie McClintock (Kurt Batner), Zachary Levi (Grant Asher), Rachelle Lefevre (Eloise), Sadie LeBlanc (Amanda), Francis X. McCarthy (William Remke), Yannick Bisson (Max Garrett), Kim Schraner (Dana), Yanic Truesdale (Noah), Linda Dano (Aunt Ina), Antonio Sabato Jr. (Timothy Rommelly), Holly Marie Combs (Natasha Nutley), Linda Tomassone (Morgan), Fanny La Croix (Bridesmaid #1), Lissa Hostland (Bridesmaid #2), Cecile Cristobal (Bridesmaid #3), Linda Smith (Mrs. Nutley), Jamie Elman (Larry Fishtail), Bobo Vian (Seamstress), Victor Knight (Herbert), Scott Faulconbridge (Opera Man), Janine Longley (Opera Woman), Tim Rozon (Waiter), Vincent Leclerc (Maitre' D), Don Jordan (Wedding DJ (as Dan Jordan)), Carrie Colak (Cassandra), Daniel Brochu (Rick), Jonathan Harvey (Waiter), Melia Morgan (Bridesmaid #4 (uncredited)), Sylvia Stewart (Office Worker (uncredited))

From the same director


Melissa Senate (novel), Sheila R. Lawrence (teleplay) (as Sheila Lawrence)

Produced by

Ted Babcock (co-producer), Kelly Garrett (associate producer), Danièle Rohrbach (co-producer), Robert M. Sertner (executive producer), Randy Sutter (producer), Frank von Zerneck (executive producer)



After a pre-Valentine's weekend of watching a number of romance movies, this was the last one I saw. Although I am far from the target demographic for this movie (late 20s single white urban female), surprisingly it was my favorite movie of the bunch. It moved right along, had some wit, and a couple references to more than shopping, hot guys, and weddings. For example, an interesting reference to DeNiro and Taxi Driver, Richard Gere, and Dustin Hoffman.

Charisma Carpenter well... had charisma and I enjoyed watching her. She wasn't pencil thin and seemed to be a realistic woman.

I enjoyed the dating scenes. There weren't that many and they got the point across succinctly as to why it was a bad date. The guys were insensitive but not as a typically boorish male movie character. And not all guys were bad. For some of the bad dates, I was actually amused. The movie though is more about Jane's growth in herself and in her view of others.

I didn't believe Jane's work environment. Other than her boss, was anyone else over 30? Speaking of age, I thought most of the late 20s female characters looked and acted more like they were in their early-to-mid 20s.

A nice light movie for now. 10-20 years from now - probably will seem dated.

Memorable quotes

[Amanda and Jane are shopping for gifts for Jane's cousin Dana and her husband-to-be.]
Amanda: Did you find anything for Dana and Larry?
Jane: Oh, hardly. I mean, what do you get a guy that's funny but serious, athletic but poetic, masculine but feminine...?
Amanda: Boyfriend?
Jane: Of course. The one thing they don't have here.


Charisma Carpenter and Holly Marie Combs have also appeared in several episodes of Charmed (1998) together. They are even friends in real life



Other titles

Una cita para Jane (Argentina) • Um Encontro Para Jane (Brazil (cable TV title)) • Une célibataire à New-York (France) • Ziteitai epeigontos gabros (Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)) • Randi Jane-nel (Hungary) • Una single a New York (Italy) • Обратитесь к Джейн (Russia) • Jane isce fanta (Slovenia)



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