The Adventure of... (1975)

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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975

Director: Gene Wilder

Stars: Albert Finney, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Mel Brooks, Roy Kinnear

Comedy, Crime, Musical, Mystery, Romance (1h 31min)


Rated 6.1 after 5,803 votes on 18-May-19.


Sherlock Holmes' younger brother is annoyed that he has had to live in Sherlock's shadow for so long. When Sherlock goes to the continent, he sends a case to his brother who constantly tries with varying success, to imitate Sherlock's deductive and observational tricks.


Gene Wilder (director) Madeline Kahn Marty Feldman Dom DeLuise Leo McKern Roy Kinnear John Le Mesurier

Gene Wilder (Sigerson Holmes), Madeline Kahn (Jenny Hill), Marty Feldman (Orville Sacker), Dom DeLuise (Gambetti (as Dom De Luise)), Leo McKern (Moriarty), Roy Kinnear (Moriarty's Assistant), John Le Mesurier (Lord Redcliff), Douglas Wilmer (Sherlock Holmes), Thorley Walters (Dr. Watson), George Silver (Bruner), Nicholas Smith (Hunkston), John Hollis (Moriarty's Gunman), Aubrey Morris (Coach Driver), Tommy Godfrey (Fred), Susan Field (Queen Victoria), Joseph Behrmannis (Russian), Wolfe Morris (Frenchman), Julian Orchard (Man in Tails), Kenneth Benda (Butler), Michael Crane (Renato), Tony Sympson (Opera Conductor), Stephen Calcutt (Oscar the page), John Brennan (Concert Guest (uncredited)), Mel Brooks (Bruner (voice) (uncredited)), Maxwell Craig (Music Hall Audience Member (uncredited)), Albert Finney (Man in Audience at Opera (uncredited)), Ken Parry (Music Hall Conductor (uncredited)), Richard Roth (Moriarty assistant (uncredited)), Anita Sharp-Bolster (Old lady (uncredited)), Fred Wood (Stage Roadie (uncredited))

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Gene Wilder (written by), Arthur Conan Doyle (characters) (uncredited)

Produced by

Charles Orme (associate producer), Richard Roth (producer (as Richard A. Roth))



Well, I can see that this movie really didn't get the best reviews, which surprised me as it is one of my favorite movies ever.

I thought back on it while posting my 9 out of 10 review and I can see how others might not enjoy this style of humor, as it does take getting used to and not everyone gets that chance because the movie is rarely played.

If you are a Gene Wilder fan, a Marty Feldman fan, a Madeline Kahn (sp?) fan, or a fan of sherlock holmes, then this movie is for you. Yes, it's a bit dry in places, and yes it can be a bit flighty, but if you can stick it out and just turn off the logical part of your mind for a bit and go along with the wild ride, I think that in the end, you'll buy a ticket and ask to go on the ride again.

The singing numbers, the wild looks of Kahn, Wilder and of course my buggy eyed friend, Feldman, help to make this movie quirky and humorous at the same time. The dark London (I think it's in London) streets and the perpetual night helps to make this a very fun period piece with humor at every step.

For someone such as myself who does enjoy a good Sherlock Holmes story, I truly loved the way that our main character (Wilder) is constantly getting things so way off. Such as when he thinks he is describing the person on the other side of the door based on the clues he has and then he is so way off that it's hilarious.

See this movie, and if you need to watch it again to fully enjoy it, give it about a week and then see it again. It's worth the multiple viewings.

Memorable quotes

Sigerson Holmes: I wish I knew what in God's name they were saying out there!
Orville: [bumps head, starts imitating Gambetti] Professore! This little room is-a 15 inches-a wide! My little saw gonna come right-a down-a the middle! I hope ya like-a the color red! A-ha-ha-ha-haaaa! Aaa-ha-ha-haaa!
[normal voice]
Orville: I also read lips.

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In the scene in which Moriarty (Leo McKern) is auctioning off the Redcliff Document to a Russian and a Frenchman, the Russian bids five thousand Rubles, which equals six hundred twenty-five pounds. The Frenchman then bids seven thousand Francs, which equals six hundred twenty-six pounds, only one pound more than the Russian bid.

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Other titles

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (Australia) • Приключенията на по-хитрия брат на Шерлок Холмс (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)) • O Irmão mais Esperto de Sherlock Holmes (Brazil) • Le frère le plus fûté de Sherlock Holmes (Canada (French title); France) • Sherlock Holmes' smarte bror (Denmark) • El hermano más listo de Sherlock Holmes (Spain; Mexico) • Sherlock Holmes' smarte broder (Finland (Swedish title)) • Sherlock Holmesin välkky veli (Finland) • O pio poniros adelfos tou Sherlock Holmes (Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)) • Ο πιο πονηρός αδελφός του Sherlock Holmes (Greece) • Sherlock Holmes legkedvesebb bátyjának kalandja (Hungary (alternative title)) • Sherlock Holmes okosabb bátyjának kalandjai (Hungary) • Sherlock Holmes okosabb testvérének kalandjai (Hungary (DVD title)) • Il fratello più furbo di Sherlock Holmes (Italy) • Sherlock Holmes smarte bror (Norway) • El hermano listo de Sherlock Holmes (Peru (cable TV title)) • Przygody najsprytniejszego z braci Holmes (Poland) • As Aventuras do Irmão Mais Esperto de Sherlock Holmes (Portugal) • Pustolovine pametnijeg brata Šerloka Holmsa (Serbia) • Sherlock Holmes' smarta brorsa (Sweden) • Приключения хитроумного брата Шерлока Холмса (Soviet Union (Russian title)) • Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (USA (promotional title)) • Sherlock Holmes cleverer Bruder (West Germany)



Australia:PG / Australia:NRC / Finland:K-12 / Iceland:L / Portugal:M/12 / Spain:T / Sweden:15 / United Kingdom:A / United Kingdom:PG / United States:PG



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