Le chant du loup (2019)

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Le chant du loup (2019

(The Wolf's Call)

Director: Abel Lanzac (as Antonin Baudry)

Stars: Omar Sy, Mathieu Kassovitz, Damien Bonnard, Reda Kateb, Jean-Yves Berteloot

Action, Drama (1h 55min)

France France

Rated 7.0 after 6,550 votes on 27-Aug-19.


In the near future, a French submarine finds itself in a crisis situation.


François Civil Omar Sy Mathieu Kassovitz Reda Kateb Paula Beer Alexis Michalik Jean-Yves Berteloot

François Civil (Chanteraide), Omar Sy (D'Orsi), Mathieu Kassovitz (Alfost), Reda Kateb (Grandchamp), Paula Beer (Diane), Alexis Michalik (Second SNLE-B2R), Jean-Yves Berteloot (Commandant CIRA), Damien Bonnard (Officier navigation SNLE), Pierre Cevaer (Veilleur sonar SNA), Sébastien Libessart (Cadet SNA), Paul Granier (Opérateur table SNA), Etienne Guillou-Kervern (Maître de centrale), Guillaume Duhesme (Elaboration SNA), Simon Thomas (Barreur SNA), Bastien Ughetto (Opérateur torpille), Paul Lorient (Second Titane - Karadec), Marc Ruchmann (Codet SNLE), Nicolas Van Beveren (Officier de tir SNLE), Sébastien Landry (Maître de centrale SNLE), Sylvain Loreau (Elaboration SNLE), Arthur Choisnet (Opérateur torpille SNLE), Léopold Bara (Cotac SNLE), Arnaud Churin (Chef de PC milieu SNLE), Brice Ormain (Cerrudon SNLE (as Brice Ormain Basély)), William Beautemps (Veilleur sonar SNLE), Guillaume Clement (Chef d'escadrille), Stéfan Godin (Capitaine de vaisseau), Philippe Maymat (Chef d'Etat-major du président), Nadine Yve (Marjorie, secrétaire Alfost), Jonathan Devred (Cotac), Clayd Genestet (Employé librairie), Albert Sezikeye (Doublure D'Orsi), John Medalin (Doublure d'Orsi (vues sous-marines)), Morgan Bourc'his (Apnéiste)


Abel Lanzac (as Antonin Baudry)

Produced by

Xavier Amblard (executive producer), Alain Attal (producer), Solveig Rawas (Production Coordinator), Stéphane Riga (executive producer), Jérôme Seydoux (producer), Hugo Sélignac (co-producer)



The first 20 minutes of this movie, if it's true to the fact, this French sub was poorly organized inside and most of the crew were badly trained and they were not seriously carried out what they should have done and their attitudes among them and toward each other were so amateurish and abject. The sub looked like a teenager's bedroom, unlike a nuclear sub should be. The other unbelievably scripted scenario was those 4 French Special Forces team. Why the guy with the bleeding hand would do the job to close up the dig-in cache? They already saw the enemy got the dog, and how a well-trained guy would leave lot of blood to expose their secret cache? When the sonar guy detected the Iranian frigate and then detected an unknown 4-blade sub, the whole French crew were like a bunch of amateurs, shouting and yelling to each other, everybody was so panic. And then the mist-cast captain brought a lock-up RPG launcher up to the con....what a laughable scene, Jesus...The clueless celebration afterwards, everybody self-claiming they got the best captain and the best crew were also laughable like a farce.

All I can say is this:

All the cast in this movie were bad or wrong choice, except the acoustic sonar young guy. He's the only one who played the part appropriately. Omar Sy's role was extremely unfit, just look how he wore his French Navy shirt, he didn't even bother to wear his white shirt as an navy officer should be and, he played a sloppy D'Orsi role so unconvincingly poor. Then another fatal wrong casting job, Reda Kateb who played the Grandchamp role as a sub captain, but didn't look a bit like a capable guy who could command a nuclear sub later before he's a captain of the Titan sub. He's one of the worst French actors I've ever seen so far. Also, the American voice-over that replaced the original French dialog also sucks big time, poorly sync, most of the time, the American voice-over failed to match the lips of all the characters, that also made the whole viewing experience so embarrassed uncomfortable.

I would say, if this is not a movie but just a screenplay or a printed novel, it would be ten times better.


D'Orsy (Omar Sy) uses the US military salute, with the palm of the hand down; instead of the French military salute, with the palm facing outward.



Other titles

Le chant du loup ((original title); France) • Wolf Call - Minaccia in alto mare (Italy) • Зов волка (Russia) • The Wolf's Call (World-wide (English title))



France:Tous publics / Italy:T / Netherlands:12 / Poland:15 / Singapore:M18 / Singapore:PG13 / Switzerland:10


Pathé, Les Productions du Trésor (co-production) (as Trésor Films), Chi-Fou-Mi Productions, Jouror Productions (co-production) (as Les Productions Jouror), SofiTVciné 5 (in association with), Indéfilms 6 (in association with), Cofimage 29 (in association with), Cofinova 14 (in association with), Canal+ (participation), Ciné+ (participation), Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) (support)


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