A Bird of the Air (2011)

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A Bird of the Air (2011

taglineBoy meets parrot meets girl.

Director: Margaret Whitton

Stars: Rachel Nichols, Gary Farmer, Linda Emond, Bernardo Saracino, Louis Zorich

Drama, Romance (1h 48min)


Rated 6.6 after 1,076 votes, 42% postive reviews on 12-Sep-19.


A man in search of his past, and a woman who lives in the moment, are brought together when they pursue the origins of a stray parrot in this comedic and romantic drama.


Margaret Whitton (director) Rachel Nichols Jackson Hurst Anjanette Comer Linda Emond Buck Henry Judith Ivey

Rachel Nichols (Fiona), Jackson Hurst (Lyman), Anjanette Comer (Mrs. Weber), Linda Emond (Margie), Buck Henry (Duncan Weber), Judith Ivey (Eleanor Reeves), Erik Jensen (Bearded Man), Kaiulani Lee (Mrs. Blair), Matte Osian (Trucker), Rocco Sisto (Security Guard), Phyllis Somerville (Ivy Campbell), Louis Zorich (Stowalski), Jessamyn Blakeslee (Woman Crash Victim), Gary Farmer (Charles Ballard), Carrie Fleming (Reference Librarian), Bernardo Saracino (Neil (as Bernardo P. Saracino)), Stephanie Jones (Dr. Doughtery), Todd Lawson LaTourrette (Tom (as Todd La Tourrette)), Juliet Lopez (Dr. Reynosa), Genia Michaela (Amber), Carmela Rappazzo (Professor Paquet), Kat Sawyer (Billie (as Kat Sawyer-Young)), Michael Sheets (John), Kevin Skousen (Frank), Jocelyn Towne (Susie), Paul Twitchell (Paul), Gilbert Almario (College Student), Joe Manuel Gallegos Jr. (Dead Man), Thadd Turner (Cowboy Poet), George the Basset-Hound (Floyd (uncredited)), Cade Borek (Birthday Stills Photo shoot (uncredited)), Tina Borek (Nurse (uncredited)), Eriks Chase (French Student (uncredited)), Adam Owens (Poetry Reading Attendee (uncredited))


Roger Towne (screenplay), Joe Coomer (novel)

Produced by

Raine Hall (associate producer), Greg Schultz (co-producer), Jane Slater (associate producer), Warren Spector (executive producer), Steven Tabakin (producer), Alton Walpole (line producer), Margaret Whitton (producer)



I just can't say enough about this great little indie jewel. All the actors shine, the production values are superb and the normal compressions and compromises inherent in bringing a sparkling novel to the screen have been thoughtfully and artfully chosen. Sure, all we jaded film fans have seen it before, just not always this heartfelt and fun. This film left me wanting more, in the good way.

I highly recommend this for those who want to share a moving experience with someone special. Even better share this with someone you want to become special.

This film is virtually bereft of objectionable content. Younger children may become invested in characters that suffer the vicissitudes of temporal existence. There are some suggestive situations. Parents may want to preview the movie before sharing it with the family. That said, a very rewarding film. Highly recommended!

Memorable quotes

[first lines]
Margie: Upside down people, the graveyard shift. Whatever you call us. We're the ones working at night while you sleep. We look out for each other. Or, I looked out for Lyman, and he looked out for everyone else. But off the road he thought everyone else had read the big instruction manual. Lyman wasn't gonna talk until he had it all figured out. Riding that highway loop night after night was the only job he'd ever had, unless you count all the classes he took at the Community College. Oh he learned lots of things, just not the basics, and they aren't in the books.

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The movie is based in New Mexico.

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Other titles

A Bird of the Air ((original title)) • Papagaio no Ar (Brazil) • A papagáj (Hungary) • Ptactwo powietrzne (Poland) • Он, она и попугай (Russia) • Ptica iz vedra neba (Serbia) • The Loop (USA (working title))



Rated PG-13 for some sexual content and accident images


United States:PG-13



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