Office Uprising (2018)

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Office Uprising (2018

taglineWorst. Workday. Ever.

Director: Lin Oeding

Stars: Karan Soni, Kurt Fuller, Brenton Thwaites, Zachary Levi, Jane Levy

Action, Comedy, Horror (1h 32min)


Rated 6.5 after 5,873 votes on 07-Jan-19.


An employee at a weapons factory discovers that an energy drink turns his co-workers into zombies


Lin Oeding (director) Brenton Thwaites Jane Levy Karan Soni Zachary Levi Gregg Henry Kurt Fuller

Brenton Thwaites (Desmond), Jane Levy (Samantha), Karan Soni (Mourad), Zachary Levi (Adam Nusbaum), Gregg Henry (Franklin Gantt), Kurt Fuller (Lentworth), Ian Harding (Nicholas Frohm), Barry Shabaka Henley (Clarence), Alan Ritchson (Bob), Sam Daly (Marcus Gantt), Stephen Oyoung (Joe the Salesman), Kenneth Choi (Freddy Wong), Tracey Rooney (Jill HR), Ashton McClearin (Lisa HR), Natascha Hopkins (Natasha HR), Morgan Lindholm (Melanie HR), Leif Gantvoort (Ad Guy Maxwell), Ravi Kapoor (Ad Guy Bertrand), Alisa Allapach (Ad Girl Stacy), Chesta Drake (Helen), Travis Gomez (Carter), Mickey Gooch Jr. (Ralph), Tyron Woodley (Mario), Travis Berens (Cloud), Roger J. Timber (Jerry Solomon), Mary Passeri (Pat The Switchboard Operator), Chris Grace (Beefed Up Ammotech Supervisor), Jef Holbrook (Janitor), Giulia Prenna (PA Voice / Announcer (voice)), Tristan Lindsey (Hofnagle), Kevin Wehby (Jr. Scientist), Bryan Rasmussen (Gantt Henchman), Bob Kuykendall (Gantt Henchman (as Robert Kuykendall)), Carine Rice (HR Girl), Brendan Patrick Connor (Tony the Guard), Corey Winston (Security Guard), Jen Baker (HR Girl (uncredited)), Jimothy Beckholt (Agent Orange Twin 1 (uncredited)), Timothy Beckholt (Agent Orange Twin 2 (uncredited)), Eric Brown (Advertising Department Employee (uncredited))...


Ian Shorr (written by), Peter Gamble Robinson (written by) (as Peter Gamble)

Produced by

Jon Lee Brody (executive producer), William Clevinger (producer (produced by)), Chris Conover (executive producer), Sean E. DeMott (executive producer), Tara Finegan (executive producer), Tim Hegarty (executive producer), Larry Layfield (associate producer), Noah Lydiard (executive producer), Sean Lydiard (producer (produced by)), Nat McCormick (executive producer), Brian O'Shea (executive producer), Robert Orr (co-producer), Stephanie Pinola (executive producer), Giulia Prenna (producer (produced by)), Tracey Rooney (executive producer), Ken Schwenker (line producer), Michelle Seañez (co-executive producer), Elliott Michael Smith (co-producer), Dan Spilo (co-executive producer), Jim Steele (producer (produced by)), Brenton Thwaites (executive producer), Caddy Vanasirikul (associate producer)



This film tells story of an office worker for a weapons manufacturer, whose co-workers are turned into zombies by an energy drink.

The film actually starts out not too bad and quite funny. However once the horror/zombie bit comes in, it falls apart. The horror effects are good. Plenty of blood and gore but it gets a bit dull. Some of the effects are pretty poor. The jokes fall flat. There is little action. Its not really that scary or gory.

Although it was well acted, I had no connection to the characters. I really didn't care by the end what happened to them.

It is a shame as there is some great acting and the first bit of the film shows promise. It would probably been better if it had been kept as a straight office comedy rather than trying to make it a horror.

Memorable quotes

Franklin Gantt: Zolt was designed for soldiers. Makes them alert, focus, productive. But this first batch, shit went sideways.

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