Abbott and Costello Meet... (1955)

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Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955

taglineIt's Mummy's Day for Bud and Lou!

By Charles Lamont

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror (1h 19min)


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In Egypt Peter and Freddie find the archaeologist Dr. Zoomer murdered before they can return to America. A medallion leads them to a crypt where a revived mummy provides the terror.

Popular faces

Bud Abbott Lou Costello Marie Windsor Michael Ansara Dan Seymour Richard Deacon Kurt Katch Mel Welles


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Bud Abbott (Pete Patterson), Lou Costello (Freddie Franklin), Marie Windsor (Madame Rontru), Michael Ansara (Charlie), Dan Seymour (Josef), Richard Deacon (Semu), Kurt Katch (Dr. Zoomer), Richard Karlan (Hetsut), Mel Welles (Iben), George Khoury (Habid), Eddie Parker (Klaris (as Edwin Parker)), Mazzone-Abbott Dancers (Dance Troupe (as The Mazzone-Abbott Dancers)), Chandra Kaly and His Dancers (Dance Troupe), Peggy King (Vocalist), Paul Marion (Native (scenes deleted)), Robin Morse (Waiter (scenes deleted)), Kenneth Alton (Policeman (uncredited)), Jan Arvan (Waiter (uncredited)), Paul Bradley (Cafe Patron (uncredited)), Ralph Brooks (Cafe Patron (uncredited)), George Calliga (Townsman (uncredited)), Jack Chefe (Cafe Patron (uncredited)), Carole Costello (The Flower Girl (uncredited)), Oliver Cross (Cafe Patron (uncredited)), Kem Dibbs (Policeman (uncredited))...


Lee Loeb (story), John Grant (screenplay)

Produced by

Howard Christie (producer)


IMDb Comment

When the murder of an archaeologist puts a valuable medallion into their hands, Abbott and Costello waste little time in trying to sell it--only to find themselves pursued by police, a slinky adventuress, an Egyptian high priest, and the mummy himself. The concept is amusing, but the real charm of any Abbott and Costello film is the charismatic comic interplay between the stars. Unfortunately, the 1955 MEET THE MUMMY finds the two at a creative low ebb.

Featuring such notable character actors as Richard Deacon and Marie Windsor, the film is competently made and very easy to watch, but to say it lacks the inspiration of Abbott and Costello's best work would be a tremendous understatement. At most, MEET THE MUMMY is mildly amusing in a broadly slapstick sort of way, good for an occasional chuckle at best. It would be their last film at Universal and their next-to-last screen appearance together, so it might be best regarded as a fond farewell.

Memorable quotes

Madame Rontru: [looking at a fluroscope of Freddie's insides] A marble, two buttons, a safety pin...
Bud Abbott aka Peter Patterson: I lost a tie clasp two years ago, see if that's in there.

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Though Bud Abbott's character in this film was named Peter Patterson and Lou Costello's character's name was Freddie Franklin, they addressed each other by their own, real names ("Heeeeey Abbott!") throughout the entire picture. The credits are the only place where their characters' names are used.

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Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA

Other titles

Meet the Mummy • Abbott y Costello contra la momia (Argentina; Chile; Spain; Uruguay (original subtitled version)) • A + C als Mumienräuber (Austria; West Germany) • Abbott und Costello als Mumienräuber (Austria; West Germany) • Abbott and Costello in the Mummy (Australia (TV title)) • Deux nigauds chez les pharaons (Belgium (French title)) • Twee snullen bij de pharaos (Belgium (Flemish title)) • Caçando Múmias no Egito (Brazil) • Abbott og Costello møder mumierne (Denmark) • Abbott & Costello i Egypten (Finland (Swedish title) (alternative spelling)) 



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