Au nom de ma fille (2016)

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Au nom de ma fille (2016


Director: Vincent Garenq (attached)

Stars: Michel Gomes, Sebastian Koch, Marie-Josée Croze, Jan Oliver Schroeder, Daniel Auteuil

Biography, Crime, Drama (1h 27min)

France France, Germany Germany

Rated 7.0 after 1,858 votes on 20-Aug-19.

1 nomination


Based on a true story, KALINKA is about the struggle of Andre Bamberski to bring justice to his daughter Kalinka who died in disturbing circumstances. After 27 years of investigation to hunt down her presumed murderer, Bamberski will finally get the killer kidnapped and brought to justice.


Daniel Auteuil Sebastian Koch Marie-Josée Croze Johannes Oliver Hamm Guillaume Briat Jean-Pol Brissart Emma Drogunova

Daniel Auteuil (André Bamberski), Sebastian Koch (Dieter Krombach), Marie-Josée Croze (Dany), Christelle Cornil (Cécile), Lila-Rose Gilberti (Kalinka à 6 ans (as Lilas-Rose Gilberti)), Emma Besson (Kalinka à 14 ans), Christian Kmiotek (Robert), Serge Feuillard (Maître Gibault), Fred Personne (Le père d'André), Thérèse Roussel (La mère d'André), Tom Hudson (Pierre (20 ans)), Antoine Milhaud (Pierre (12 ans)), Timéo Bolland (Pierre (4 ans)), Samira Hchaika (Fatma), Natalie Beder (Assistante Bamberski), Aziz Lalej (Comptable marocain), Nicolas Planchais (Boris), Valérie Even (Juge d'instruction), Johannes Oliver Hamm (Policier Scheidegg), Florence d'Azémar (Juge d'instruction), Stanislas Stanic (Juge d'instruction), Catherine Davenier (Juge d'instruction), Alain Beigel (L'huissier de justice), Patrick Zimmermann (Le président du tribunal de Paris), Guillaume Briat (L'avocat général), Marie Vernalde (La greffière), Luc Gentil (Le producreur général), Geoffroy Boutan (Directeur affaires criminelles), Patrick Hauthier (Adjoint affaires criminelles), Anne-Cécile Crapie (Secrétaire), Véronique Dossetto (Secrétaire), Jean-Pol Brissart (Médecin légiste), Hervé Reinsberger (Médecin légiste), Clément Blanchet (Commissaire), Sébastien Marty (Policier), Loïc Risser (Policier), Michel Gomes (L'entrepreneur), Antonio Matos Ribau (Le chef de chantier), Jürgen Zwingel (L'avocat allemand), Martin Ziemann (Le procureur allemand)...

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Julien Rappeneau (screenplay), Vincent Garenq (screenplay), Julien Rappeneau (dialogue), Vincent Garenq (dialogue)

Produced by

Hugo Bergson-Vuillaume (producer), Cyril Colbeau-Justin (producer), Jean-Baptiste Dupont (producer), David Giordano (executive producer), Nadia Khamlichi (co-producer), Philipp Kreuzer (co-producer), Adrian Politowski (co-producer), Frantz Richard (executive producer: Morocco), Roland Schaffner (co-producer), Bernie Stampfer (executive producer), Hanna Vilsmaier (associate producer), Joseph Vilsmaier (associate producer), Markus R. Vogelbacher (executive producer), Gilles Waterkeyn (co-producer)



Disturbing film about the true case of Bamberski. He was lucky enough to have a couple of sidekicks: the good lawyer who works alone, like him, the German translator, and faithful Cécille, who withstands a lot. His dad in his alpine retreat is also understanding, gives him the best advice.

André had a life as a businessman, not very kind to his employees as we see in the first scene, but has his life transformed by the death of her daughter. The film doses the truth very well, and doesn't' shy away from showing the darker aspects of André. He is shown speaking alone while working, attempting acts that are not very lawful, and with a single- mindedness that could end with somebody at any moment. My favourite moment is him eating and resting alone in his car, a homage to "L'adversaire" in my humble opinion (one of the best films I've ever seen). The differences between the two roles are stark, nevertheless. Daniel A. can pull off basically any role he's thrown at, with a lesser actor this film would have been just stock material.

The director succeeded into making Marie-Josée Croze an unlikable woman ;). Her character could have more character development, I didn't understand much her (lack of) reactions and why did she never react to André's truths, not even at the cemetery when they cross paths with A.

I didn't feel much like going to Germany after watching this film ;). It looks like a foreign country, cold, with a difficult language, a juridical system that protects people like Dieter K. and rather absurd legal decisions. Hadn't it been for Andre's stubbornness, Kalina's case would have been buried. The German system doesn't come off very well in this film ;). It may have to do with French-German relationships, not always loving, but it's for Europeans to give opinions on that.

Overall, a great film. Not entirely pleasurable to watch but, given the material, a well told story, without melodrama or demagogy.



1 nomination 
Film by the Sea International Film Festival

Other titles

Au nom de ma fille ((original title); Canada (French title); France) • El secreto de Kalinka (Argentina) • Spravedlnost pro mou dceru (Czech Republic) • I min datters navn (Denmark; Norway) • Im Namen meiner Tochter - Der Fall Kalinka (Germany) • Beshem bitty (Israel (Hebrew title)) • In nome di mia figlia (Italy) • En el nombre de mi hija (Mexico) • Sprawa Kalinki (Poland) • От имени моей дочери (Russia) • För min dotters skull (Sweden) • Kalinka (World-wide (English title)) • Bamberski: The Kalinka Case • In Her Name



Argentina:16 / Australia:MA15+ / Brazil:14 / Denmark:11 / France:Tous publics / Germany:12 / Mexico:B15 / New Zealand:M / Norway:12 / Singapore:NC16 / Sweden:15 / Switzerland:12 / United Kingdom:15


LGM Productions (co-production) (as LGM Films), Black Mask Productions (co-production), StudioCanal (co-production), TF1 Films Production (co-production), Nexus Factory (co-production), Umedia (co-production), Arena Multimedia Group (co-production), uFund (in association with), Perathon Medien (in association with), International Film Partners (in association with), Région Ile-de-France (support), FilmFernsehFonds Bayern (in association with), Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA) (in association with), Canal+ (participation), Ciné+ (participation), TF1 (participation), D8 (participation)


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