Killers Anonymous (2019)

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Killers Anonymous (2019

taglineTake It One Slay At A Time

Director: Martin Owen

Stars: Gary Oldman, Jessica Alba, Tommy Flanagan, Michael Socha, Suki Waterhouse

Action, Crime, Mystery, Thriller (1h 35min)


Rated 6.8 after 4,947 votes, 22% postive reviews on 31-Aug-19.


A support group of killers is held regularly. The participants sit in a circle of trust and share their transgressions.


Martin Owen (director) Tommy Flanagan Rhyon Nicole Brown MyAnna Buring Michael Socha Tim McInnerny Gary Oldman

Tommy Flanagan (Markus), Rhyon Nicole Brown (Alice), MyAnna Buring (Joanna), Michael Socha (Leandro), Tim McInnerny (Calvin), Gary Oldman (The Man), Jessica Alba (Jade), Elliot James Langridge (Ben), Suki Waterhouse (Violet), Sam Hazeldine (Senator Kyle), Elizabeth Morris (Krystal), Isabelle Allen (Morgan), Sally Collett (Becky), Sadie Frost (Lucy), Takako Akashi (Lady Ming), Harmony Hyde Neath (Young Alice (as Harmony Hyde)), Sophie Willis (Young Morgan), William Andrew Lynn (Young Ben), Finley Sebastian Pearson (Young Ben's Friend), Jonathan Spencer (Hitman 1), Martin Owen (Hitman 2), Christian Stevens (Bodyguard 1), Keith Mason (Bodyguard 2), Stephan Genovese (Alice's Dad), Shirley Clemmet (Calvin's Patient), Maurice Stigwell (Bartender), David Alexander (Husband (uncredited)), Gordon Alexander (Senator's Bodyguard (uncredited)), Elizabeth Brace (Markus' Daughter (uncredited)), Lee Byford (Business Man (uncredited)), Kurt Davis (Pervert (uncredited)), Daniel Eghan (Pub Customer (uncredited)), Lucy Hind (Lucy (uncredited)), Ruth Horrocks (Senator Crowd Member (uncredited)), Lana Ish-Muhametova (Russian Government Operative (uncredited)), Steve Owles (Stephen (uncredited)), Wes Ritter (Quinn (uncredited)), Ruth Skirrow (Tiff (uncredited)), Lois Amber Toole (Gang Leader (uncredited))


Produced by

Kirsty Bell (producer), Barry Brooker (executive producer), Tim Burke (executive producer), Mark Chan (associate producer), Miriam Elchanan (executive producer), Ling Ju Liu (associate producer), Phil McKenzie (executive producer), John Palfery Smith (line producer), Mario Tafur (executive producer), Douglas Urbanski (executive producer), Stan Wertlieb (executive producer), Matt Williams (producer), Jonathan Willis (executive producer)



One of the characters makes this declaration early on, and I couldn't agree more. Clarity is in short supply in "Killers Anonymous", a dreadful indie misfire with a not-half-bad cast of unknown actors apart from Gray Oldman , who should be thoroughly embarrassed. Who wrote this mess? It's hard to determine which is worse, the plot or the script.

A group of killers meets in a sort of an Al-Anon for killers. Someone has tried to assassinate the American President on a visit to London, when suddenly, he staggers into the meeting wounded. I'm not going any further because it gets worse. Of the unlucky cast the only standouts are Tommy Flanagan and Rhyon Nicole Brown. The rest should try to have this film deleted from their list of credits. Gary Oldman escapes intact since his part is so small.

A truly awful movie.

Memorable quotes

The Man: We're all here, we're just not all there.


Jessica Alba and Tommy Flanagan starred together in Sin City (2005).



Other titles

Killers Anonymous ((original title); Germany) • Asesinos anónimos (Mexico) • Клуб анонимных киллеров (Russia) • Клуб анонiмних кiлерiв (Ukraine)



Rated R for bloody violence, and pervasive language including some sexual references


Japan:R15+ / Mexico:B-15 / Mexico:B15 / United Kingdom:15 / United States:R


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