Sulla mia pelle (2018)

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Sulla mia pelle (2018

(On My Skin)

Director: Alessio Cremonini

Stars: Gaetano Aronica, Jasmine Trinca, Alessandro Borghi, Rodolfo Bigotti, Dora Romano

Drama (1h 40min)

Italy Italy

Rated 7.4 after 4,047 votes on 28-Feb-19.

3 wins & 10 nominations


The incredible true story behind the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. Stefano Cucchi was arrested for a minor crime and mysteriously found dead during his detention. In one week's time, a family is changed forever.


Alessio Cremonini (director) Alessandro Borghi Jasmine Trinca Paolo D Bovani Andrea Ottavi Massimiliano Frateschi Roberta Sferzi

Alessandro Borghi (Stefano Cucchi), Massimiliano Tortora (Giovanni Cucchi), Milvia Marigliano (Rita Calore), Jasmine Trinca (Ilaria Cucchi), Elisa Casavecchia (Giulia), Aurora Casavecchia (Giulia), Mauro Conte (Carabiniere Arresto), Walter Nestola (Carabiniere Arresto), Davide Petrucci (Carabiniere Arresto), Paolo D Bovani (Carabiniere Arresto), Andrea Ottavi (Carabiniere Arresto), Tiziano Floreani (Luca), Andrea Lattanzi (Emanuele), Orlando Cinque (Maresciallo - Stazione Carabinieri Appia), Piergiorgio Savarese (Maresciallo Giovane - Stazione Carabinieri Appia), Roberto Galano (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Appia), Ignazio De Ruvo (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Appia), Stefano Miglio (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza), Massimiliano Frateschi (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza), Maris Leonetti (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza), Antonio Gargiulo (Carabiniere - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza), Alessio De Persio (Infermiere Ambulanza - Stazione Carabinieri Tor Sapienza), Roberta Sferzi (Giudice - Tribunale), Gaetano Aronica (P.M. - Tribunale), Marco Giuliani (Avvocato Cucchi - Tribunale), Aleksandros Memetaj (Detenuto - Tribunale), Daniele Blando (Agente - Tribunale), Davide Paciolla (Agente - Tribunale), Maurizio Pepe (Ispettore Penitenziaria - Tribunale), Marco Belocchi (Medico Tribunale - Tribunale), Federico Tocci (Assistente Capo - Regina Coeli), Vincenzo Tanassi (Agente - Regina Coeli), Pietro Faiella (Medico - Regina Coeli), Alessandro Forcinelli (Detenuto - Regina Coeli), Tiziano Scrocca (Agente Scorta - Regina Coeli), Michele di Siena (Agente - Fatebenefratelli), Rodolfo Bigotti (Agente - Fatebenefratelli), Daniele Amendola (Infermiere - Fatebenefratelli), Dora Romano (Dottoressa - Medicina Protetta), Elodie Treccani (Dottoressa - Medicina Protetta)...


Produced by

Tommaso Arrighi (delegate producer), Mattia Guerra (associate producer), Stefano Massenzi (associate producer), Luigi Musini (producer), Olivia Musini (producer), Andrea Occhipinti (producer), Serena Sostegni (delegate producer)


"Sulla mia pelle" seems to follow the conventional style of post-Gomorra Italian crime/drama films. Even though we all already knew the story, it is a great Netflix Original, albeit not an outstanding one.

"Sulla mia pelle" could be compared to Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station, both in themes and structure: both films focus on recent cases of police abuse, and unwrap their plot through a short period (which is one day for Coogler's film, one week for Cremonini's).

While the Cucchi case had enormous mediation relevance in Italy, I wouldn't dare to call it an "incredible true story", albeit an important case of crime perpetuated by the police. Similarly, I wouldn't say that Sulla mia pelle is a masterpiece of a film, but definitely a good film. Due to the subject, I doubt it could have been any better than how it turned out.

Ever since Garrone's "Gomorra", that was released in 2008, Italian crime movies seem to have adopted a particular style, distinct from their American counterparts. Although "Suburra", "A Ciambra", or "Dogman" all share decadent settings, dark environments, crude violence, certain common cinematographic and coloring techniques. Sulla mia pelle seems to follow their style, while being thematically more of an 'inquiry' film. It is also a 'slow' film: there is virtually no action whatsoever.

Even though there wasn't any gorgeous setting (as, for instance, in Suburra), I think the cinematography was great, pushed to the best it could be, despite the locations mostly being prison cells or police offices.

In terms of acting, Borghi attempted to do the required transformation for the role, by visibly losing weight, and also worked heavily on his accent, in order to make it as close to Cucchi's one as possible. The end credits let the viewer hear the original recording of a court hearing for comparison. A great performance, but not as dazzling as his work in Sollima's Suburra. Still, he qualifies once again as a talented emerging actor, who I'd like to see more often in films. Borghi, however, doesn't really resemble Cucchi so much as Jasmine Trinca resembles Ilaria Cucchi, Stefano's sister. We frequently saw the real Ilaria in the news, and the similarity is so impeccable, that it almost made me wish to see more of her in the film, even though the focus was not on her.

"Sulla mia pelle" is a valid film in technical terms. It is overall a good film, and I would put it up there together with "Dogman" and "Loro" as one of the best Italian films of the year so far, but lacks some elements that could have made it an ethernal masterpiece.


The real Ilaria Cucchi, Stefano's sister, called Alessandro Borghi after seeing the movie and told him "I don't know how you did it but you're just like him."

3 total 


3 wins & 10 nominations 
David di Donatello Awards • Venice Film Festival

Other titles

Sulla mia pelle ((original title)) • Auf meiner Haut (Germany) • En mi propia piel (Spain) • Szesc dni z zycia (Poland) • PĂ„ min hud (Sweden) • On My Skin (World-wide (English title))



Australia:MA15+ / Italy:T / Singapore:M18 / South Korea:15 / United States:TV-MA


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