Tex (1982)

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Tex (1982

taglineFrom the author and the star of "The Outrsiders" - the story of a young man who wouldn't be beaten.

Director: Tim Hunter

Stars: Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Bill McKinney, Ben Johnson, Jack Thibeau

Drama (1h 43min)


Rated 6.6 after 1,715 votes, 78% postive reviews on 31-Oct-18.

3 nominations


After their mother dies and their father leaves them, teenage brothers Tex and Mason McCormick struggle to make it on their own.


Matt Dillon Jim Metzler Meg Tilly Bill McKinney Frances Lee McCain Ben Johnson Emilio Estevez

Matt Dillon (Tex McCormick), Jim Metzler (Mason McCormick), Meg Tilly (Jamie Collins), Bill McKinney (Pop McCormick), Frances Lee McCain (Mrs. Johnson), Ben Johnson (Cole Collins), Emilio Estevez (Johnny Collins), Jack Thibeau (Coach Jackson), Zeljko Ivanek (Hitchhiker), Tom Virtue (Bob Collins), Pamela Ludwig (Connie), Jeff Fleury (Roger), Suzanne Costollos (Fortune Teller (as Suzanne Costallos)), Marilyn Redfield (Ms. Carlson), Mark Arnott (Kelly), Jill Clark (Marcie), Sheryl Briedel (Lisa), Lisa Mirkin (Shelly), Roderick Jones (Doctor (as Rod Jones)), Richard Krause (Ride Operator), Don Harral (Doctor at Hospital), Janine Burns (Nurse), Mark Huebner (Orderly), Ron Thulin (Anchorman), Mary Simons (Ms. Germanie), Francine Ringold (Lady Reporter), Darren N. Cates (Kid Near Tex (as Darren Cates)), Robin Winters (Girl on Bike), Lance Parkhill (Boy), Wayne Dorris (Kid #2), Mike Coats (Dave), Charles S. Haas (Lee (as Charlie Haas)), Larry Stallsworth (Patrolman), Adam Hubbard (Kid #1), Scott Smith (Biker #1), Eric Beckstrom (Biker #2), S.E. Hinton (Mrs. Barnes), Coralie Hunter (Lukie), Toyota (Tex's Horse), Phillip Brock (Lem Peters)...

From the same director


S.E. Hinton (novel), Charles S. Haas (screenplay) (as Charlie Haas), Tim Hunter (screenplay)

Produced by

Ron Miller (executive producer), Tim Zinnemann (producer)



The story is of two teenage brothers living together on a small property in Bixby, Oklahoma (a small town about twenty miles south of Tulsa). Tex (Matt Dillon) is the younger and Mason (Jim Metzler) is the older. Their mother is dead and their father rarely shows up. The brothers are doing everything they can to avoid the clutches of social services.

The dynamic of their relationship is one of frustration, love, and anger. Their lives are not easy and money is running out. To buy food and get the lights back on Mason is forced to sell Tex's horse and of course that infuriates Tex and he takes off in a rage. The poignant scene that has Mason drive his pickup along the road to coax Tex back is an early scene that establishes the tone of the relationship between the siblings.

It is not clear where this story will go. There are some moments along the way where it looks like Tex is going to take a very wrong turn when in the company of a drug dealing friend.

The young Dillon and Metzler carry the movie by their natural performances; the kids talk and act like most kids of their age did in that place and time (early 1980s). The fact that the movie was filmed on location in Bixby and Tulsa adds to the feeling of authenticity.

This movie does not go beyond the scope of being a simply-told, affecting tale and, within that scope, it delivers admirably. Some sentimentality creeps in toward the end, but for what it is I found this modest movie satisfying.

Memorable quotes

Tex McCormick: [Whimpers] Oh no...
Mason McCormick: [walks into Tex's room] Tex? You alright? You lose Something?
Tex McCormick: [laying under his bed with only his feet sticking out] It's kinda nice down here. Cool and Quiet.
Mason McCormick: Yeah, well maybe you should hurry it up so you can come have breakfast under the kitchen table. Then maybe you can catch a ride under the school bus!
Tex McCormick: [Gets up from under his bed and wraps a blanket around him] You would like that wouldn't you?

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The movie is set about ten years after the end of the novel "That Was Then, This is Now." Two characters make appearances in Tex (1982), which are Cathy Carlson as Tex's English teacher and the hitchhiker, who is Mark in disguise, escaped from prison.

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3 nominations 
Golden Globes, USA • Young Artist Awards

Other titles

Tex (Argentina; Austria; West Germany) • Tex: Um Retrato da Juventude (Brazil) • Un ragazzo chiamato Tex (Italy) • Текс (Soviet Union (Russian title))



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