Yoru wa mijikashi aruke... (2017)

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Yoru wa mijikashi aruke yo otome (2017

(Night Is Short, Walk On Girl)

taglineMeeting like this so often, it's due to fate.

By Masaaki Yuasa

Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance (1h 32min)

Japan Japan

Fine! Rated 7.6 after 1,374 votes on 18-Oct-18.

2 wins & 2 nominations


The story of the titular girl known only as "Otome" and her insanely long night of partying and drinking-complete with a book fair, festival, and many adventures in between. It is also the story of "Senpai," her upper class man who has been attempting to get closer to her by "coincidentally" running into her again and again. However, on this night, meeting up with her may be the greatest challenge of his life.

Popular faces

Masaaki Yuasa (director) Gen Hoshino Hiroshi Kamiya Aoi Yûki Nobuyuki Hiyama

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Gen Hoshino (Senpai (voice)), Kana Hanazawa (Kurokami no otome (voice)), Hiroshi Kamiya (Gakuensai jimukyoku-chô (voice)), Ryûji Akiyama (Pantsu sôbanchô (voice)), Kazuya Nakai (Higuchi Shishô (voice)), Yûko Kaida (Hanuki-san (voice)), Hiroyuki Yoshino (Furuhonichi no kamisama (voice)), Seiko Niizuma (Noriko-san (voice)), Jun'ichi Suwabe (Nise-Jôgasaki (voice)), Aoi Yûki (Princess Daruma (voice)), Ami Koshimizu (Naoko-san (voice)), Sôichi Nakaoka (Kôsaka (voice)), Kentarô Kokado (Gakuensai jimukyoku fukuchô / Ômu (voice)), Ryûichi Abe (voice), Nobuyuki Hiyama (Johnny (voice)), Mugihito (Rihaku-san (voice)), Kazuhiro Yamaji (Tôdô-san (voice))


Tomihiko Morimi (based on the novel by), Makoto Ueda (screenplay)

Produced by

Junnosuke Itô (producer), Noriko Ozaki (producer), Koji Yamamoto (chief producer)


IMDb Comment

I saw this film at the Animation is Film festival in LA, on a huge screen in a packed theater fairly late at night -- probably the best way to see it. The story opens on a wedding, though the bride and groom play only an incidental role in the remainder. The heroine spends an incredibly long and eventful night at first drinking everyone under the table, then searching for a long-lost book, accidentally acting in a guerrilla play, and finally passing out remedies to a town overwhelmed by the same nasty cold. Various subplots proceed simultaneously, the most important of which is the pursuit of our heroine by Senpai, a smart but insecure fellow who is infatuated with her. None of this is in the least constrained by reality, and all of it is funny and sometimes touching. Catch it in a theater if you can.

(Warning: if you have a family history of alcoholism or have had problems with it yourself, you might want to skip this film! It unashamedly glorifies consumption of lots of alcoholic beverages while happily ignoring the real-world consequences.)


The film was part of the line-up at Japanese Canadian Film Festival in Toronto in 2018.


2 wins & 2 nominations 
Awards of the Japanese Academy • Fantasia Film Festival • Ottawa International Animation Festival • Rotterdam International Film Festival

Other titles

Yoru wa mijikashi aruke yo otome ((original title)) • Chunxiao ku duan, shaonu qianjin ba! (China (Mandarin title) (promotional title); Taiwan) • Night is Short, Walk on Girl (Spain) • Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (France; World-wide (English title)) • The Maiden Galaxy (UK (pre-release title); Ireland (English title) (pre-release title)) • The Night Is Short Walk On, Girl (UK (pre-release title); Ireland (English title) (pre-release title)) • The Night Is but Short, so Walk On, Maiden (Japan (informal literal English title)) • Yoru wa mijikashi arukeyo otome (Japan (alternative transliteration)) • Bam-eun jjalb-a geol-eo agassiya (South Korea) • The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl (USA (promotional title); World-wide (English title) (informal English title)) 



Hong Kong:IIA / Ireland:15A / Japan:G / South Korea:12 / Taiwan:PG-12 / United Kingdom:15


Science Saru (production) (as Saiensu SARU); (executive production) (as Nakame no Kai), Fuji Television Network (executive production) (as Nakame no Kai), Toho (executive production) (as Nakame no Kai), Kadokawa (executive production) (as Nakame no Kai), BS Fuji (executive production) (as Nakame no Kai)

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