A Sight for Sore Eyes (2004)

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A Sight for Sore Eyes (2004

taglineWho says you never get a second chance to make the right impression?

By Shane Stanley

Drama, Short (30min)


Rated 7.9 after 817 votes on 28-Jan-19.

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An over confident young executive with a matching ego thinks he's a know-it-all with the ladies until he's reunited with Amie; his former high school flame who is now blind. The encounter causes him to rethink his relationships with everyone from the women he dates to his father, whom he hasn't seen in several years.

Popular faces

Shane Stanley (director) Hayden Adams Deborah Zoe Gary Busey Rhasaan Orange Alisa Reyes Marla Maples Val Barri


Hayden Adams (Steve Langston), Deborah Zoe (Amy Cooper), Gary Busey (Earl Cooper), Rhasaan Orange (Jarred Williams), Alisa Reyes (Laura Sanchez), Terry Holbrook (Jan Cooper), Marla Maples (Samantha Blake), Val Barri (Marie Evans), Keith MacKechnie (Howard Van Bommel), Zack Duhame (Ryan Cooper), Kelly Dixon (Traci Lewis (as Kelly M. Dixon)), Bradley Rice (Derek Silverman), Suresh Gupta (Mohinder Curtain), Kinna Lindahl (Taresa Dokey), Robert Gallenberger (Company Executive #1), Chad Bartley (Company Executive #2), Derek Freedman (Jeffery Portnow), Mary K. DeVault (Mary Berliner), Fabrizio Fantella (Fabian Carbone), Joby Schechter (Restaurant Patron), Nichole Schechter (Restaurant Patron), William T. Smith (Restaurant Patron), Salvatore Truglio (Matre De)


Produced by

Suresh Gupta (executive producer), Terry Holbrook (associate producer), Arrika Russell (producer), Barbara Russell (executive producer), Jessica Russell (producer), Shane Stanley (producer)



I watched this film twice, only because I wasn't really sure what to think after the first pass. I liked the story and thought it was very well executed, (especially for a first-time director) and felt that the whole experience was a pleasant one. It was nice to see Deborah Zoe in a different light, as I have watched her on the soap, Guiding Light for months and haven't liked her much - but hey, its a soap. She has good chops and it really comes across in this film. Hayden Adams, (the man-lead) was good and his scene with Gary Busey was most memorable. That brings me to my next point; I do not know how Gary Busey got involved in this project, but he lent a HUGE part to it. I was huge fan of his in Buddy Holly, Lethal Weapon, Under Siege and most of all as Leroy in Big Wednesday and it's been a shame to see where he has gone in the last ten years. If he can get more rolls like this one, (on a bigger scale, of course) allow himself to be used in this manner in similar vehicles, he could be the next comeback kid, (like Burt Reynolds and John Travolta did). I thought some of the 'bit part' actors were okay, certainly didn't live up to the the Busey, Zoe and Adams level, but that's certainly expected in small films such as this one. This show is honest, it's tender and worth a look if you can find it. It might even pull at your heart strings as another user might have said.

Memorable quotes

Earl Cooper: How old are you?
Steve Langston: I'm 30.
Earl Cooper: How long have you known Amy?
Steve Langston: We went to high school together.
Earl Cooper: That's a long time...
Steve Langston: Anyway I thought we'd go to dinner then head down to the beach. There's a full moon out tonight, it's supposed to be beautiful.
Earl Cooper: That's not happening.
Steve Langston: I'm sorry...?
Earl Cooper: You're 30 years old. I know all about you, cause I was 30 once, too. I know what your bottom line is with women, I know what you want with Amy and I can see right through your immaturity. It's not working for you, son.
Steve Langston: Mr. Cooper - I'm going to go outside, ring the doorbell and maybe we can start all over.
Earl Cooper: If you go outside that door, you will never come inside this house again.

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Winner: Worldfest Houston Gold, Special Jury Award. Winner Aurora Awards: Best Screenplay, Best Director and Best Low Budget Film. Winner: Telly Award: Outstanding Achievement in Film and Television and Winner of Best Dramatic Short International Family Film Festival.

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International Family Film Festival • WorldFest Houston



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