The Cherokee Kid (1996)

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The Cherokee Kid (1996

taglineHe followed no rules. He lived by no laws. He had no clue.

Director: Paris Barclay

Stars: Walton Goggins, James Coburn, Burt Reynolds, Ernie Hudson, Obba Babatundé

Comedy, Western (1h 31min)


Rated 6.2 after 1,192 votes on 18-Oct-18.

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When greedy land-grabber, Bloomington, destroys his family, Isaiah, knows nothing about the world, but vows to someday get revenge. He learns about good and evil by being forced to rob a bank and then capturing the gang. He learns how to live off the land from Otter Bob, the "Best Mountain Man in Texas". He learns about friendship and loyalty after saving the life of Cortina, the "Hero of the Mexican People". He learns how to shoot from Nat Love. He learns about love from Stagecoach Mary. It finally comes down to a showdown with the notorious Undertaker, who's working for Bloomington. But, there's something about The Undertaker that makes this worse since there's a rumor the he killed Isaiah's brother, Jedediah.


Paris Barclay (director) Sinbad James Coburn Gregory Hines A Martinez Ernie Hudson Mark Pellegrino

Sinbad (The Cherokee Kid / Isaiah Turner), James Coburn (Cyrus B. Bloomington), Gregory Hines (The Undertaker / Jedediah Turner), A Martinez (Juan Cortina), Ernie Hudson (Nat Love aka Deadwood Dick), Mark Pellegrino (Frank Bonner), Vanessa Bell Calloway (Abby Holsopple), Hal Williams (Rev. Peel), Burt Reynolds (Otter Bob the Mountain Man), Obba Babatundé (Isom Dart), Reginald T. Dorsey (Cowboy Graham, Love Gang), Dawnn Lewis (Stagecoach Mary, Love GAng), Lorraine Toussaint (Mama Turner), Paris Barclay (#1 Bad Cowboy), W. Earl Brown (Calloway), Gary Carlos Cervantes (Cletus (as Carlos Cervantes)), Roy Fegan (Seth), Troy Garity (Bartender), Walton Goggins (Jim Bob, Carver Gang), Stuart Proud Eagle Grant (Proud Eagle), Martin Grey (Martin), DeJuan Guy (Young Jedediah), Alaina Reed-Hall (Ma Holsopple), Edward B. Hicks (Toothless Eddie), Charles Hyman (Pecos Reserve Bank Teller), Herb Jeffries (Herb Jeffries), Michael Kagan (El Paso Sheriff), Tim Kazurinsky (Gaudy Hawker), James Lashly (Outlaw Jake Carver), Nancy Lenehan (Sister Faith, Love Gang), Jimmy Lewis Jr. (Nat Cowboy #2, Love Gang (as Jim Lewis Jr.)), June Kyoto Lu (Ma Lee), Angela Means (Harriet), Bob Minor (Cowboy Otis (as Robert L. Minor)), Christopher Liam Moore (Pinedale Teller), Ivory Ocean (Pa Holsopple), Jeff O'Haco (Nat Cowboy #3, Love Gang), Roxanne Reese (Ma Henderson), Jack Rubens (Bank President), Tim Sampson (Scar-Faced Goon)...

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Tim Kazurinsky (written by), Denise DeClue (written by)

Produced by

Dorothea Adkins (associate producer), Denise DeClue (co-producer), Robin Forman Howard (producer (as Robin Forman)), Michael Halpern (co-executive producer), Tim Kazurinsky (co-producer), Sinbad (executive producer), Paula Weinstein (executive producer), Gordon Wolf (associate producer)



" Cherokee Kid " is, with certainty, a good entertainment. It is a light, funny film and ideal for the children, Sinbad interprets Cherokee Kid with claw and efficiency, it is really impossible to leave off sympathizing with his character and with the simple and beautiful plot, that teaches important values for all of us, as friendship, love, accuses and redemption, all this done for a public of all the ages in an accessible way! but, with certainty, the best performance of this film is due to Burt Reynolds. He had not still made the film that threw him again to the stardom, Boogie Nights, but even so, he offers a pretty interpretation, worthy of applauses. Reynolds interprets Otter Bob, a simple and humble man, who knows the wild life, and who becomes Cherokee Kid's best friend. In certain scenes, Burt Reynolds shows us all his competence and love for the art of the interpretation, and it is literally impossible to leave off being moved in these parts, mainly for not being just another actor who is saying the sentences, but yes a dear and well-known movies' legend, a true part of the history of Hollywood!his character is a wild man, but with a good heart, of gold, that doesn't think twice in jumping in front of a bullet to save his only and best friend... It is also incredible how it was needed a young director with intelligence, sensibility and vision, called Paul Thomas Anderson, to show to the world that the man who one day had been the largest star of the world was still alive and that he still knew how to act. Congratulations, Burt Reynolds. Once again you showed us what it takes to become a real star...

Memorable quotes

The Cherokee Kid: Now I know you don't want to go to heaven sober... so here's one for the road.

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W. Earl Brown's character "Calloway" is named for the high school he went to, Calloway County High School in Murray, Ky.


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Other titles

Cherokee Kid: Promessa de Vingança (Brazil) • The Cherokee Kid (Canada (English title); Romania) • Cherokee Kid - Der Racheengel (Germany) • A cherokee kölyök (Hungary) • Чероки (Russia)



Rated PG-13 for Wild West violence, language and some sex-related material


Iceland:12 / United States:PG-13



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