Martin Eden (2019)

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Martin Eden (2019

Director: Pietro Marcello

Stars: Marco Leonardi, Carlo Cecchi, Luca Marinelli, Vincenza Modica, Aniello Arena

Drama, Romance (2h 09min)

Italy Italy, France France, Germany Germany

Rated 7.0 after 1,196 votes, 57% postive reviews on 29-Jan-20.

4 wins & 4 nominations


Martin Eden struggles to rise above his destitute, proletarian circumstances through an intense and passionate pursuit of self-education, hoping to achieve a place among the literary elite.


Pietro Marcello (director) Luca Marinelli Marco Leonardi Pietro Ragusa Maurizio Donadoni Lana Vlady Aniello Arena

Luca Marinelli (Martin Eden), Jessica Cressy (Elena Orsini), Vincenzo Nemolato (Nino), Marco Leonardi (Bernardo Fiore), Denise Sardisco (Margherita), Carmen Pommella (Maria Silvia), Carlo Cecchi (Russ Brissenden), Autilia Ranieri (Giulia Eden), Elisabetta Valgoi (Matilde Orsini), Pietro Ragusa (Signor Orsini), Savino Paparella (Edmondo Peluso), Vincenza Modica (Annina), Giustiniano Alpi (Arturo Orsini), Giuseppe Iuliano (Rigattiere), Peppe Maggio (Garzone), Maurizio Donadoni (Renato), Gaetano Bruno (Giudice Mattei), Franco Pinelli (Vecchio intelletuale), Anna Patierno (Carmela), Lana Vlady (Rebecca), Aniello Arena (François), Diego Sepe (Operaio dalla folla), Sergio Longobardi (Enrico Gargiulo), Giordano Bruno Guerri (Alfio), Chiara Francini (Nora), Ciro Andolfo (Poliziotto Giovane), Gerardo Attanasio (Allevatore di bufale), Claudio Boschi (Giosuè), Vincenzo Chianese (Guardiano), Giulia Cosentino (Teresa), Valentina Curatoli (Professoressa giovane), Pietro Di Rauso, Gina Ferri (Professoressa), Giuseppe Fiscariello (Altro uomo in platea), Piergiuseppe Francione (Bibliotecario), Dario Iubatti (Leone), Rinat Khismatouline (Caporale), Ciro L'Afflitto (Marito di Carmela), Emanuele Linfatti (Jean), Simone Luglio (Silvestro)...


Jack London (novel), Maurizio Braucci (screenplay), Pietro Marcello (screenplay)

Produced by

Martina Valentina Baumgartner (assistant producer: Match Factory Productions), Fabio Carlà (line producer), Beppe Caschetto (producer), Viola Fügen (producer), Alberto Landolfi (delegate producer), Hei Yang Lau (assistant producer: Match Factory Productions), Alessio Lazzareschi (executive producer), Pietro Marcello (producer), Michel Merkt (executive producer), Anastasia Michelagnoli (delegate producer: IBC), Thomas Ordonneau (producer), Alyona Shumakova (delegate producer), Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (junior producer), Michael Weber (producer), Dario Zonta (executive producer)



Quite faithful to the book for what regards the plot, but really different in ambientation: this movie transports London's story in a middle 900s Napoli and adapts the situation to Italian features. This choice, however, doesn't screw London's concept, that instead is maintained as well: the story of a man that for love tries to transform himself from a popular condition to a life of richness and knowledge.

But love, in this story, is just the narrative input: it is instead the tragedy of a man that wants to pass in bourgeois world and than discovers all human limits of that universe (made of lies and unrespectful behaviours) and at the same time loses part of the ancient world. The suicide is the unique form of freedom for this man strange between men. With an excellent interpretation of Marinelli and wonderful landscape and photography, this movie manages to maintain London's aims and at the same time gives them the beauty of italian atmospheres.


Shot on Super 16mm.


4 wins & 4 nominations 
Ghent International Film Festival • Göteborg Film Festival • Haifa International Film Festival • Seville European Film Festival • Toronto International Film Festival • Venice Film Festival

Other titles

Martin Eden ((original title); Brazil; France; Germany; Italy; Japan (Japanese title); Spain; UK; USA) • Мартин Иден (Russia)



France:Tous publics / Germany:Not Rated / Italy:T



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