Harmontown (2014)

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Harmontown (2014

taglineSometimes the only way to self-improve is to self-destruct

By Neil Berkeley

Documentary (1h 41min)


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A documentary that follows Dan Harmon on tour for his podcast series after he was fired from Community in 2012.

Popular faces

Neil Berkeley (director) Dan Harmon Jeff Bryan Davis Erin McGathy Steve Agee Jack Black Matt Braunger Alison Brie



Dan Harmon (Himself), Jeff Bryan Davis (Himself (as Jeff B. Davis)), Erin McGathy (Herself), Spencer Crittenden (Himself), Steve Agee (Himself), Jack Black (Himself), Matt Braunger (Himself), Alison Brie (Herself), Yvette Nicole Brown (Herself), Diane Crittenden (Herself), Abed Gheith (Himself), Donald Glover (Himself), Chris Hardwick (Himself), Gillian Jacobs (Herself), Ken Jeong (Himself), Brandon Johnson (Himself), Jay Johnston (Himself), Joel McHale (Himself), John Oliver (Himself), Danny Pudi (Himself), Jim Rash (Himself), Justin Roiland (Himself), Rob Schrab (Himself), Sarah Silverman (Herself), Ben Stiller (Himself)...


Produced by

Neil Berkeley (producer), James Fino (executive producer (as James A. Fino)), J.J. Gerber (producer (as JJ Gerber)), Dan Harmon (executive producer), David Heiman (producer), Bart McDonough (executive producer), Simon Ore (consulting producer (as Simon Oré)), Joe Russo (executive producer (as Joe Russo II)), Dino Stamatopoulos (executive producer)


IMDb Comment

I adore director Neil Berkeley's previous documentary, 'Beauty is Embarrassing', as much for its subject (artist Wayne White) as for its casual style. It's uncanny that his subject in 'Harmontown', Dan Harmon (creator of TV's 'Community' and writer of Oscar-nominated 'Monster House') is almost, physically and intellectually, Wayne White's Doppelgänger. I'm sorry to say that I largely 'missed the boat' with Harmon's body of work: 'The Sarah Silverman Show' definitely struck me as irreverent and funny but 'Community' always seemed a bit mediocre which, in Harmon's defense, when graded on the network-sitcom curve, I do consider completely watchable and good for a giggle.

It wasn't until Harmon's erratic work ethic got him fired from both of those creations that he found his own form of therapy in podcasting an unconventional stand-up show containing no jokes, no preparation, and the occasional Dungeon & Dragon session. The documentary follows the show's tour across the US with his cohorts, Spencer Crittenden (the awkward 'Dungeon Master' plucked from the original Los Angeles audience), Jeff Bryan Davis (comedian and TV personality), and, his girlfriend, Erin McGathy (well-known podcaster). Despite his narcissism (which is balanced by a heaping side of self-loathing) and notorious tendencies to sociopathically manipulate those around him, there is a sense from his audience that he is the Jesus of well-intentioned nerdom. I won't say that I'm a complete convert but I will absolutely subscribe to his podcast (also called 'Harmontown'); like the film, it's honest, raw, and pretty darn hilarious.


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