Hot Lead and Cold Feet (1978)

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Hot Lead and Cold Feet (1978

taglineA Blazing Saga Of Hot Lead and Cold Feet

Director: Robert Butler

Stars: Jack Elam, John Williams, Don Brodie, Dal McKennon, Don Knotts

Action, Comedy, Family, Western (1h 30min)


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This saga of the old west involves twin brothers who compete for possession of a rickety cow town founded by their father while a crooked Mayor tries to put an end to the competitors so he can inherit the town himself.


Robert Butler (director) Jim Dale Karen Valentine Don Knotts Jack Elam Darren McGavin John Williams

Jim Dale (Eli Bloodshy / Wild Billy Bloodshy / Jasper Bloodshy), Karen Valentine (Jenny), Don Knotts (Sheriff Denver Kid), Jack Elam (Rattlesnake), Darren McGavin (Mayor Ragsdale), John Williams (Mansfield), Warren Vanders (Boss Snead), Debbie Lytton (Roxanne), Michael Sharrett (Marcus), David S. Cass Sr. (Jack (as Dave Cass)), Richard Wright (Pete), Don 'Red' Barry (Bartender), James Van Patten (Jake (as Jimmy Van Patten)), Gregg Palmer (Jeff), Ed Bakey (Joshua), John Steadman (Old Codger), Eric Server (Cowboy 1), Paul Lukather (Cowboy 2), Hap Lawrence (Cowboy 3), Robert Rothwell (Cowboy 4), Terry Nichols (Prisoner), Dal McKennon (Saloon Man 1 (as Dallas McKennon)), Stanley Clements (Saloon Man 2), Don Brodie (Saloon Man 3), Warde Donovan (Saloon Man 4), Ron Honthaner (Saloon Man 5), Norland Benson (Farmer 1), Jack Bender (Farmer 3), Jim Whitecloud (Indian Chief), Brad Weston (Indian), Russ Fast (Official 2), Mike Howden (Official 3), Art Burke (Official 4), James Michaelford (Dead-Eye), Rod McGaughy (Townsman (uncredited)), John Quijada (Townsman (uncredited)), Arnold Roberts (Townsman (uncredited)), George Tracy (Bum (uncredited)), Wally West (Townsman (uncredited))

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Joseph L. McEveety (screenplay) (as Joe McEveety), Arthur Alsberg (screenplay), Don Nelson (screenplay), Rod Piffath (story)

Produced by

Kevin Corcoran (associate producer), Christopher Hibler (co-producer), Ron Miller (producer)



Saw this years ago when I tended to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. The Oregon forest in which this was shot looks like all of the parts of the Sierras and Rockies I ever spent time in. So when I first saw this film there was a kind of tangibleness to it that I was familiar with on a very intimate "dyed-in-the-wool" kind of way.

But even as a child I can't really say I was too amused by the antics of the characters. Oh sure, I saw and understood what they were all about, and accepted them for what they were, but I can't recall myself ever really laughing. "Hot Lead and Cold Feet" was made during a time when Disney higher-ups said that they had to re- examine their approach to film making because the kids in their focus group said that their films were corny.

Well, "Hot Lead and Cold Feet" isn't exactly "Citizen Kane" nor was it ever meant to be. And as fascinating as it was in a detached sort of almost clinical kind of way, it was still shot in that period when Disney was thinking of and needing to upgrade their feature film production. As such this 1970s film has a kind of retro-feel as if a 1950s Disney crew travelled to the 1970s and made a western. Because that's kind of how this movie feels, and in essence I'm pretty sure that's close to home.

The basic story of two brother from different sides of the tracks succumbing and overcoming the plot of a schemer is well enough, and the actors do their best to bring the script alive. Overall it's not a bad film, and unlike a lot of other live action Disney offerings at the time, this one doesn't have any split screen nor rear projection shots. It's all shot on location or on a fully dressed set, even though, again, it has that retro-feel so apparent with Disney films of that time.

It's not a bad film, but as boy for whom this film was meant, and having seen other comedies and westerns, I think this film is about average. Having seen it again after all these years, I think it's okay, but not really anything spectacular. Then again I've shot rapids, ridden horses, and been on steam trains as well as hiking and camping throughout North America, it's familiar territory to me.

I'm not sure I'd recommend it for today's school age audience, but maybe see it with your kids and see what they think.

Give it a shot.

Memorable quotes

Roxanne: He's always looking at the good side of people.
Marcus: Yeah, but while he's looking at their good side, their bad side is gonna finish him.

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Eli Bloodshy's (Jim Dale's) #11 Iron Donkey train seen in the film is now located at the Big Thunder Railroad at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

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Other titles

Hot Lead and Cold Feet ((original title); Finland) • Plomo caliente y piés fríos (Argentina) • Kuulakarkelo kahdelle veljekselle (Finland) • Tête brûlée et pied tendre (France) • Teste calde e tanta fifa (Italy) • Goracy olów i zimne stopy (Poland) • Горячий свинец и холодные ноги (Soviet Union (Russian title)) • Det vilda loppet (Sweden) • Kalla fötter i vilda västern (Sweden) • Svett, bly och stålar (Sweden (video title)) • Welcome to Bloodshy (USA (working title)) • Hot Lead & Cold Feet (USA (poster title)) • Sons of Jasper Bloodshy (USA (working title)) • Heiße Schüsse, kalte Füße (West Germany)



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