Lazzaro felice (2018)

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Lazzaro felice (2018

(Happy as Lazzaro)

Director: Alice Rohrwacher

Stars: Sergi López, Nicoletta Braschi, Alba Rohrwacher, David Bennent, Tommaso Ragno

Drama, Fantasy (2h 08min)

Italy Italy, Switzerland Switzerland, France France, Germany Germany

Rated 7.6 after 11,169 votes, 87% postive reviews on 29-Feb-20.

18 wins & 51 nominations


An unceasingly kind Italian peasant and his family are blatantly exploited by a tobacco baroness.


Alice Rohrwacher (director) Alba Rohrwacher Sergi López Nicoletta Braschi Elisabetta Rocchetti Daria Deflorian David Bennent

Adriano Tardiolo (Lazzaro), Agnese Graziani (Antonia bambina), Alba Rohrwacher (Antonia), Luca Chikovani (Tancredi giovane), Tommaso Ragno (Tancredi adulto), Sergi López (Ultimo), Natalino Balasso (Nicola), Carlo Tarmati (Carletto), Pasqualina Scuncia (Suora), Nicoletta Braschi (Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna), Edoardo Montalto (Pippo bambino), Carlo Massimino (Pippo adulto), Maddalena Baiocco (Stefania bambina), Gala Othero Winter (Stefania adulta), Giulia Caccavello (Teresa giovane), Elisabetta Rocchetti (Teresa adulta), Iris Pulvano (Natalina adulta), Annunziata Capretto (Natalina anziana), Luciano Vergaro (Catirre adulto), Annibale De Luca (Catirre anziano), Giuseppe Corsini (Ardito adulto), Marcello Duranti (Ardito anziano), Alessandro Genovesi (Maresciallo), Marco Donno (Don Severino), Nicola Sorci (Giuseppe), Sofia Stangherlin (Mariagrazia), Silvia Lucarini (Mariù giovane), Cinzia De Luca (Mariù adulta), Lucia Centoscudi (Nonna Agostina), Anita Crucitti (Assuntina), Daria Deflorian (Donna truffata), David Bennent (Ingegnere svizzero), Antonio Salines (Nicola anziano), Ted (Lupo), Davide Denci (Appuntato), Ettore Scarpa (Maresciallo), Daria Pascal Attolini (Mariagrazia adulta (uncredited)), Leonardo Nigro (uncredited)


Alice Rohrwacher (written by)

Produced by

Francesca Andreoli (delegate producer), Carlo Cresto-Dina (producer), Viola Fügen (co-producer), Gregory Gajos (producer), Giorgio Gasparini (line producer), Arthur Hallereau (producer), Alexandra Henochsberg (producer), Alessio Lazzareschi (associate producer), Michel Merkt (co-producer), Pierre-François Piet (producer), Olivier Père (co-producer), Martin Scorsese (executive producer), Tiziana Soudani (producer), Cécile Tollu-Polonowski (junior producer), Michael Weber (producer), Meinolf Zurhorst (associate producer)


A few movies have been able to talk about morality and fairness in the best of ways. In ''A Serious Man" the Coen's claim that you " should accept with simplicity everything that happens to you". The Dark Knight on the other side shows that "you either die as hero or live long enough to see yourself becoming the villian". Happy as Lazzaro embraces this theme of the righteous, dilligient man in a passionate and creative way.

It uses fairy-tale characteristics and a clever way of storytelling to illustrate our modern society and the way people as good as Lazzaro will never be credited for their work. The film is a striking political statement about our corrupted society and about the exploitation period that we are facing. Everybody tries to findn the easy way to do sth. We seek comfort and dislike work,so we search for others to d the job for us. And we all become pretenders, people who care only for themselvesand their money and never understand what "love" and "compassion" mean. The role models and the people of power teaches us what we should and shouldn't do and we suddenly become machines and tools for the ones in command. Well, Lazaro is none of this things. He does what he has to do and never seeks for revenge, never lies to the others, always care about the ones in need, never complains about his unbearable situation and is a man living by the laws of God, by his morals and he heis used as a puppet from everyne else, but somehow never sees it in that way. He is a perfect,kind and happy being that comes face to face with a mean and cruel world, with liars and criminals and lost friends and in general he can't fully compromise with the negative change of the society. He is treated like a nobody, but he doesn't care. He finds happiness in every moment and is unable to understand how rediculusly low we have fallen.

Okay, it has some bads too. The first 20 minutes are quite blank and took a while till I was completelly hooked on it. The pacing is quite weird and I wanted too see more of some characters and less of others.

Last week I wached "Us" by Jordan Peele and it also raised a lot of interesitng points about discriminations... and now this Italian film manages to ilustrate our disconnected and hideous livres in a poetic, sweet and personal manner. And they said that cinema is dying, but to me it is exactly the opposite. I see a rebirth... Just like the one of Lazzaro... Lazzaro... 8/10 Go watch that film

Memorable quotes

Marchesa Alfonsina De Luna: Human beings are like animals. Set them free and they realize they are slaves locked in their own misery. Right now, they suffer, but they don't know. I exploit them, they exploit that poor man. It's a chain reaction that can't be stopped.

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The story of the film constructed from a real-life event that Alice Rohrwacher had been struck by in which an episode in which a Marchesa in Central Italy exploited the seclusion of some of her lands to keep her peasants in the dark about the end of sharecropping.

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18 wins & 51 nominations 
Cannes Film Festival • Chicago International Film Festival • Chlotrudis Awards • CinEuphoria Awards • Danish Film Awards (Robert) • David di Donatello Awards • European Film Awards • Faro Island Film Festival • Festival del cinema di Spello • Film Independent Spirit Awards • Gaudí Awards • Gold Derby Awards • Golden Ciak Awards • Golden Globes, Italy • International Cinephile Society Awards • International Online Cinema Awards (INOCA) • Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists • Jerusalem Film Festival • London Critics Circle Film Awards • London Film Festival • Munich Film Festival • Music City Film Critics' Association Awards • National Board of Review, USA • Pingyao International Film Festival • Rotterdam International Film Festival • Sant Jordi Awards • Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival • Tromsø International Film Festival • Women Film Critics Circle Awards

Other titles

Lazzaro felice ((original title)) • Щастливия Лазаро (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)) • Lazzaro den lykkelige (Denmark) • Heureux comme Lazzaro (France) • Glücklich wie Lazzaro (Germany) • Ευτυχισμένος Λάζαρος (Greece) • A szent és a farkas (Hungary) • Lazzaro Ha'Sa'me'akh (Israel (Hebrew title)) • Lykkelige Lazzaro (Norway) • Szczesliwy Lazzaro (Poland) • Feliz Como Lázaro (Portugal) • Счастливый Лазарь (Russia) • Srećan kao Lazaro (Serbia) • Lazzaro feliz (Spain) • Lycklig som Lazzaro (Sweden (new title)) • Mutlu Lazzaro (Turkey (Turkish title)) • Happy as Lazzaro (USA; World-wide (English title)) • My Bitter Land (World-wide (English title) (working title))



Rated PG-13 for thematic elements and brief violence


Brazil:12 / France:Tous publics / Germany:12 / Ireland:12A / Italy:T / Japan:G / Malta:12A / Netherlands:12 / Norway:9 / Portugal:M/12 / Serbia:12 / Singapore:PG / South Korea:12 / Spain:12 / Sweden:11 / Switzerland:16 / Taiwan:GP / Turkey:13A / United Kingdom:12A / United States:PG-13



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