When the Daltons Rode (1940)

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When the Daltons Rode (1940

taglineWanted dead or alive screamed the nation when the Daltons rode.

By George Marshall

Western (1h 21min)


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Young lawyer Tod Jackson arrives in pioneer Kansas to visit his prosperous rancher friends the Daltons, just as the latter are in danger of losing their land to a crooked development company. When Tod tries to help them, a faked murder charge turns the Daltons into outlaws, but more victims than villains in this fictionalized version. Will Tod stay loyal to his friends despite falling in love with Bob Dalton's former fiancée Julie?

Popular faces

George Marshall (director) Randolph Scott Kay Francis Brian Donlevy George Bancroft Broderick Crawford Stuart Erwin Andy Devine


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Randolph Scott (Tod Jackson), Kay Francis (Julie King), Brian Donlevy (Grat Dalton), George Bancroft (Caleb Winters), Broderick Crawford (Bob Dalton), Stuart Erwin (Ben Dalton), Andy Devine (Ozark), Frank Albertson (Emmett Dalton), Mary Gordon (Ma Dalton), Harvey Stephens (Rigby), Edgar Dearing (Sheriff (as Edgar Deering)), Quen Ramsey (Wilson), Dorothy Granger (Nancy (as Dorothy Grainger)), Robert McKenzie (Photographer (as Bob McKenzie)), Fay McKenzie (Hannah), Walter Soderling (Judge Lucius Thorndown [Judge Swain in credits]), Mary Ainslee (Minnie), Erville Alderson (District Attorney Wade), Sally Payne (Annabella), June Wilkins (Suzy), Frank Austin (Townsman (uncredited)), Jack Baxley (Townsman (uncredited)), John Beck (Townsman (uncredited)), Stanley Blystone (Deputy on Train (uncredited)), Ed Brady (Deputy on Train (uncredited))...


Harold Shumate (original screen play), Emmett Dalton (based on: "When the Daltons Rode"), Jack Jungmeyer (based on: "When the Daltons Rode") (as Jack Jungmeyer Sr.)


IMDb Comment

It is just shoddy handling that has made this splendid entertainment drop out of sight. It should have gone on accumulating admirers down the years.Director George Marshall missed out on attention too, though this film, DESTRY RIDES AGAIN and his succession of Glenn Ford films have a consistent, light handling that shows he was one of the best people in this field. Let's throw in the fact that Broderick Crawford has his biggest pre ALL THE KING'S MEN role. He gets as much screen time as top billed players Scott and Francis and acts them off the screen. He's terrific, in a straight role, as the chief Dalton Brother.

The film has the standard ingredients - shoot ups, chases, western timber town atmosphere, over-laid with the usual plot elements about the wrongly persecuted family. What isn't expected is the expert pacing, emphasis and the humor - the lynch mob bursting into the jail to find the whole gang waiting for them, guns drawn, is classic. The film also has one of the best filmings of the Yak Canutt routine of falling under the runaway coach horses. A class act.



Other titles

Die Bande der Fünf (Austria; West Germany) • Het lot der Dalton's (Belgium (Flemish title)) • Le destin des Daltons (Belgium (French title)) • A Vingança dos Daltons (Brazil) • When the Daltons Rode (Canada (English title)) • Der Untergang der Daltons (Switzerland (German title)) • Pád rodu Daltonu (Czechoslovakia (Czech title)) • De fire lovløse (Denmark) • Sendas siniestras (Spain) • 4 lainsuojatonta (Finland) 



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