Detoroito Metaru Shiti (2008)

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Detoroito Metaru Shiti (2008

(Detroit Metal City)

Director: Toshio Lee

Stars: Rumi Hiiragi, Issey Takahashi, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yasuko Matsuyuki

Comedy, Drama, Music (1h 44min)

Japan Japan

Rated 6.7 after 2,382 votes on 06-Apr-20.

1 win & 3 nominations


A nerd who dreams of becoming a sappy pop star ends up leading a death metal group.


Ken'ichi Matsuyama Yoshihiko Hosoda Yasuko Matsuyuki Adeyto Cynthia Cheston Niclas Ericsson Rumi Hiiragi

Ken'ichi Matsuyama (Sôichi Negishi / Johannes Krauser II), Yoshihiko Hosoda (Masayuki Wada / Alexander Jaggi), Ryûji Akiyama (Terumichi Nishida / Camus), Rosa Katô (Yuri Aikawa), Yasuko Matsuyuki (Boss), Adeyto (Kennie Il Dark), Ken Ayugai, Cynthia Cheston (Reporter), Niclas Ericsson (Journalist), Rumi Hiiragi, Ayaka Ikezawa, Vassili Karathanasis (Music Agent), Ryô Katô (Toshihiko Negishi), Jun'ichirô Kishi, Minami (Nina), Yoshiko Miyazaki (Keiko Negishi), Masami Nagasawa, Kôji Ohkura (Detroit Metal City fan), Yoshinori Okada (Detroit Metal City fan), Gregory Pekar (Journalist), Gene Simmons (Jack Il Dark), Kazuma Suzuki (Hidetaka Asato), Shelley Sweeney (Main News Reporter), Issey Takahashi (Hidenori Saji (as Issei Takahashi)), Yôsuke Ôchi (Susumu 'Kiba' Kibayashi), Nobuhiko Ôtani (DJ Raika)


Kiminori Wakasugi (manga), Mika Ohmori (adaptation)

Produced by

Yûka Higuchi (producer), Minami Ichikawa (executive producer), Genki Kawamura (executive producer), Yoshishige Shimatani (chief executive producer), Yoshihiro Suzuki (producer), Yasuhiro Tsukada (executive producer), Akihiro Yamauchi (executive producer)



I saw this film during midnight madness at the Toronto film festival and right from the beginning moments, I knew I would be having a rollicking good time. The film is a charmer from start to finish. It's also one of the funniest films I have seen in a long time. My friend said he hadn't laughed so hard, possibly, ever. And that's not a stretch; the film was ridiculously funny. The audience completely ate it up. The film is a self-parody of the Japanese from beginning to end (Soichi dreams of making 'trendy' j-pop, wearing 'trendy' clothes and living in a 'trendy' apartment). It's like watching the Japanese hold a mirror up to themselves and mocking every detail. Watching Soichi try to reconcile his 'true' wannabe pop star self with his newly acquired and undesired status as death metal god is priceless. He spends his nights dressed as a 'demon' singing songs about rape and murder (the film mocks heavy metal in such a comical and respectable way that even serious metal fans can't help but roll with laughter), and his days on street corners singing sweet-sounding pop songs about love and, um, rainbows. Katsuyama had fantastic comic timing as Soichi, and completely won over the audience. It was a hoot to watch him totally commit himself to his metal persona while on stage, but being completely miserable and lovelorn (the girl he likes hates metal and knows nothing of his metal persona) after taking his make-up off. His two sides are completely different and you wonder if he'll ever just embrace his metal god status and give up his pop star dream. Of course, that's the journey the director wants to take us on. And it is one hell of a ride.

Some films are so ridiculous that it's just nonsense. DMC manages to be ridiculous and sublime at the same time. The film is a guaranteed good time and I can't imagine anyone watching it without a huge grin on their face afterward.


1 win & 3 nominations 
Asian Film Awards • Awards of the Japanese Academy

Other titles

Detoroito Metaru Shiti ((original title)) • デトロイト・メタル・シティ (Japan (Japanese title)) • Детройт, город металла (Russia) • Detroit Metal City (World-wide (English title))



Hong Kong:IIB / Japan:G / Singapore:NC-16 / South Korea:15 / Taiwan:PG-12



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