Arsène Lupin (1932)

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Arsène Lupin (1932

By Jack Conway

Crime, Mystery, Romance (1h 24min)


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A charming and very daring thief known as Arsene Lupin is terrorizing the wealthy of Paris, he even goes so far as to threaten the Mona Lisa. But the police, led by the great Guerchard, think they know Arsene Lupin's identity, and they have a secret weapon to catch him.

Popular faces

Jack Conway (director) John Barrymore Lionel Barrymore Karen Morley John Miljan Tully Marshall Henry Armetta John Davidson


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John Barrymore (Duke of Charmerace), Lionel Barrymore (Guerchard), Karen Morley (Sonia), John Miljan (Prefect of Police), Tully Marshall (Gaston Gourney-Martin), Henry Armetta (Sheriff's Man), George Davis (Sheriff's Man), John Davidson (Gourney-Martin's Butler), James T. Mack (Laurent (as James Mack)), Mary Jane Irving (Marie), Mischa Auer (Louvre Tour Guide (uncredited)), Symona Boniface (Party Guest (uncredited)), Jack Byron (Louvre Guard (uncredited)), Jack Deery (Gendarme (uncredited)), Claire Du Brey (Mother at the Louvre (uncredited)), Geraldine Dvorak (Party Guest (uncredited)), Christian J. Frank (Detective (uncredited)), Sam Harris (Party Guest (uncredited)), Olaf Hytten (Party Guest (uncredited)), Carl M. Leviness (Party Guest (uncredited)), Theodore Lorch (Lupin's Butler (uncredited)), Frank McLure (Jeweler (uncredited)), King Mojave (Party Guest (uncredited)), Claude Payton (Gendarme (uncredited)), Albert Petit (Party Guest (uncredited))...


Maurice Leblanc (play) (as Maurice Le Blanc), Francis de Croisset (play), Lenore J. Coffee (dialogue) (as Lenore Coffee), Bayard Veiller (dialogue), Carey Wilson

Produced by

Samuel Goldwyn (producer (uncredited))

IMDb Comment

A cranky police detective suspects a French duke of being the infamous thief ARSÈNE LUPIN.

John & Lionel Barrymore costarred together for the first time in a motion picture in this intriguing crime drama. Alike and yet so different, they are the perfect counterpoint to each other. John plays his role with suave sophistication (when not in disguise) and Lionel is earthy & common in his portrayal, each obviously having a wonderful time trying to out act the other. Helped by a generous script, the outcome is pretty much a draw, with the viewer the clear winner.

Although upstaged by the two male stars, Karen Morley is intriguing as the mystery woman John finds naked in his bed. Tully Marshall gives a colorful performance as a silly nobleman with much to lose to the master criminal. Henry Armetta & George Davis are very enjoyable as two seriously inept security guards. John Miljan provides a sturdy presence in his small role as the police prefect.

Movie mavens will recognize an uncredited Mischa Auer as a guide in the Louvre during the climactic scene dealing with an attempted heist of the Mona Lisa.

Memorable quotes

Sonia: [to Chamerace, who has entered his bedroom to find her naked in his bed] Stay out of here. Stay out of here!
Arsène Lupin: How do you do?
Sonia: Close that door!
Arsène Lupin: Certainly.
[closes door, staying inside the room]
Sonia: Won't you please go?
Arsène Lupin: Certainly. But first, let me ask, how do you like my bed?
Sonia: Well, I didn't mean to, really. I was cold.
Arsène Lupin: Oh, yes, it is a cold night for May. However, don't you think Paris is charming in the spring?
Sonia: Well, I prefer Russia. You see, I come from there.
Arsène Lupin: Really? How delightful! I have a passion for caviar. Was your father, the general - I presume your father was a general?
Sonia: Of the Imperial Army.
Arsène Lupin: Ah, yes. Was your father, the general, fond of caviar?
Sonia: He ate it on pancakes, for breakfast.
Arsène Lupin: Did he?
[They laugh]
Arsène Lupin: Stay for breakfast. We'll have caviar.
Sonia: Sir, aren't you overstepping the bounds of convention?
Arsène Lupin: My dear lady, didn't you leave those behind when you stepped into my bed?
Sonia: Oh, I assure you, my being here is no pleasure.
Arsène Lupin: Ah, but the night is still young.
Sonia: Oh, sir!
[she re-arranges herself in the bed, and Chamerace can see her naked back]
Arsène Lupin: Pardon me, but I think your dress has slipped
Sonia: I haven't any on.
Arsène Lupin: Is that a little Russian custom? Hmm?

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John Gilbert was initially slated to play the title role.

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Other titles

Arsene Lupin, der König der Diebe (Austria; Germany) • Arsène Lupin (Brazil; Denmark; Portugal) • Arsène Lupin - Der König der Diebe (Germany (alternative spelling)) • Arsene Lupin (Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)) • Arzén Lupin (Hungary) • Arsenio Lupin (Italy) • Arsène Lupin gentlemannatjuven (Sweden)



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