La luciérnaga (2013)

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La luciérnaga (2013

(The Firefly)

Director: Ana Maria Hermida

Stars: Carolina Guerra, Olga Segura, Luis Fernando Orozco, Álvaro Rodríguez, Maria Helena Doering

Drama, Fantasy, Romance (1h 25min)

Colombia Colombia, USA USA

Rated 6.1 after 996 votes on 21-Aug-19.

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After the sudden death of her estranged brother, Lucia accidentally meets his fiancée and falls in love with her.


Carolina Guerra Olga Segura Luisa Casas (producer) Bartek Gliniak (music)

Carolina Guerra (Lucia), Olga Segura (Mariana), Manuel José Chaves (Andres (as Manuel José Chávez)), Luis Fernando Orozco (Padre Abelardo), Álvaro Rodríguez (Cepulturero), Pedro Luis Falla (El Pastuso (as Pedro Falla)), Andrés Aranburo (Adrian), Maria Helena Doering (Mercedes), María José Romero (Lucia as a Child), Nicolas Pena (Adrian as a Child), Victor Alfonso Hermida Hermida (Lucia and Adrian's Father)


Produced by

Mauricio Aristizábal (executive producer), Luisa Casas (executive producer / producer), Dimitry Elyashkevich (executive producer), Hangar Films (executive producer), Ana Maria Hermida (executive producer), Gustavo Moyano (line producer)



This film could be read as a romance or an exploration of grief with a hopeful and healing energy. It may have flaws, according to the rulebook, but how dull would film be if everyone read the rulebook instead of making film with their heart and soul. I have watched the film several times, sometimes years apart. Unlike many, even of my favourite films, this film grips me emotionally and engrosses me all the way through. I find myself having to unclench muscles as I have tensely been swept along with the emotion. I am always left feeling as though every broken relationship has hope. I am sorry she had to make this film, but very grateful she did and I'm sure her brother's soul was touched.


1 nomination 
Premios Macondo

Other titles

La luciérnaga ((original title)) • O Vagalume (Brazil) • Светлячки (Russia) • The Firefly (World-wide (English title))



Singapore:R21 / South Korea:18 / United States:Not Rated



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