Mystery Men (1999)

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Mystery Men (1999

taglineThis summer expect the unexpected

Director: Kinka Usher

Stars: Ben Stiller, Geoffrey Rush, William H. Macy, Greg Kinnear, Doug Jones

Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (2h 01min)


Rated 6.1 after 58,221 votes, 65% postive reviews on 01-Mar-19.

3 nominations


In order to generate more endorsement revenue, Champion City's resident superhero Captain Amazing arranges for the release of supervillain Casanova Frankenstein, only to be captured by him. The city's fate rests in the hands of seven loser superhero wannabes: the spoon-flinging Blue Rajah, the shovel-wielding Shoveler, the possessed bowling ball-hurling Bowler, the flatulent Spleen, the only-when-nobody's-looking Invisible Boy, the mysterious Sphinx, and the perpetually-angry Mr. Furious.


Kinka Usher (director) Hank Azaria Janeane Garofalo William H. Macy Kel Mitchell Paul Reubens Ben Stiller

Hank Azaria (Blue Raja), Janeane Garofalo (Bowler), William H. Macy (Shoveler), Kel Mitchell (Invisible Boy), Paul Reubens (Spleen), Ben Stiller (Furious), Wes Studi (Sphinx), Greg Kinnear (Captain Amazing / Lance), Geoffrey Rush (Casanova Frankenstein), Lena Olin (Dr. Anabel Leek), Eddie Izzard (Tony P), Artie Lange (Big Red), Pras Michel (Tony C (as Prakazrel Michel)), Claire Forlani (Monica), Tom Waits (Doc Heller), Louise Lasser (Violet), Ricky Jay (Vic Weems), Jenifer Lewis (Lucille), Ernie Lee Banks (Ted), Gerry Becker (Banyon), Ned Bellamy (Funk), Corbin Bleu (Butch), Philip Bolden (Roland), Jason 'Jake' Cross (Thug (as Jake Cross)), Emmy Laybourne (Reporter), Mason Lucero (Young Kid), Monet Mazur (Becky Beaner), Joel McCrary (McGuire), Christopher Mugglebee (Reporter (as Chris Mugglebee)), Olivia Lauren Todd (Tracy), Frederick Usher (Thug), Kinka Usher (Moe), Gayle Vance (Sally), Adrian Armas (Disco Boy), Gichi Gamba (Disco Boy), Thomas Lake (Disco Boy), Robert Musselman (Disco Boy / Ballerinaman), Solo Scott (Disco Boy), Erik Michael Tristan (Disco Boy), James C. Duke (Big Tobacco (as James Duke))...


Neil Cuthbert (written by), Bob Burden (comic book series)

Produced by

Robert Engelman (executive producer), Steven Gilder (co-producer), Lawrence Gordon (producer), Lloyd Levin (producer), Mike Richardson (producer)



I saw "Mystery Men" on my birthday in 1999 while I was away on vacation. When I came back home, I went to see it again. Keep in mind, I was twelve, but at that time it was the coolest movie ever. I even collected the ultra-rare action figures (I have them all except for the Bowler, which is the hardest to find. They made Mr. Furious, The Shoveler, The Blue Raja, The Spleen and Captain Amazing, in case your wondering. There IS a William H. Macy action figure in existence!). I've watched it many times over the years and it still remains a favorite of mine, due mostly to fond childhood memories. It's not a perfect movie, but it definitely deserves another look and perhaps a cult following.

The story: a bunch of low-level superheroes save the day. This was executed again in the mediocre, direct-to-video "The Specials" as well. But this is the other end of the spectrum: big budget (huge budget, almost $100 Million I think) studio comedy. Yes, the effects are overblown and the huge sets and wonderful production design are a bit much considering the plot. But don't think this as a stupid, special effects-y superhero movie--it's a PARODY. They fight a villain named Cassanova Frankenstein, people. He has a psychofrakulator, whatever that is (it's a doomsday device, he'll take over the world, yada yada.) And resident superhero Captain Amazing (a Zapp Brannigan-esque Greg Kinnear, with commercial-product-logos on his costume, nice touch) is kidnapped. Time for the Mystery Men: Mr. Furious (Ben Stiller, gets mad), The Shoveller (William H. Macy, beats people with shovels), The Blue Raja (Hank Azaria, British, throws forks), The Bowler (Janeane Garafolo, bowls), Invisible Boy (Kel Mitchell, guess what he does), The Spleen (the great Paul Reubens, farts), and The Sphinx (Wes Studi, cuts guns in half with his mind, I am not kidding). The rest of the fantastic cast of character actors includes Geoffrey Rush as Cassanova, Lena Olin heavily edited out as Cassanova's bride, and the one and only Tom Waits as a crazy weapons dealer. So...with Macy, Kinnear, Olin, and Rush there are four Oscar-nominees (and one winner) and Tom freakin' Waits! It's not perfect though. It's overlong and there are some gushes of corniness here and there (The Shoveller's full of them).

The dialogue definitely outweighs the physical comedy, which is sometimes lacking (there's a guy who farts for his power, case closed). The dialogue is definitely a highlight, the cyclical ramblings of the Sphinx, the mixed metaphors of Mr. Furious, etc. It's downright a funny movie, (it will almost make you forget that this was the film that let "All Star" by Smashmouth out into the world.)

Unfortunately, the film did not do as well with critics and audiences as it should have. A sequel was originally planned (the film is in fact based on a comic book and characters from "The Flaming Carrot" comics. The Flaming Carrot was planned for the sequel I believe) but this did not do well at the box office. It could have been a hard sell, a superhero comedy with the guy from "There's Something About Mary." It also could have been the fact that it was released on the same day as "The Sixth Sense"--which ended up being the biggest hit for the month of August--as well as "The Thomas Crown Affair." Two other misunderstood classics were released on the same crowded weekend, oddly enough--"Dick" and "The Iron Giant." Critics gave MM passable reviews, but it was quickly forgotten. Sadly enough, on Comedy Central's Roast of Jerry Stiller, comedian Jeffrey Ross commented to Ben Stiller that, "I saw 'Mystery Men' and I fired MY agent." Ben is then seen to mouth the words, "I should have to." Don't listen to him. Give "Mystery Men" a chance.

Memorable quotes

The Sphinx: He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions.

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According to Hank Azaria, the cast argued constantly with each other over the comedic tone of the film.

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3 nominations 
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA • American Comedy Awards, USA • Teen Choice Awards

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Rated PG-13 for comic action violence and crude humor


Australia:PG / Canada:PG / Finland:K-10 / France:Tous publics / Germany:12 / Iceland:10 / Iceland:LH / Ireland:PG / Netherlands:MG6 / Singapore:PG / United Kingdom:PG / United States:PG-13


Universal Pictures (present), Golar Productions (producer) (as Golar/Lloyd Levin/Dark Horse), Dark Horse Entertainment (producer) (as Golar/Lloyd Levin/Dark Horse)


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