Groove (2000)

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Groove (2000

taglineAre you feeling it?

Director: Greg Harrison

Stars: Nick Offerman, Hamish Linklater, Jeff Witzke, Rachel True, Chris Ferreira

Drama, Music (1h 26min)


Rated 6.5 after 3,789 votes, 54% postive reviews on 08-Oct-18.

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On Friday, a single e-mail blips through the Internet. The word spreads quickly through the city: the party is on. Saturday evening, two hundred people secretly converge at an abandoned San Francisco warehouse. As the sun sets the records start spinning, setting into motion a night that no one will forget. Meet David Turner, a Midwest transplant. He moved to the city with aspirations of starting his career as a writer but his hopes have stalled. After four years he finds himself writing instruction manuals for a computer company. Overworked and with little social life, David spends his time alone, his dream of being a novelist a distant memory. That night, his brother Colin Turner invites him to GROOVE. Colin has a surprise for his new girlfriend, young raver sprite Harmony Stitts, and he wants David there. David reluctantly agrees and is shocked when Colin proposes to Harmony at the party. In the ensuing celebration, they take Ecstasy and suddenly, David is thrust into the world of the San Francisco underground. In a chance encounter, David meets longtime New York raver Leyla Heydel and makes an unlikely connection. Through their budding relationship, they're reminded of a sense of possibility and freedom in their lives they had all but forgotten. But as the party rages on, Colin reveals a deep secret, one that threatens to destroy his relationship with Harmony. When the sun rises the party disappears, and the chaos of the last twelve hours changes the two brothers forever.


Greg Harrison (director) Mackenzie Firgens Steve Van Wormer Ari Gold Rachel True Jeff Witzke Jill Jose

Chris Ferreira (Bill), Mackenzie Firgens (Harmony), Elizabeth Sun (Maggie), Steve Van Wormer (Ernie), Dmitri Ponce (Guy (as Dmitri from the Lower Haight)), Ari Gold (Cliff), Aaron Langridge (Joe), Wendy Turner-Low (Lisa), Bradley K. Ross (Aaron (as Bradley Ross)), Rachel True (Beth), Denny Kirkwood (Colin), Matthew Bernsen (Record Store Customer), Bing Ching (DJ Snaz), Jeff Witzke (Neil), Jill Jose (Monique), Chris Stone (Geo), Lola Glaudini (Leyla), Hamish Linklater (David), Angelo Spizzirri (Todd), Lew Baldwin (Tobin), Jonathan Muller (Crew Member), Eva Christiansen (Car Passenger), Sam Trychin (Car Passenger), Jina Park (Setup Crew), Jason Zemlicka (Setup Crew), Noah Zisman (Setup Crew), Sona-Rebecca Klein (Setup Crew), Vincent Riverside (Anthony), Pete Davison (Cigarette Guy), Karl Ackerman (Shep (as Karl Ackermann)), Christoph Klotz (Arty), Brian Behlendorf (Chill DJ #1), Polywog (Dance Floor DJ #2), Nick Offerman (Sergeant Channahon), Justin Baumrucker (Sticker Kid), Ed Abratowski (Green-Haired Guy), Forest Green (Dance Floor DJ #3), Danielle Renfrew Behrens (Map Point Betty (as Danielle Renfrew)), No Battles (Chill DJ #2), Wade Hampton (Dance Floor DJ #4 (as WishFM))...


Produced by

Michael Bayne (executive producer), Danielle Renfrew Behrens (producer (as Danielle Renfrew)), Dorothy Fadiman (associate producer), James Fadiman (associate producer), Andrea Gard (associate producer), Ray Greenwell (associate producer), Greg Harrison (producer), Justin Newton (associate producer), Jeff Southard (executive producer), Todd Wagner (line producer), Jason Zemlicka (associate producer)



Groove has often been compared with Human Traffic, but both are actually quite different. While Human Traffic was about a group of people who go to clubs and take drugs, Groove is about an actual rave. Director Greg Harrison is less interested about depicting the lives of the people who go to a rave than trying to cinematic ally get his audience to experience what a rave is like.

On that level, Groove is a triumph. For those who used to rave, this film is the best flashback you'll ever get, the best way to relive the experience. For those who currently rave, it will make you want to go out and find a party NOW. For those who have never raved, the film brilliantly shows the sight and sounds of a rave while trying to be like a rave itself through careful pacing and use of music.

The characters are thinly sketched in the early scenes but that's all we need, it's what they are and do at the rave that matters ,with the exception of the squabbling gay couple who may not make it to the party at all and are hilarious. The growing attraction between experienced 'partied out' girl and dorky novice is touching, and all the characters in the film have at least one stand out moment. Performances are generally strong, and some of the use of sound is superb, such as when the main protagonist is 'coming up'.

The film has been criticized for being pro drugs, but it just shows the drug {especially E}experience in it's various forms. Some characters abstain, some overdo it and pay the price {though like Human Traffic there are refreshingly no deaths or serious fatalities}, most just enjoy themselves. The film is not saying drugs are good for you, it's just saying that drugs are something many people do, and maybe not because that are addicted, but because to them it's fun!

The music is excellent, varied and well chosen. The appearance by a certain superstar DJ at this small rave of around 200 people has been rightly called unrealistic, and lets just say that acting is not his strong point! However comments that parties never start up again after they are shut down {as in this film}are untrue, I experienced it! In any case, it climaxes the film on a true 'high'.

The many shots of people dancing may bore some, and there will be many for whom this film will have no interest at all. But ignore some of the hardcore purists, this is as close to a depiction, and more importantly the experience, of a rave as cinema can probably get.

Memorable quotes

Guy: Why do you do this to yourself? Don't even get paid, risk getting arrested, for what?
Ernie: You don't know?
Guy: No.
Ernie: The Nod.
Guy: The Nod?
Ernie: Happens to me at least once every party. Some guy comes up to me and says "Thank you for making this happen... I needed this. This really meant something to me." And they nod... and I nod back.
Guy: [scoffs] ... That's it?
Ernie: That's it.

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The featured or "Headliner" DJ who gives the young DJ Spaz the Bedrock anthem record at the end of the film really is John Digweed.

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2 nominations 
Film Independent Spirit Awards

Other titles

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Rated R for drug use, language and brief sexuality


Argentina:16 / Australia:MA / Finland:K-18 / Germany:16 / Iceland:12 / Norway:15 / Spain:13 / United Kingdom:18 / United States:R



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