Radius (2017)

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Radius (2017

taglineAn amnesiac man discovers than anyone who comes within a 50-foot radius of him dies instantly.

Director: Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Léonard

Stars: Diego Klattenhoff, Charlotte Sullivan, Brett Donahue, Bradley Sawatzky, Andrea del Campo

Sci-Fi, Thriller (1h 33min)

Canada Canada

Rated 6.2 after 7,917 votes on 05-Oct-18.

2 nominations


Liam wakes from a car crash with no memory of who he is. As he makes his way into town to look for help, he finds only dead bodies, all with strange pale eyes. Liam's first assessment is that a virus is present in the air, but he soon discovers a horrible truth...


Diego Klattenhoff Charlotte Sullivan Brett Donahue Bradley Sawatzky Andrea del Campo Kristen Sawatzky Darren Felbel

Diego Klattenhoff (Liam), Charlotte Sullivan (Jane), Brett Donahue (Sam), Bradley Sawatzky (Dr. Mayborne), Andrea del Campo (Scan Technician), Kristen Sawatzky (Female Cop at Farm), Darren Felbel (Male Cop at Farm), James Durham (Henry), Nazariy Demkowicz (Ted), Shannon Guile (Dead Woman Driver), Rick Skene (Dead Truck Driver), Scott Johnson (Farmer), Joe Cobden (Sheriff Laredo / TV Reporter), Brendan Kelly (Medical Examiner / TV Reporter), Alicia Johnston (Cop in Hospital 1), Garth Merkeley (Cop in Hospital 2), Trevor Kristjanson (Orderly), Dennis Nicomede (Businessman), Bruce Dinsmore (Shock Host / TV Reporter), Cory Wojcik (Police Sergeant), Sean Skene (Cop in Sam's Store 1), Darren Ross (Cop in Sam's Store 2), Robert Borges (Cop in Sam's Store 3), Andrea Houssin (Nurse 1), Mel Marginet (Nurse 2), Julianne Jain (Nurse 3 / TV Reporter), Elizabeth Neale (Nurse 4 / Operator 911), Holly Bernier (TV Reporter), Daniela Akerblom (TV Reporter), Matt Holland (TV Reporter / Chief of Police), Michael Shintani (Female Cop's Son (voice)), Bj Verot (Bruce)


Produced by

Benoit Beaulieu (producer), Giles Daoust (executive producer), Jean Du Toit (producer), Catherine Dumonceaux (executive producer), Patrick Ewald (executive producer), Anne-Marie Gélinas (producer), Diego Klattenhoff (executive producer), François Simard (executive producer), Stephanie Trepanier (executive producer), Anouk Whissell (executive producer), Yoann-Karl Whissell (executive producer)



A very good thriller with a scifi theme.

A mysterious effect, acquired after an accident, of killing anything within 50 ft of a man that's nullified by a woman is the central concept here. Both main characters have amnesia after that car crash.

It's been some time since I watched a film that generated as much tension as this and full credit to the director for such an achievement with what must have been a limited budget (too limited to actually crash the vehicle even). The acting is decent enough but the real credit, I feel, should go to the director for this very good movie. There's little happening at times and to maintain tension is a difficult task that very few directors achieve. There's little throughout the film to explain the phenomenon leaving the two main characters trying to understand their roles in it as the main thrust of the film.

The ending does not explain the phenomenon at all and some will find that frustrating but the film isn't about this. It's about whether the central character finds redemption and the film wraps this point up nicely. I won't explain further as you won't thank me for giving away the ending. If you watch this thinking it's scifi then you'll probably be unimpressed with the ending. If you're watching it as a thriller with a scifi theme then you'll probably like it.


When Rose first looks at the missing poster it is in written in Swedish but the next time it's written in English.


2 nominations 
Young Artist Awards • Young Entertainer Awards

Other titles

Radius (Canada (French title)) • Rádiusz (Hungary) • Zona mortal (Mexico; Peru) • Promien (Poland) • Радиус (Russia)



Australia:M / Canada:14A / Canada:14A / Hong Kong:IIA / Indonesia:13+ / Mexico:B / Norway:15 / Taiwan:PG-12 / United States:Not Rated


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