Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994)

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Dark Angel: The Ascent (1994

taglineHeaven has chosen her to judge our souls and send sinners straight to hell.

Director: Linda Hassani (as L. Hassani)

Stars: Milton James, Nicholas Worth, Doru Ana, Charlotte Stewart, Victoria Cocias

Horror, Romance (1h 21min)

Romania Romania, USA USA

Rated 6.1 after 744 votes on 19-Sep-19.


A woman destined for freedom manages to escape Hell. When she arrives from the sewers of Earth, she decides to punish Sinners. But the last thing she expected to find was love.


Angela Featherstone Nicholas Worth Charlotte Stewart Milton James Mike Genovese Michael C. Mahon Valentin Popescu

Constantin Draganescu (Man in Hell (as Costica Draganescu)), Angela Featherstone (Veronica), Cristina Stoica (Mary), Valentin Teodesiu (Hell's Professor), Nicholas Worth (Father Hellikin), Marius Stanescu (Fake Prophet), Constantin Cotimanis (Fake Prophet), Charlotte Stewart (Mother Theresa), Heros (Hellraiser), Daniel Markel (Dr. Max Barris), Mihai Bisericanu (E.R. Policeman), Florin Ionescu (Hostile Patient), Liliana Pana (E.R. Nurse), Afrodita Andone (E.R. Nurse), Carmen Tanase (Ward Nurse), Stefan Velniciuc (Chief Doctor), Milton James (Mayor Wharton), Monica Ghiuta (Nun), Corina Danila (Nun), Cerasela Stan (Victimized Woman), Ion Haiduc (Thug), Cornel Scripcaru (Thug), Mike Genovese (Detective Harper), Michael C. Mahon (Detective Greenberg), Alexandru Agarici (Investigation Officer), Valentin Hotfa (Policeman at Home), Mihai Dinvale (Police Chief), Adrian Ciobanu (Policeman with Club), Valentin Popescu (Policeman with Club), Derek Jerome Jenova (Harrassed Pedrestrian), Kehli O'Byrne (Angel), Wilhelmina Câta (Mayor's Secretary (as Wilhelmina Cîta)), Victoria Cocias (Lois), Stelian Nistor (Man in Stall), Patricia Popa (Giggling Girl), Doru Ana (Mayor's Policeman), Sorin Cocis (Mayor's Policeman), Frederic Hassani (Television Reporter)


Matthew Bright (written by)

Produced by

Charles Band (executive producer), Debra Dion (executive producer), Oana Paunescu (producer), Vlad Paunescu (producer), Andrew M. Stewart (line producer: second unit)



Viewing a Full Moon production from owner Charles Band is often quite a risk because you never know what to expect on your screen. The great covers of their videotapes/laser discs give hardly any indication about the quality of their movies inside. Keeping that in mind, I was very curious to see what this movie was all about. After viewing it I was quite surprised at the quality of this low-budget flick. It had a good script which isn't often the case, including the last episodes of the Puppet Master series.

Being filmed in a former eastern communist country adds a lot of flavour to the whole production. It gives it a lot of credibility. Every film fan knows by now all the back-lots of the American production companies, so a change of scenery gives this movie a fresh breath of production air. The story is the classic Romeo and Julia with a horror twist. Will their love reach across the borders and horrors of Hell? What is the cost of loving a man from another dimension?

Memorable quotes

Policeman with Club: There's nothing to see here, miss. Just move along.
Veronica: And allow you to continue to abuse this man?
Policeman with Club: How would you like to spend the night in jail on a prostitution charge?
Veronica: How would you like to die in a state of mortal sin?

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The film's trailer reuses music from Stuart Gordon's The Pit and the Pendulum. The music in turn, was originally composed by Cristobal De Morales.



Other titles

Dark Angel: The Ascent ((original title)) • Dark Angel (Australia (TV title)) • Dark Angel: Tochter des Satans (Germany (video box title)) • Dark angel - Un angelo dall'inferno (Italy) • Ángel de las tinieblas (Mexico) • Восхождение темного ангела (Russia)



Rated R for horror violence, and for sexuality and language


Australia:MA / Germany:18 / United States:R



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