Bad Samaritan (2018)

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Bad Samaritan (2018

By Dean Devlin

Horror, Thriller (1h 50min)


Rated 6.4 after 8,472 votes on 18-Oct-18.


A pair of burglars stumble upon a woman being held captive in a home they intended to rob.

Popular faces

Dean Devlin (director) David Tennant Kerry Condon Robert Sheehan Jacqueline Byers Lisa Brenner Hannah Barefoot Dana Millican



David Tennant (Cale Erendreich), Kerry Condon (Katie), Robert Sheehan (Sean Falco), Jacqueline Byers (Riley Seabrook), Lisa Brenner (Helen Leyton), Hannah Barefoot (Sabine), Dana Millican (Officer Anne Pickett), Rob Nagle (Don Falco), Carlito Olivero (Derek Sandoval), Tracey Heggins (FBI Agent Olivia Fuller), David S. Hogan (Uniform Cop), Delpaneaux Wills (Officer Aguilar), Brandon Boyce (FBI Supervisor), Peter James DeLuca (Special Agent FBI), Jason Reynolds (SWAT Team Member), Jerry Bell Jr. (Tow Truck Driver), Emily Kimball (Girlfriend #1), Sofia Hasmik (Jocelyn), Tony Doupe (Det. Wayne Banyon), Robert Pescovitz (Bill Seabrook), Tim Bennett (FBI Agent Jenkins / Pedestrian), David Meyers (Nino), Ben Hausbach (Neighbor), Kyle Stoltz (Cale's Dinner Guest / Pedestrian), Austin Leo (Young Cale)...


Brandon Boyce (written by)

Produced by

Dean Devlin (producer), Brandon Lambdin (executive producer), Carsten H.W. Lorenz (executive producer), Rachel Olschan (producer), Marc Roskin (producer)


IMDb Comment

Over all not too shabby, definitely better than I expected. So yes its been done many times before, person (or in this case; people) break in to someones house for some ulterior motive, only to discover the home owner is either hiding something or is some sort of killer. But it throws a little extra into the formula, some works, the emphasis on the killer and his story was refreshing. But is it scary? Is it a horror movie? Because lately so called "horror" movies are indeed not scary at all. And as far as this film is concerned, I'm not sure what I want to say, because some of it was effective, and some of it wasn't. First of all, I like how they expanded on the typical story line they were telling, and without giving to much away, it creates this admittedly tense cat and mouse chaotic situation for all parties involved, so I liked how it just didn't stick 100% to the "Rear Window" and "Disturbia" formulas.

But was it scary? I'd say it was in places and was not in some, it was as simple as that for me. Some of the scenes/situations/jumps got me, and I got a little tense, but some other scenes just didn't do it for me, maybe because I'm so desensitized to brutal horror movies. The acting was also hit and miss, some actors did a fine job while others, were just... meh... And to be fair some of the good acting added to the intensity. I also didn't like some of the editing choices. I liked the color scheme of the film, the dark and deep colors, something you would expect from a James Wan or Hammer Films movies. I really want to say I liked it, because i definitely did like some of it, but some of it just didn't tickle my horror bone like it could have, but overall it was not too bad, much better than I expected.

Memorable quotes

Katie: [after knocking Cade out with a shovel] This is how you fucking save somebody!


The news reporter covering Derek's "suicide" is played by Brenda Braxton. In real life, Brenda is a journalist/news anchor for KGW 8 in Portland, Oregon, where this movie was filmed. She also appeared in several episodes of "Grimm", which also filmed in Portland.



Other titles

No Good Deed ((working title)) • Loš Samaritanac (Croatia) • Blogasis Samarietis (Lithuania) • Mau Samaritano (Portugal) • Samaritean rau (Romania) • Логово монстра (Russia) • Лiгво монстра (Ukraine)



Rated R for violence, language throughout, some drug use and brief nudity


Canada:14A / Canada:14A / Indonesia:21+ / Netherlands:16 / Philippines:R-13 / Portugal:M/16 / Russia:18+ / Singapore:NC16 / United Kingdom:15 / United States:R



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