Island of Terror (1966)

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Island of Terror (1966

taglineHow could they stop the devouring death...that lived by sucking on living human bones!

By Terence Fisher

Horror (1h 29min)


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A small island community is overrun with creeping, blobbish, tentacled monsters which liquefy and digest the bones from living creatures. The community struggles to fight back.

Popular faces

Terence Fisher (director) Peter Cushing Edward Judd Carole Gray Eddie Byrne Sam Kydd Niall MacGinnis James Caffrey


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Peter Cushing (Dr. Brian Stanley), Edward Judd (Dr. David West), Carole Gray (Toni Merrill), Eddie Byrne (Dr. Reginald Landers), Sam Kydd (Constable John Harris), Niall MacGinnis (Mr. Roger Campbell), James Caffrey (Peter Argyle), Liam Gaffney (Ian Bellows), Roger Heathcott (Dunley), Keith Bell (Halsey), Margaret Lacey (Old Woman (as Margaret Lacy)), Shay Gorman (Morton), Peter Forbes-Robertson (Dr. Lawrence Phillips (as Peter Forbes Robertson)), Richard Bidlake (Carson), Joyce Hemson (Mrs. Bellows), Edward Ogden (Helicopter Pilot), Tony Allen (Villager (uncredited)), Jim O'Brady (Villager (uncredited)), Gerald Paris (Villager (uncredited)), Ernie Rice (Villager (uncredited)), Jack Sharp (Villager (uncredited)), Guy Standeven (Minor Role (uncredited))


Edward Mann (original story) (as Edward Andrew Mann), Al Ramsen (original story) (as Allan Ramsen), Edward Mann (screenplay) (as Edward Andrew Mann), Al Ramsen (screenplay) (as Allan Ramsen)

Produced by

Tom Blakeley (producer), Gerald A. Fernback (executive producer (uncredited)), Richard Gordon (executive producer (uncredited))


IMDb Comment

It was the early 70's when I first saw Island of Terror on a Saturday late night horror show called Shock Theatre. I've always been a fan of Peter Cushing and his films so when I read that he was in it that made it a must see. We were hearing more and more about cancer research so this movie had relevence to the times. Growing up as a youngster in a rural area surrounded by livestock, the opening scene with the dead horse spooked me. At the time I first saw the film, the idea of Cancer research going haywire was a possiblilty and having your bones sucked out of your body while you were alive sent chills through my body. As the creatures were shown more and more, took more victims in varying fashions, more and more lights were turned on in my living room where I was watching the movie. The ending put the icing on the cake and I slept with the lights on for about a week. I had seen many horror movies including The Blob, but this was the only one to really get me sacred and keep me scared. I strongly recommend this movie to everyone. It's got suspence, surprises, a bit of humor, some horror, is just an enjoyable movie to watch and is one of my favorites. It's been many years since I've seen the movie so I just ordered a copy to enjoy again and again. Definately a classic for anyone's movie library.

I've noticed some reviews talking about how cheap the special effects were and the weak story/plot line, but these are all comparing the film to the standards of todays filmaking. As a child I didn't notice any of the effects simplistics. I was looking for some entertainment and a good late night scare, and Island of Terror delivered.

Memorable quotes

Constable John Harris: You know that I'm not a man that's easily shaken, Dr. Landers.
Dr. Reginald Landers: I know that. I know. Now, would you like a drink?
Constable John Harris: No, no-no. I've just seen somethin', and by all that's holy... I just can't be sure, but... I think it's Ian Bellows.
Dr. Reginald Landers: You THINK it's Ian? What's happened to him?
Constable John Harris: I-I don't know. His body's all like... like jelly.
Dr. Reginald Landers: Jelly?
Constable John Harris: Aye. It's like nothin' I've ever seen. There was no face, just a... horrible... mush... with the eyes sittin' in it.

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In the French version (post-synchronized) Edward Judd is dubbed by Jean-Claude Michel / Visa d'exploitation en France : #38125

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Other titles

Night of the Silicates • The Creepers • The Night the Creatures Came • The Night the Silicates Came • S.O.S. - El mundo en peligro (Argentina) • Insel des Schreckens (Austria; West Germany) • A Ilha do Terror (Brazil) • Zombies - Todesmonster greifen an! (Germany (DVD box title)) • Truslen fra dødens ø (Denmark) • S.O.S.: el mundo en peligro (Spain) 



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