The Tale (2018)

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The Tale (2018

Director: Jennifer Fox (directed by)

Stars: Ellen Burstyn, Common, Laura Dern, Elizabeth Debicki, Frances Conroy

Drama, Mystery, Thriller (1h 54min)

USA USA, Germany Germany

Rated 7.3 after 10,347 votes, 90% postive reviews on 19-Jun-19.

5 wins & 25 nominations


A woman filming a documentary on childhood rape victims starts to question the nature of her childhood relationship with her riding instructor and running coach.


Jennifer Fox (director) Elizabeth Debicki Laura Dern Ellen Burstyn Common Frances Conroy Jason Ritter

Elizabeth Debicki (Mrs. G), Laura Dern (Jennifer), Ellen Burstyn (Nettie), Common (Martin), Frances Conroy (Mrs. G - Older), Jason Ritter (Bill), John Heard (William P. Allens), Jaqueline Fleming (Margie), Laura Allen (Young Nettie), Isabelle Nélisse (Jenny at 13), Matthew Rauch (Aaron), Isabella Amara (Franny), Tina Parker (Fran), Chelsea Alden (Samantha), Jodi Long (Rebecca), Scott Takeda (Mr. Watada), Jessica Sarah Flaum (Jenny at 15), Noah Lomax (Lucas), Jenson Cheng (Student #2), Emily Sandifer (Student #4), Tarek Bishara (Detective Amato (as Thom Bishops)), Deana Deatherage (College Student), Isabella Fowler (7th grade student), Madison David (Young Iris), Gretchen Koerner (Iris), Grant James (Old Mr. G), Vincent Washington (University Student), Paul Riley Fox (Student), Juli Erickson (Grandmother), Mobin Khan (Indian Protester), Rebecca Chulew (Acolyte), Aaron Mitchell (Acolyte), Russell Bradley Fenton (University Student), Brett Justin Koppel (David), Madara Jayasena (Student #3), Matthew Thornton (Acolyte), Shay Lee Abeson (Becky), Karlie Blair (Student), Ricki Bhullar (Student #1), Dana Healey (Dr. G)...


Jennifer Fox (written by)

Produced by

René Besson (line producer), Sol Bondy (producer), Dan Cogan (executive producer), Ron Dempsey (line producer: Los Angeles), Stefanie Diaz (associate producer), Abigail Disney (executive producer), Geralyn White Dreyfous (executive producer), John Duffy (line producer: Los Angeles), Wendy Ettinger (executive producer), Jennifer Fox (producer), Lawrence Inglee (producer), Ali Jazayeri (executive producer), Matia Karrell (supervising producer), Jayme Lemons (executive producer), Mynette Louie (producer), Ross Marroso (executive producer), Ben McConley (executive producer), Oren Moverman (producer), Derek Nguyen (associate producer), Julie Parker Benello (executive producer), Simone Pero (producer), Reka Posta (producer), Will Raynor (associate producer), Laura Rister (producer), Amy Rodrigue (executive producer), Wendy Sax (associate producer), Regina K. Scully (producer (as Regina Kulik Scully)), David Van Eman (executive producer), Jason Van Eman (executive producer), Lynda Weinman (producer), Jamila Wenske (co-producer)



Some True-Stories demand to be told, despite their heartbreaking, heart-wrenching reality and 'The Tale' is among those films. This Stunning film registers a sledgehammer impact & the exquisite Laura Dern delivers a performance of pure force.

'The Tale' is an investigation into one woman's memory as she is forced to re-examine her first sexual relationship and the stories we tell ourselves in order to survive.

'The Tale' is a true-story & what you see here, is something so disturbing, that it will leave you shaken. Pedophilia is a serious crime & Pedophiles are among the most brutal creatures out there, who are out to harm, manipulate & destroy the lives of children living in our society. Written and Directed by Jennifer Fox, 'The Tale' is Fox's true life-story on the sexual abuse she faced during her childhood & her life beyond. Fox is a brave, gutsy woman, who's made a film of her own horrors & has presented us a story that's disturbing as well as powerful. Here's a woman who's courage needs to be witnessed, spoken & shown. We can no longer let these beasts abuse the underage. Enough!

'The Tale' is also packed with stunning performances, led by the magnificent Laura Dern. Dern, One Of The Finest Actresses of All-Times, portrays Jennifer Fox with sheer heart, mind & soul. Its a performance built in force & executed in exuberance. Dern is a force of nature & 'The Tale' Salutes talent to the maximum. Isabelle Nélisse, as the younger Jennifer Fox, is extraordinary. Of the supporting cast, The Legendary Ellen Burstyn does a wonderful job as Fox's Mother, who must accept what has been happened & yet not lose her conscience. Jason Ritter portrays the evil pedophile, astonishingly. His performance is as real as it can get. Elizabeth Debicki does an excellent job as Fox's childhood idol, who has much more to say & do, than it seems. Frances Conroy portrays Debicki's older version with command. The Late/Great John Heard, as the older Ritter, is beyond perfection in a brief appearance.

On the whole, 'The Tale' is a true-story that needs to be seen, for its courage & the horror that happened. Don't Miss It.

And to the courageous Jennifer Fox...Salute!

Memorable quotes

Jennifer: When I was a child, I was obsessed with changing myself.

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Rolling Stone reports that given this movie's sensitive subject matter, all potentially inappropriate scenes involving children were actually filmed with adult body doubles.

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5 wins & 25 nominations 
Golden Globes, USA • Primetime Emmy Awards • Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards • Cinema Eye Honors Awards, US • Deauville Film Festival • Durban International Film Festival • Film Independent Spirit Awards • Gold Derby Awards • Gotham Awards • Melbourne International Film Festival • Munich Film Festival • Online Film & Television Association • Satellite Awards • Sundance Film Festival • Television Critics Association Awards

Other titles

The Tale ((original title); Spain) • O Conto (Brazil) • Приказката (Bulgaria (Bulgarian title)) • The Tale - Le conte (Canada (French title)) • The Tale - Die Erinnerung (Germany) • A történet (Hungary) • Opowieść (Poland) • Povestea (Romania) • Рассказ (Russia) • Priča (Serbia) • Öykü (Turkey (Turkish title))



Germany:12 / Netherlands:12 / Russia:16+ / Singapore:M18 / Singapore:R21 / Spain:16 / United States:TV-MA



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