The Devil and the Deep... (2016)

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The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2016

(The Book of Love)

taglineHow far would you go for a lost love?

Director: Bill Purple

Stars: Paul Reiser, Maisie Williams, Jessica Biel, Jason Sudeikis, Bryan Batt

Drama (1h 46min)


Rated 6.0 after 3,396 votes, 27% postive reviews on 18-Sep-19.


Henry is an introverted architect. After the death of his wife in a car accident, he sets out to help Millie, a homeless teen-ager, to build a raft to sail across the Atlantic.


Bill Purple (director) Jason Sudeikis Maisie Williams Jessica Biel Mary Steenburgen Orlando Jones Richard Robichaux

Jason Sudeikis (Henry Herschel), Maisie Williams (Millie), Jessica Biel (Penny Herschel), Mary Steenburgen (Julia Mureaux), Orlando Jones (Dumbass), Richard Robichaux (Pascal), Paul Reiser (Wendell), Bryan Batt (Dr. Melvin), Jayson Warner Smith (Uncle), Christopher Gehrman (William Willis), Wendy Miklovic (William Willis' Wife (as Wendy Miklovic Neisler)), George Wilson (Dumbass' Dad), Joshua Mikel (Thor Heyerdahl), Russ Russo (David), Cailey Fleming (9 Year Old Millie), Darnekia Dowl (Caterer), Natalie Mejer (Doctor), Sheldon Frett (Haitian Sailor), Madeleine Woolner (Secretary), Patch (Ahab), Charles Barber (Post Man (uncredited)), Tony Beard (City Councilman (uncredited)), Ian Belgard (Pascal's Son (uncredited)), Rusty Bourg (Mourner (uncredited)), Tyfanni Cassidy (Neighbor (uncredited)), Ron Centanni (Mourner (uncredited)), Scott Gray (Reporter (uncredited)), Alicia Davis Johnson (Caterer #2 (uncredited)), Cynthia LeBlanc (Elderly Hospital Vistor (uncredited)), Mike R. Moreau (Doctor (uncredited))


Robbie Pickering (written by), Bill Purple (written by), Robbie Pickering (story by)

Produced by

Claudio Bellante (co-executive producer), Jessica Biel (producer), John H. Brister (line producer), Kevin Connolly (executive producer), Ross M. Dinerstein (executive producer), Luca Garbero (co-executive producer), Will Greenfield (co-producer), Ryan Charles Griffin (co-producer), Mike Landry (producer), Paulie Litt (co-producer), Ansley Seaver Marshall (associate producer), Robert Ortiz (executive producer), Chuck Pacheco (producer), Bill Purple (executive producer), Michelle Purple (producer), Gregory P. Shockro (executive producer), Carlos Velazquez (producer), Sam Warren (associate producer), Samuel Warren (associate producer), Kirstin Winkler (co-executive producer), Sasha Yelaun (co-executive producer)



In short, I liked this movie a lot; it made me laugh and cry, though not without a few eye-rolls in between. That being said, I think it deserves more than the 5.5 rating--at least 6.5/7.

I agree in part with both the reviews on here (the 2 star, and the 8 star) in that sure, it was cheesy at times and the writing often struck me as contrived, but the superb acting from our two leads carried the movie to heights it wouldn't have achieved otherwise.

I'm a Sudeikis fan and as usual he delivered a solid performance. I believed and felt what his character was going through--the paralyzing, confused helplessness of loss and subsequent searching for understanding.

Maisie Williams is awesome. I felt like even though Sudeikis got more screen time, Williams was the star here and kept me intrigued throughout. Such a great, authentic actress.

Overall, really enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend it.

Memorable quotes

The Girl: [narrating] Some people try to hold on to their memories. Others try to forget. Neither works. And after enough time passes by, you find you ain't the same as you used to be.

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Zach Braff and Jason Sudeikis were considered for the lead role but Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast. Morgan, however, left the project due to scheduling conflicts and Sudeikis replaced him.

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Other titles

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea ((original title)) • The Book of Love (Australia; France; Sweden; USA (new title)) • O Livro do Amor (Brazil (alternative title); Portugal (working title)) • Rendezvous mit dem Leben - The Book of Love (Germany) • A szeretet könyve (Hungary) • Il diario dell'amore (Italy) • Ksiega milosci (Poland) • Cartea iubirii (Romania) • Книга любви (Russia) • El libro del amor (The Book of Love) (Spain) • Dinh Nghia Tình Yêu (Vietnam) • The Devil & the Deep Blue Sea ((alternative spelling))



Rated PG-13 for thematic content, language and drug material


Germany:12 / Spain:12 / Sweden:7 / United Kingdom:12 / United States:PG-13



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