Someone's Watching Me! (1978)

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Someone's Watching Me! (1978

taglineThe Lost John Carpenter Suspense Classic - Never Before On Video Or DVD!

Director: John Carpenter

Stars: Charles Cyphers, J. Jay Saunders, Lauren Hutton, John J. Fox, David Birney

Horror, Mystery, Thriller (1h 37min)


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A woman is slowly stalked to the brink of madness by a man watching her from the opposite tower block. Her attempts to get the police to take her seriously leave her with no option but to track him down herself.


John Carpenter (director) Lauren Hutton David Birney Adrienne Barbeau Charles Cyphers Grainger Hines Len Lesser

Lauren Hutton (Leigh Michaels), David Birney (Paul Winkless), Adrienne Barbeau (Sophie), Charles Cyphers (Gary Hunt), Grainger Hines (Steve), Len Lesser (Burly Man), John Mahon (Frimsin), James Murtaugh (Leone), J. Jay Saunders (Police Inspector), Michael Laurence (TV Announcer), George Skaff (Herbert Stiles), Robert Phalen (Wayne), Robert Snively (Groves), Jean Le Bouvier (Waitress), James McAlpine (Slick Man), Edgar Justice (Charlie), John J. Fox (Eddie (as John Fox))

From the same director


John Carpenter (written by)

Produced by

Anna Cottle (associate producer), Richard Kobritz (executive producer)



John Carpenter's SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME! is an undisguised homage to REAR WINDOW, with nods to BLACK CHRISTMAS (an avowed favourite of Carpenter's) and the Italian Giallo genre, specifically Argento's DEEP RED. One elaborate scene, wherein the anxious heroine drops a knife through a grate, and then squeezes laboriously into the crawlspace beneath to hide, is a clear riff on giallo scenography.

The material is stale, but the execution is not. Carpenter's virtuoso use of gliding camera shots, shadow detail, composition, and mise en scene, ratchets up the suspense even during what would otherwise be incidental scenes in another director's hands. On occasion, TV-movie limpness creeps in momentarily, but, in the main, the picture's production is very professionally handled.

One major irritant is Lauren Hutton's protagonist, Leigh. She is endlessly spunky, constantly talking to herself, always rushing headlong into situations. It's grating right from the start, but as events unfold, her happy-go-lucky ebullience morphs (in the viewers' eyes) into a kind of blithe stupidity. Most thinking people would have closed their curtains, locked their doors, taken the prank calls more seriously, or perhaps moved away (pride be damned), much sooner than did she. Certainly most people wouldn't have walked knowingly into the stalker's trap, as Leigh does at the very end. "Someone's Watching Me" is nerve-wracking enough for one to suspend one's incredulity, and good enough to belong in, or just below, the rarefied sphere of Carpenter's two best, HALLOWEEN and THE THING.

Memorable quotes

Leigh Michaels: [taps Paul's leg] Just testing.
Paul Winkless: Uh-huh, what are you testing?
Leigh Michaels: I have strange fears.
Paul Winkless: Really? What?
Leigh Michaels: Being raped by dwarves. You could've been sitting up there on stilts, I, I had to check.

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It was on the set of this TV movie that director John Carpenter met future wife Adrienne Barbeau.

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Other titles

Someone's Watching Me! (Australia) • Alguém Me Vigia (Brazil) • ¡Alguien me está espiando! (Spain) • Vainoavat silmät (Finland) • Meurtre au 43eme étage (France) • Valaki figyel (Hungary) • Pericolo in agguato (Italy) • Procedura ossessiva (Italy) • Nerawareta misshitsu no onna (Japan) • Alguien me vigila (Mexico; Peru) • Mord i blikket (Norway) • Ktos mnie obserwuje (Poland) • Alguém anda a espiar-me (Portugal) • Neko me posmatra (Serbia) • Förföljd (Sweden) • Кто-то наблюдает за мной! (Soviet Union (Russian title)) • Biri beni gözlüyor (Turkey (Turkish title)) • High Rise (USA (working title)) • Das unsichtbare Auge (West Germany)



Australia:M / Iceland:12 / United States:Not Rated / West Germany:16



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