Skybound (2017)

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Skybound (2017

taglineWhat if suddenly the ground was gone?

Director: Alex Tavakoli

Stars: Morten Suurballe, Scarlett Byrne, Gavin Stenhouse, Rick Cosnett, Tyler Fayose

Action, Thriller (1h 22min)

Germany Germany

Rated 5.8 after 4,285 votes on 20-Oct-18.


Five friends on a small airplane mysteriously lose their radio connection on a trip from New York to LA. As they continue their flight, they're forced to assume that a major disaster happened on the ground. They discover a stowaway, Erik, who urges them not to land at any cost. Before they run out of fuel, they must find out the truth.


Alex Tavakoli (director) Scarlett Byrne Gavin Stenhouse Rick Cosnett Morten Suurballe Tyler Fayose Carla Carolina Pimentel

Scarlett Byrne (Lisa), Gavin Stenhouse (Kyle), Rick Cosnett (Matt), Morten Suurballe (Erik), Tyler Fayose (Odin), Carla Carolina Pimentel (Roxy (as Carla Pimentel)), Jerry Coyle (Lisa's dad), Brigitte Knott-Wolf (Dr. Lea Rybczinski), Sami Omar (Tim Khan), Lars Walther (Delivery Boy), Christopher Hawkins (Ground Control (voice)), Alena Wolf (Herself)


Produced by

Galen Christy (associate producer), Dennis Goldbecker (associate producer), Benjamin Hofmann (co-producer), Alex Oliver (executive producer / producer), Sven Strehl (co-producer), Alex Tavakoli (executive producer), Stephan Terhorst (associate producer)



NO fact checking was done by any writers so anyone with any tech knowledge of planes and scientific knowledge of nuclear explosions will be aggravated they wasted ANY time watching this film!

See jaapeelman's review too. Any person with an ounce of intelligence knows 1 engine has to work harder after the 2nd is lost b/c the lack of thrust from the failed engine!

They can't land b/c the air is so hot outside near Chicago.

Later they open the airplane door at LOW altitude and see "snow" which they realize is ash.

They fly maybe 300 feet above burning land and bison in Monument Valley Utah about 400 miles south of SLC.

A father calls and says get away from the contamination by staying sky-bound to save yourselves!

They cut an engine off with a small hand axe/ hatchet to reduce weight to make it further to Hawaii!

First off they ARE contaminated by flying in the nuclear airspace even before the door was opened at such low altitude & below explains why- From a 2009 issue of The Economist: "Typically an airline will strike a balance by using a 50:50 mixture of FRESH and recirculated air," says the magazine. "Although pilots can reduce the amount of fresh air to save fuel. Some are thought to cut it back to only 20 percent." The air circulates until eventually it is drawn into the lower fuselage, where about half of it is vented overboard-sucked out by the pressurization outflow valve. The remaining portion is remixed with a fresh supply from the engines and run through filters, and the cycle begins again.

They opened the door so all the air and ash comes into the plane which again contaminates them since they saw ground nuclear explosions and flew over major cities that were hit and below explains- Fallout is the RADIOACTIVE particles that fall to earth as a result of a nuclear explosion. It consists of weapon debris, fission products, and, in the case of a ground burst, radiated soil. Much of this material falls directly back down close to ground zero within several minutes after the explosion, but some travels high into the atmosphere. This material will be dispersed over the earth during the following hours, days (and) months. A nuclear explosion occurring at or near the earth's surface can result in severe contamination by the radioactive fallout.

The plane slams into the water head first but everyone gets out even though they threw out ALL the passenger seats which had all the seat belts. They would of been slammed around and the force of impact would of killed everyone except possibly the pilot and person in co-pilot seat.

If you like movies with zero ounce of possibility or truth & really bad acting then watch it.


The airplane registration prefix reads HB not N. HB is the call letters for Switzerland and N is the call letter for the USA.

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