Yes Virginia, There Is a... (1991)

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Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (1991

By Charles Jarrott

Drama (1h 35min)

USA USA, Canada Canada

Rated 7.7 after 527 votes on 30-Nov-18.


While newspaper writer Church struggles with the death of his wife, he receives a "special" assignment. He must answer a little girl's question about whether Santa Claus really exists. Based on a true story.

Popular faces

Charles Jarrott (director) Richard Thomas Edward Asner Charles Bronson Tamsin Kelsey Colleen Winton John Novak Katharine Isabelle


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Richard Thomas (James O'Hanlan), Edward Asner (Edward P. Mitchell), Charles Bronson (Francis Church), Massimo Bonetti (Donelli), Tamsin Kelsey (Evie O'Hanlan), Colleen Winton (Andrea Borland), John Novak, Katharine Isabelle (Virginia O'Hanlon (as Katherine Isobel)), Shawn Macdonald (Teddy O'Hanlan (as Shawn MacDonald)), Garry Chalk (Goss), Lillian Carlson (Mrs. Goldstein), Virginia Bagnato (Maria), John Kirkconnell (Sean O'Hanlan), Kerry Sandomirsky (Celeste), William Samples (Mr. Schuller), Tom Heaton (O'Hara), Tom McBeath (Sgt. Flynn), Hagan Beggs (Bartender), Frank C. Turner (Produce Keeper), Antony Holland (Misery), Crystaleen O'Bray (Julie), Sarah Perkins (Susan), Dwight McFee (Officer 'B'), Garry Davey (Officer 'A'), Paul Batten (Otho)...


Val De Crowl (written by), Andrew J. Fenady (written by)

Produced by

Nick Anderson (co-producer), Bob Banner (executive producer), Andrew J. Fenady (executive producer), Duke Fenady (producer), Silvio Muraglia (executive producer), Gary L. Pudney (executive producer)


IMDb Comment

Although it plays fast and loose with the facts of the story Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus is a wonderful apocryphal tale of how a little girl's letter to the New York Sun was answered with the most famous newspaper editorial in history.

The story is told along two tracks. The first is the story of the struggling O'Hanlon family with Papa Richard Thomas fired from a job on the docks after a brawl with some nativist bigots. It's going to be one bad Christmas for the O'Hanlon family if he doesn't find work soon. Thomas has two children, one of them Virginia O'Hanlon is played by Katherine Isabelle and she's been given the word by some of her more worldly wise peers that there ain't no such a thing as Santa Claus.

When Thomas after reading an editorial in the Sun remarked that this was a paper with a good policy young Isabelle writes to the Sun and wants them to settle the question, is Santa Claus real or not? Because Papa has said the Sun would be the arbiter of that decision.

The second track of the story is movie tough guy Charles Bronson who plays Sun editor Frank Church. Church is a heavy drinker ever since his wife passed away. Out of friendship and loyalty publisher Edward Asner has kept him on the staff.

This film is wonderful family viewing at the Yuletide season. The message of the editorial then and now is that we can see Santa Claus in all of us in the smallest random acts of kindness we do. Belief in the concept is what separates us from the beast. People disappoint a lot, but the concept of Santa Claus brings out the best in us.

So watch the film, maybe an old children's tale might seem to have some merit after all.



Other titles

Papai Noel Existe! (Brazil) • Yes Virginia - Papai Noel Existe! (Brazil) • ...und den Weihnachtsmann gibts doch (Germany) • Virginia y Santa Claus (Spain) • Totuus joulupukista (Finland) • Le messager de l'éspoir (France) • Si Virginia, sí existe Santa Claus (Peru) • Gdzie jestes swiety Mikolaju (Poland) • Sim, Virgínia, Ele Existe (Portugal)





Fenady Associates, Quinta Communications (in association with), Paradigm Entertainment (II) (in association with), Bob Banner Associates (uncredited)


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