Say Goodnight to the Bad... (2008)

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Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys (2008

Director: Mike Clattenburg

Stars: Shelley Thompson, Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, Lucy Decoutere

Comedy (47min)

Canada Canada

Rated 7.9 after 2,581 votes on 05-Oct-18.


It has been one year since the successful "train ride" in Maine, and Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are about to become rich. On the eve of dividing up the money, the Boys are ambushed by Sam Losco, and the money is lost forever. Ray is back living in the dump, the Boys are penniless once again, and Ricky has to deal with Randy raising "baby" Randy with Lucy. Meanwhile, Lahey hatches a greasy plan involving "dirty dancing" to get the Boys out of Sunnyvale for a good, long time.


Mike Clattenburg (director) John Paul Tremblay Robb Wells John Dunsworth Patrick Roach Lucy Decoutere Sarah Dunsworth

John Paul Tremblay (Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky), John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey), Patrick Roach (Randy (as Pat Roach)), Lucy Decoutere (Lucy), Sarah Dunsworth (Sarah (as Sarah E. Dunsworth)), Barrie Dunn (Ray), Jeanna Harrison (Trinity), Shelley Thompson (Barb Lahey), Tyrone Parsons (Tyrone 'T'), Mike Smith (Bubbles), Jonathan Torrens (J-Roc), Bernard Robichaud (Cyrus), Richard Collins (Phil Collins), Jacob Rolfe (Jacob Collins), Sam Tarasco (Sam Losco), Jim Swansburg (Detective Ted Johnson (as James Swansburg)), George Green (Officer George Green), Christine MacDonald (Cyrus' Lady #1), Tina Prinsenberg (Cyrus' Lady #2), Chase Duffy (Cop), Andria Wilson (Suzy), Kirstin Howell (Bartender), Gord Downie (Man irate about sandwich (uncredited) (unconfirmed))

From the same director


Mike Clattenburg (written by), Timm Hannebohm (written by)

Produced by

Mike Clattenburg (executive producer), Barrie Dunn (executive producer), Michael Volpe (executive producer), Karen Wentzell (producer)



And Truly it is.

"Say goodnight to the bad guys" picks up where "A Sh*t river runs through it" left off. it's a year after the events of A.S.R.R.T.I and Ricky, Julian, and bubbles are rich with cash, but Julian sits on the money for a year claiming "movies like casino prove that waving money around right away is a bad idea." and then hides it in his newly purchased Delorean (AKA car from back to the future) however, the money is lost, and this sparks the boys to seek revenge on Mr. lahey.

The Trailer park boys will forever live on as a cult classic on Canadian Television channel Showcase. From Ricky's vulgar and impulsive attitude, To Julians glass of coke and rum he keeps in his hand, and the lovable bubbles, the coke-bottle glasses wearing, shed dwelling trailer park boy. no matter what anyone says, the show will forever be one of the best.

Just a little note of nudity, this is the first (and hopefully the last) time we get to see Mr. lahey's penis. just a little word of warning to you people.

Memorable quotes

Randy: Things with Phil Collins didn't turn out too rosy. Fucking walrus! Sure, I was high all the time, but he ate just as much as I did, maybe more. Shut the fuck up Phil, can't you see I'm doing an interview!
Phil Collins: I had to fire Randall from the Dirty Burger partnership cause he was baked all the fucking time! Sweaty bitch was high!

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The title itself is possibly a reference to the dinner scene in Scarface where a coked up Tony Montano rants about the subjective nature of morality and what makes someone a "bad guy" yelling at the patrons of the fancy restaurant to "say goodnight to the bad guy!" as he leaves.



Other titles

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys: A Trailer Park Boys Special (Canada (English title) (long title))



Netherlands:12 / Singapore:R21 / South Korea:18



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