The Pink Panther Strikes... (1976)

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The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976

taglineWho is this man ? And what is he doing ? Who Cares. But don't miss my new movie...

By Blake Edwards

Comedy, Crime (1h 43min)


Fine! Rated 7.3 after 24,133 votes on 28-Mar-18.

Nominated for Oscar
Nominated for Oscar. Another 2 wins & 2 nominations


Charles Dreyfuss, the Chief Inspector of the Surete and superior of Inspector Clouseau was last seen in the previous movie, suffering a breakdown cause of Clouseau's torment. He decides to try and kill him but fails and was last seen confined to a mental asylum. This movie begins three years later, Dreyfuss' doctors think is well enough to be released but before he is, Clouseau visits him and agitates him into killing him, so he's not released. But he escapes and tries to kill clouseau but fails. He then decides to recruit some of the best criminals in the world, and then kidnaps a noted English scientist and creates a device that can destroy the world. After using it, his only demand is Clouseau. So every country in the world sends their best assassins to kill him but fail. And Clouseau tries to find Dreyfuss before he does any more damage.

Popular faces

Blake Edwards (director) Peter Sellers Herbert Lom Lesley-Anne Down Burt Kwouk Colin Blakely Leonard Rossiter Howard K. Smith


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Peter Sellers (Chief Inspector Clouseau), Herbert Lom (Dreyfus), Lesley-Anne Down (Olga), Burt Kwouk (Cato Fong), Colin Blakely (Drummond), Leonard Rossiter (Quinlan), André Maranne (Francois (as Andre Maranne)), Byron Kane (Secretary of State), Howard K. Smith (Himself (scenes deleted)), Dick Crockett (The President), Richard Vernon (Fassbender), Briony McRoberts (Margo Fassbender), Dudley Sutton (McClaren), Murray Kash (Dr. Zelmo Flek (scenes deleted)), Hal Galili (Danny Salvo), Robert Beatty (Admiral), Bob Sherman (C.I.A. Agent), Phil Brown (Virginia Senator), Jerry Stovin (Aide), Paul Maxwell (C.I.A. Director), Michael Robbins (Jarvis), Vanda Godsell (Mrs. Leverlilly), Norman Mitchell (Mr. Bullock), Patsy Smart (Mrs. Japonica), Tony Sympson (Mr. Shork)...


Frank Waldman (screenplay), Blake Edwards (screenplay)

Produced by

Tony Adams (associate producer), Blake Edwards (producer)


IMDb Comment

Inspector Clouseau...Commissioner Dreyfuss...Gerald Ford. What don't you have in this movie?

Funny film to watch again and again. The chemistry is perfect between Peter Sellers and Herbert Lom. There are so many jokes and laughs throughout, I usually pick up something new after each viewing, especially Clouseau's accent. The castle scene with the dentist visit has got to be one of the funniest moments recorded on film. You'd swear there really was nitrous oxide in the room. I always get a chuckle from the apartment scene in the start. I'd never knew how funny the use of slow motion could be. Timing of the jokes are crazier than a set of "parallels". Add Mancini's music which seems to fit each scene quite nicely, thank you.

Probably my favorite of the Pink Panther movies (next to A Shot in the Dark), you have to love Peter Seller's portrayal of the "hit and miss" wonder named Clouseau. Plus, Lesley Anne Down looks great as Olga and makes me appreciate a nice fur coat. Definitely a keeper.

Memorable quotes

[after Clouseau accidentally reduces a piano to a pile of splinters]
Mrs. Leverlilly: You've ruined that piano!
Clouseau: What is the price of one piano compared to the terrible crime that's been committed here?
Mrs. Leverlilly: But that's a priceless Steinway!
Clouseau: Not anymore!

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One trailer for this film consisted entirely of bloopers.

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Nominated for Oscar. Another 2 wins & 2 nominations 
Academy Awards, USA • Evening Standard British Film Awards • Golden Globes, USA • Writers Guild of America, USA

Other titles

La pantera rosa ataca de nuevo (Argentina, Spain) • Quand la panthère rose s'emmêle (Canada (French title), France) • A Nova Transa da Pantera Cor de Rosa (Brazil) • Den lyserøde panter slår igen (Denmark) • Inspector Clouseau - Der beste Mann bei Interpol (West Germany) • Inspector Clouseau Strikes Back (USA (working title)) • Inspector Clouseau and the Doomsday Machine (USA (working title)) • La pantera rosa sfida l'ispettore Clouseau (Italy) • O Roz Panthir xanaktypa (Greece) • Rosa pantern slår igen (Sweden) 



Argentina:Atp / Australia:PG / Brazil:14 / Canada:PG (Manitoba/Ontario) / Canada:G (Nova Scotia/Quebec) / Canada:PG (video rating) / Finland:K-16 / Iceland:L / Ireland:PG / Netherlands:AL / Netherlands:6 (re-rating) / New Zealand:PG / Norway:16 (original rating) / Norway:12 (re-rating) / Singapore:PG / Sweden:15 / UK:PG / USA:PG (Approved No. 24583) / West Germany:12


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