Cake (2018)

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Cake (2018

taglineLife Prepares you For Everything... Except your Family

Director: Asim Abbasi

Stars: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Adnan Malik, Mohammad Ahmad

Drama, Mystery, Romance (2h 05min)

UK UK, Pakistan Pakistan

Rated 7.5 after 658 votes on 17-Jul-19.

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A woman who takes care of her aging parents and their land is joined by her sister when their parents' health worsens.


Asim Abbasi (director) Aamina Sheikh Sanam Saeed Mikaal Zulfiqar Bob D'Erlanger Jules Baker (producer)

Aamina Sheikh (Zareen), Sanam Saeed (Zara), Adnan Malik (Romeo), Mohammad Ahmad (Siraj (Abba) (as Syed Mohammed Ahmed)), Beo Raana Zafar (Habiba (Amma)), Faris Khalid (Zain), Hira Hussain (Sana), Mikaal Zulfiqar (Shehryar), Bob D'Erlanger (Stuart)


Produced by

Asim Abbasi (producer), Jules Baker (producer: UK crew), Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari (executive producer), Mahnoor Amna Mahmood (producer), Sumaira Qazi (producer)



Peter Guber says, "Stories are not icing on the cake; they are the cake!" One may confirm the validity of Peter Guber's words after watching newly released Pakistani family drama film "Cake" directed by newcomer in tinsel town Asim Abbasi who previously directed few short films. Still young but the kind of immaculate maturity Abbasi has shown in his first full length feature film is sufficient to make us believe that land of our film industry is fertile. Where most of our film makers and directors are more focus on Bollywood type spicy masala, Abbasi bakes dessert like "Cake" in which he values adequate amount of right ingredients to mesmerize the taste buds his consumers to the optimum level and he sufficiently succeeds in it. First, as writer Abbasi transforms his thoughts on the paper to develop such a content which brushes the sensitive boundaries of our society but do not cross it and same time adopts an outlook to fulfill taste and requirements of the modern day. With amazing writing and interesting screenplay Abbasi has actually proved the authenticity of an old axiom that content is the king.

As far as performances are concerned, Pakistan film industry is fortunate to have services of an actress like Aamina Shaikh who is as glamorous as Depika Padukone and as talented as Smita Patil or Shabana Azmi. "Cake" is the second film after "Seedlings-Lamha" which has shown her acting prowess on silver screen with full power. Her actions and reactions on grim situations of the film are worth of watching. Sanam Saeed has performed magnificently as Aamina Shaikh's younger sister whose is battling with ghosts from her past to find late but valid vindication.

Though all the actors have performed stupendous job in "Cake" but Beo Raana Zafar is real gem of the film. Her flamboyant old age persona is novel for Pakistani viewers but her blatant comments spread joy on silver screen and save the film from dull moments. There is no doubt Beo Raana Zafar will be top contender to win few awards next year. Muhammad Ahmed as Beo's husband in first half of the film is more like a backup player but he comes in forefront in second half and steals the show. Adnan Malik has done satisfactory job and Mikaal Zulfiqar appears as cameo.

On the Whole, "Cake" is surprise addition into tally of mature films from Pakistan. Watertight script, interesting screenplay and Impact ful performances make "Cake" delightful experience for cinema goers. Films like "Cake" revitalizes our confidence in new breed of Pakistani film makers.


1 nomination 
Palm Springs International Film Festival



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Indus Talkies (United Kingdom); (produced by), ZAB Films (HPM Development)

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