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Andrea Occhipinti


Date of Birth: 12 September 1957Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Short Biography: Andrea Occhipinti was born on September 12, 1957 in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. He is an actor and producer, known for The Sea Inside (2004), The Family (1987) and A Blade in the Dark (1983).


Todos lo saben (2018)

# 15146 IMDb R 

Todos lo saben (2018)

(Everybody Knows)

TaglineA family. A kidnapping. A mystery

Director: Asghar Farhadi

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller (2h 12min)

Spain Spain, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 7.1 after 7,333 votes, 66% postive reviews on 29-Dec-18.

20 nominations

Laura, a Spanish woman living in Buenos Aires, returns to her hometown outside Madrid with her two children to attend her sister's wedding. However, the trip is upset by unexpected events that bring secrets into the open.

Sulla mia pelle (2018)

# 14893 IMDb TV-MA 

Sulla mia pelle (2018)

(On My Skin)

Director: Alessio Cremonini

Drama (1h 40min)

Italy Italy

Rated 7.4 after 4,047 votes on 28-Feb-19.

3 wins & 10 nominations

The incredible true story behind the most controversial Italian court cases in recent years. Stefano Cucchi was arrested for a minor crime and mysteriously found dead during his detention. In one week's time, a family is changed forever.

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)

# 16114 IMDb R 

Electric Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Films (2014)

TaglineAt Cannon Films, 52 movies a year just wasn't enough...

Director: Mark Hartley

Documentary, Biography, History (1h 46min)

UK UK, Israel Israel, Australia Australia, USA USA

Rated 7.4 after 4,689 votes on 15-Aug-19.

The history of the independent film company, The Cannon Film Group, Inc..

Grace of Monaco (2014)

# 11536 IMDb

Grace of Monaco (2014)

Director: Olivier Dahan

Biography, Drama, Romance (1h 43min)

France France, USA USA, Belgium Belgium, Italy Italy, Switzerland Switzerland

Rated 5.7 after 16,123 votes, 21% postive reviews on 13-Jan-19.

1 win & 4 nominations

The story of former Hollywood star Grace Kelly's crisis of marriage and identity, during a political dispute between Monaco's Prince Rainier III and France's Charles De Gaulle, and a looming French invasion of Monaco in the early 1960s.

Astérix et Obélix: Au service de Sa Majesté (2012)

# 10653 IMDb

Astérix et Obélix: Au service de Sa Majesté (2012)

(Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia)

Director: Laurent Tirard

Adventure, Comedy, Family (1h 50min)

France France, Spain Spain, Italy Italy, Hungary Hungary

Rated 5.3 after 12,241 votes on 12-Oct-19.

Asterix crosses the channel to help second-cousin Anticlimax face down Julius Caesar and invading Romans.

This Must Be the Place (2011)

# 09428 IMDb R 

This Must Be the Place (2011)

TaglineNever for money Always for love

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Comedy, Drama (1h 58min)

Italy Italy, France France, Ireland Ireland

Rated 6.7 after 29,871 votes, 61% postive reviews on 29-Dec-18.

19 wins & 15 nominations

Cheyenne, a wealthy former rock star (Penn), now bored and jaded in his retirement embarks on a quest to find his father's persecutor, an ex-Nazi war criminal now hiding out in the U.S. Learning his father is close to death, he travels to New York in the hope of being reconciled with him during his final hours, only to arrive too late. Having been estranged for over 30 years, it is only now (...)

Le gamin au vélo (2011)

# 09165 IMDb

Le gamin au vélo (2011)

(Boy with a Bike)

Director: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne

Drama (1h 27min)

Belgium Belgium, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 7.4 after 24,889 votes, 87% postive reviews on 12-Oct-19.

7 wins & 14 nominations

Abandoned by his father, a young boy is left in a state-run youth farm. In a random act of kindness, the town hairdresser agrees to foster him on weekends.

Das Weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (2009)

# 06252 IMDb

Das Weisse Band - Eine deutsche Kindergeschichte (2009)

(The White Ribbon)

Director: Michael Haneke

Crime, Drama, Mystery (2h 24min)

Austria Austria, Germany Germany, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 7.8 after 60,908 votes, 82% postive reviews on 08-Oct-18.

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 40 wins & 27 nominations

Strange events happen in a small village in the north of Germany during the years just before World War I, which seem to be ritual punishment. The abused and suppressed children of the villagers seem to be at the heart of this mystery.

Antichrist (2009)

# 06157 IMDb

Antichrist (2009)

TaglineWhen nature turns evil, true terror awaits. (UK)

Director: Lars von Trier

Drama, Horror (1h 49min)

Denmark Denmark, Germany Germany, France France, Sweden Sweden, Italy Italy, Poland Poland

Rated 6.6 after 102,186 votes, 49% postive reviews on 12-Oct-18.

17 wins & 17 nominations

A couple lose their young son when he falls out the window while they have sex in the other room. The mother's grief consigns her to hospital, but her therapist husband brings her home intent on treating her depression himself. To confront her fears they go to stay at their remote cabin in the woods, "Eden", where something untold happened the previous summer. Told in four chapters with a (...)

Il divo (2008)

# 06025 IMDb

Il divo (2008)

Director: Paolo Sorrentino

Biography, Drama, History (1h 50min)

Italy Italy, France France

Rated 7.3 after 15,054 votes, 81% postive reviews on 29-Feb-20.

Nominated for Oscar. Another 18 wins & 22 nominations

The story of Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti, who has been elected to Parliament seven times since is was established in 1946.

Funny Games U.S. (2007)

# 04316 IMDb

Funny Games U.S. (2007)

(Funny Games)

TaglineShall we begin?

Director: Michael Haneke

Horror, Thriller (1h 52min)

USA USA, France France, UK UK, Austria Austria, Germany Germany, Italy Italy

Rated 6.5 after 80,525 votes, 44% postive reviews on 05-Oct-18.

1 win & 3 nominations

In this exploration of our violent society and how depictions of violence reflect and shape our culture, a middle-class housewife Anna tells the story of how she and her husband George and their 10-year-old son Georgie submitted both physically and mentally to the torture, violence, and death foisted upon them by two young, unexpected, white-gloved visitors at their weekend vacation retreat near (...)

Azur et Asmar (2006)

# 11579 IMDb

Azur et Asmar (2006)

(Azur & Asmar: The Princes' Quest)

Director: Michel Ocelot

Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy (1h 39min)

France France, Belgium Belgium, Spain Spain, Italy Italy

Rated 7.4 after 2,398 votes on 24-Dec-18.

1 win & 3 nominations

Once upon a time there were two children nursed by same woman. Azur, a blonde, blue-eyed son of a noblewoman and Asmar, the dark skinned and dark-eyed child of the nurse. As kids, they fought and loved each other as brothers do. As grown ups, they mercilessly become rivals in the quest years later, when Azur is being haunted by memories of the legendary Djinn-fairy, and takes it upon himself to (...)

La femme de Gilles (2004)

# 02112 IMDb

La femme de Gilles (2004)

(Gilles' Wife)

Director: Frédéric Fonteyne

Drama (1h 43min)

Belgium Belgium, France France, Luxembourg Luxembourg, Italy Italy, Switzerland Switzerland

Rated 6.8 after 781 votes, 82% postive reviews on 03-Jul-19.

5 wins & 3 nominations

Gilles' wife, Elise, who smiles when she thinks of him, cooks and scrubs and cheerfully makes love to him, suspects during her third pregnancy that he is having an affair with her coquettish younger sister, Victorine. Elise suffers, usually in silence. She listens to her husband rave; she asks her priest; she breaks picture frames; she weeps. She decides on a strategy to keep him. Will she (...)

Mar adentro (2004)

# 01002 IMDb

Mar adentro (2004)

(The Sea Inside)

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Biography, Drama (2h 05min)

Spain Spain, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 8.0 after 71,387 votes, 74% postive reviews on 08-Nov-18.

Won Oscar. Another 60 wins & 30 nominations

Life story of Spaniard Ramón Sampedro, who fought a 30-year campaign to win the right to end his life with dignity. Film explores Ramón's relationships with two women: Julia, a lawyer who supports his cause, and Rosa, a local woman who wants to convince him that life is worth living. Through the gift of his love, these two women are inspired to accomplish things they never previously thought (...)

Los lunes al sol (2002)

# 02652 IMDb R 

Los lunes al sol (2002)

(Mondays in the Sun)

TaglineThis film is not based on a real story. It is based on thousands.

Director: Fernando León de Aranoa

Comedy, Drama (1h 53min)

Spain Spain, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 7.6 after 12,407 votes, 64% postive reviews on 14-Feb-20.

46 wins & 19 nominations

This is the story of those who live as if every day was a constant Sunday, those who spend their Mondays in the sun. The story of people who worked in a dockyard but are now unemployed.

The Magdalene Sisters (2002)

# 01061 IMDb

The Magdalene Sisters (2002)

TaglineIn a place that defied belief their only hope was each other.

Director: Peter Mullan

Drama (1h 59min)

UK UK, Ireland Ireland

Rated 7.8 after 24,234 votes, 83% postive reviews on 21-Oct-18.

13 wins & 13 nominations

A thoroughly mind provoking film about 3 young women whom, under tragic circumstances see themselves cast away to a 19th-Centrian Magdalene Laudry home for supposedly 'fallen' women. Here, the women endure agonizing punishment and a long, harsh working system which leaves them physically drained and mentally challenged. As the girls bond together, it soon becomes clear that the only way out of (...)

Le peuple migrateur (2001)

# 02926 IMDb

Le peuple migrateur (2001)

(The Travelling Birds)

Director: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud (co-director), Michel Debats (co-director)

Documentary (1h 38min)

France France, Italy Italy, Germany Germany, Spain Spain, Switzerland Switzerland

Rated 8.0 after 10,982 votes, 82% postive reviews on 01-Nov-18.

Nominated for Oscar. Another 3 wins & 12 nominations

The cameras of Jacques Perrin fly with migratory birds: geese, storks, cranes. The film begins with spring in North America and the migration to the Arctic; the flight is a community event for each species. Once in the Arctic, it's family time: courtship, nests, eggs, fledglings, and first flight. Chicks must soon fly south. Bad weather, hunters, and pollution take their toll. Then, the cameras (...)

Sin noticias de Dios (2001)

# 02225 IMDb

Sin noticias de Dios (2001)

(No News from God)

TaglineHeaven and hell are on Earth, and they're wearing heels.

Director: Agustín Díaz Yanes

Comedy (1h 35min)

Spain Spain, Italy Italy, France France, Mexico Mexico

Rated 6.5 after 5,061 votes, 31% postive reviews on 23-Oct-18.

3 wins & 18 nominations

A boxer named Manny, battling a potentially life-threatening brain injury, finds his soul to be the object of a metaphysical fight. Two different supernatural agents are sent to win over his soul to their side: one is an angel from a curious version of Heaven, that looks just like a beatific Paris, and in it everyone speaks French; and the other agent is a waitress from Hell, sent to seduce him (...)

Jeremiah (1998)

# 16247 IMDb Not Rated 

Jeremiah (1998)

Director: Harry Winer

Biography, Drama, History (1h 30min)

Italy Italy, Germany Germany, USA USA

Rated 7.0 after 896 votes on 07-Sep-19.

The young Jeremiah grows up in a priest's family in the village of Anathoth, near Jerusalem. God appears to Jeremiah in different human guises on several occasions, and makes it clear to him that he has been selected to announce God's message to the people of Jerusalem: a mighty ruler from the north will attack the Kingdom of Judah if the people there continue to worship false idols, and fail to (...)

Abre los ojos (1997)

# 00159 IMDb

Abre los ojos (1997)

(Open Your Eyes)

Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Drama, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller (1h 57min)

Spain Spain, France France, Italy Italy

Rated 7.8 after 58,306 votes on 09-Oct-18.

5 wins & 11 nominations

An imprisoned man hides his face behind a mask is telling his story, as a flashback, to a psychiatrist: his name is César, he is an orphan but he had inherited a fortune from his parents, and he used to live in a luxurious house of his his own. He was also very handsome and a renowned womanizer. His best friend, Pelayo, was jealous of César because he was not very successful with women. But one (...)

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