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Frank Lloyd


Date of Birth:
2 February 1886Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Date of Death:
10 August 1960Santa Monica, California, USA

5' 11½" (1.82 m)

Short Biography:
Frank Lloyd was an unpretentious, technically skilled director, who crafted several enduring Hollywood classics during the 1930's. He started out as a stage actor and singer in early 1900's London and was well-known as an imitator of Harry Lauder. After several years in music hall and with touring repertory companies, Lloyd emigrated to Canada in 1909 and joined the travelling theatrical troupe of Winnipeg entrepreneur C.P. Walker. In between acting, he made ends meet by working as a repair man on telegraph lines. While in Edmonton, Alberta, he met and married the German-American soubrette Alma Haller. Lloyd spent several months on the vaudeville circuit and in burlesque shows on the West Coast before marking his arrival in Hollywood with an acting contract at Universal in 1913. After two years of consistently poor critical notices, he gave up the acting profession for good and turned his skills to writing and directing.

In two years at Fox, 1917-19, he directed some fifteen films, often starring the popular matinée idol William Farnum. The majority were Zane Grey westerns (including an early version of Riders of the Purple Sage (1918)) and adaptations of classic literature (such as A Tale of Two Cities (1917) and Les Misérables (1917)). After a spell with Samuel Goldwyn, Lloyd joined First National/Warner Brothers (1922-31) and became the resident specialist in period drama and swashbuckling adventure. As his reputation grew, he was given charge of his own production unit. Among his most famous films during this period are Oliver Twist (1922), with Jackie Coogan in the title role and Lon Chaney as Fagin; The Eternal Flame (1922), a historical drama based on a novel by Honoré de Balzac; and The Sea Hawk (1924), with Milton Sills. In 1929, Lloyd became the second director to receive a coveted Academy Award, for The Divine Lady (1929), one of three films for which he had been nominated.

Much of Lloyd's acclaim is based on his work during the 1930's. At Fox (1931-34), he directed Noël Coward's Cavalcade (1933), and the historical fantasy Berkeley Square (1933) -- both with meticulous attention to geographic and period detail. Immensely popular at the box office, the former won Lloyd his second Oscar and returned $ 5 million in grosses from a production cost of $1.25 million. 'Berkeley Square' was described by the New York Times as "an example of delicacy and restraint" and "in a class by itself" (September 14, 1933). Lloyd's brief stint at MGM in 1935 culminated in the greatest success of his career. Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) won the Best Picture Oscar in its year and heaped praise on the director for maintaining strong narrative cohesion throughout, and for eliciting superb performances from stars Clark Gable (as Fletcher Christian) and Charles Laughton (as Captain Bligh). Lloyd continued in the same vein with the rollicking Foreign Legion adventure Under Two Flags (1936) and the sweeping (though historically inaccurate), big budget western epic Wells Fargo (1937). Also at Paramount, and, once again with his own production unit , he filmed the romantic story of adventurer-poet François Villon, If I Were King (1938), with excellent production values and superb acting from Ronald Colman and Basil Rathbone.

After completing a two-year contract at Columbia (1940-41), Lloyd served in World War II in command of the 13th Air Force Combat Camera Unit, turning out short documentaries. He rose to the rank of major and was decorated with the Legion of Merit. After the war, he temporarily retired to life on his Carmel Valley ranch, but made a brief comeback after the death of his wife Alma. His swan song for Republic Studio was the story of the Battle of the Alamo, The Last Command (1955), a suitably-titled finale to the career of one of the great action directors of the period. Lloyd has a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard.

Invisible Agent (1942)

# 15011 IMDb

Invisible Agent (1942)

TaglineToday's most amazing sensation!

By Edwin L. Marin

Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi, War (1h 21min)


Rated 6.1 after 1,277 votes on 02-Nov-18.

Nominated for Oscar. Another 1 nomination

The Invisible Man's grandson uses his secret formula to spy on Nazi Germany.

The Spoilers (1942)

# 06735 IMDb

The Spoilers (1942)

TaglineCrashing Fists in the Gold-Crazed Alaska of '98!

By Ray Enright

Action, Romance, Western (1h 27min)


Rated 6.8 after 2,024 votes on 21-Oct-18.

Nominated for Oscar

In Nome, Alaska, miner Roy Glennister and his partner Dextry, financed by saloon entertainer Cherry Malotte, fight to save their gold claim from crooked commissioner Alexander McNamara.

Saboteur (1942)

# 02344 IMDb

Saboteur (1942)

Tagline3000 miles of terror!

By Alfred Hitchcock

Adventure, Romance, Thriller (1h 48min)


Fine! Rated 7.2 after 20,108 votes on 13-Aug-18.

1 nomination

When sabotage destroys part of an aircraft plant, plant worker Barry Kane is falsely blamed for the crime. Determined to clear his name, he sets out to track down the man he believes to be the actual saboteur, the mysterious Mr. Fry. He chases Fry across the western deserts to New York, where the two men confront each other atop the Statue of Liberty.

The Howards of Virginia (1940)

# 14757 IMDb Approved | TV-G 

The Howards of Virginia (1940)

TaglineThe Vivid Drama Of A Nation's Birth !

By Frank Lloyd

Drama, History, War (1h 56min)


Rated 6.2 after 936 votes on 05-Oct-18.

Nominated for 2 Oscars

Beautiful young Virginian Jane steps down from her proper aristocratic upbrining when she marries down-to-earth surveyor Matt Howard. Matt joins the Colonial forces in their fight for freedom against England. Matt will meet Jane's father in the battlefield.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

# 02400 IMDb

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935)

TaglineA Thousand Hours of Hell For One Moment of Love!

By Frank Lloyd

Adventure, Drama, History (2h 12min)


Fine! Rated 7.8 after 18,381 votes on 21-Oct-18.

Won Oscar. Another 1 win & 7 nominations

The Bounty sails from Britain for Tahiti to obtain a cargo of breadfruit plants. Captain Bligh is in charge and he over-zealously enforces discipline by various methods, his favorite being flogging. Bligh cuts rations and works his men so hard that even first mate Fletcher Christian finds him hard to comprehend. In Tahiti, Christian and good friend midshipman Byam become involved with native (...)

Cavalcade (1933)

# 06039 IMDb

Cavalcade (1933)

TaglineA love that suffered and rose triumphant above the crushing events of this modern age! The march of time measured by a mother's heart!

By Frank Lloyd

Drama, Romance, War (1h 50min)


Rated 6.0 after 3,745 votes on 08-Oct-18.

Won 3 Oscars. Another 1 nomination

A cavalcade of English life from New Year's Eve 1899 until 1933 seen through the eyes of well-to-do Londoners Jane and Robert Marryot. Amongst events touching their family are the Boer War, the death of Queen Victoria, the sinking of the Titanic and the Great War.

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