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Alastair Fothergill


Date of Birth:
10 April 1960

Short Biography:
Alastair Fothergill was born on April 10, 1960. He is a producer and director, known for The Blue Planet (2001), Chimpanzee (2012) and Earth (2007).

Bears (2014)

# 11600 IMDb

Bears (2014)

By Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey

Documentary (1h 18min)


Fine! Rated 7.4 after 5,780 votes on 17-Oct-18.

2 nominations

In an epic story of breathtaking scale, Disneynature's new True Life Adventure "Bears" showcases a year in the life of a bear family as two impressionable young cubs are taught life's most important lessons. Set against a majestic Alaskan backdrop teeming with life, their journey begins as winter comes to an end and the bears emerge from hibernation to face the bitter cold. The world outside is (...)

Chimpanzee (2012)

# 10280 IMDb

Chimpanzee (2012)

TaglineFor Oscar, every day is an adventure.

By Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield

Documentary (1h 18min)

Tanzania Tanzania, USA USA

Fine! Rated 7.2 after 5,390 votes on 05-Oct-18.

2 nominations

Oscar, a baby chimpanzee is enjoying his life with his mother in the jungles along the Ivory Coast. Without warning, young Oscar is tragically orphaned during an attack from a rival group of chimpanzees. Afterwards, he attempts to survive on his own, and to be accepted by the other chimps. But Oscar struggles, until he is surprising adopted by the Alpha Male of his group.

Frozen Planet (2011)

# 09154 IMDb

TV Series: Mini-Series 

“Frozen Planet” (2011)



Fine! Rated 8.9 after 19,325 votes on 17-Oct-18.

10 wins & 7 nominations

Focuses on life and the environment in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

Season 1, Episode 1: To the Ends of the Earth

At the North Pole, the sun returns after six months of darkness.

Season 1, Episode 2: Spring

Each spring, massive sweet water thawing rapidly transforms the polar regions and the surrounding seas, where broken-off ice floats to. This is crucial in the life (...)

African Cats (2011)

# 08929 IMDb

African Cats (2011)

By Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey

Documentary, Adventure (1h 29min)


Fine! Rated 7.6 after 5,617 votes on 08-Oct-18.

3 nominations

A nature documentary centered on two cat families and how they teach their cubs the ways of the wild.

Earth (2007)

# 06136 IMDb

Earth (2007)

By Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield

Documentary (1h 30min)

UK UK, Germany Germany, USA USA

Fine! Rated 8.0 after 13,609 votes on 05-Oct-18.

2 wins & 1 nomination

Feature-length version of the documentary TV series "Planet Earth" (2006), following the migration paths of four animal families.

Planet Earth (2006)

# 12249 IMDb

TV Series: Season I 

“Planet Earth” (2006)

TaglinePrepare to see it as never before.

By Alastair Fothergill (11 episodes, 2006)

Documentary (9h 30min)


Fine! Rated 9.4 after 136,827 votes on 07-Oct-18.

14 wins & 14 nominations

Each 50 minute episode features a global overview of a different biome or habitat on Earth (Polar, Mountain, Cave, Desert, Plains, Fresh Water, Seas, Ocean, Forest), followed by a ten-minute featurette which takes a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges of filming the episode.

Deep Blue (2003)

# 14722 IMDb G 

Deep Blue (2003)

TaglineUntil Now We've Only Touched The Surface.

By Andy Byatt, Alastair Fothergill

Documentary (1h 23min)

UK UK, Germany Germany

Fine! Rated 7.5 after 2,690 votes on 18-Oct-18.

The natural history of the oceans

The Blue Planet (2001)

# 12250 IMDb

TV Series: Mini-Series 

“The Blue Planet” (2001)

By Alastair Fothergill (unknown episodes)

Documentary (50min)


Fine! Rated 9.0 after 18,086 votes on 06-Nov-17.

6 wins & 12 nominations

Mammoth series, five years in the making, taking a look at the rich tapestry of life in the world's oceans.

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