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Cake (2018)

# 15958 IMDb Not Rated 

Cake (2018)

TaglineLife Prepares you For Everything... Except your Family

Director: Asim Abbasi

Drama, Mystery, Romance (2h 05min)

UK UK, Pakistan Pakistan

Rated 7.5 after 658 votes on 17-Jul-19.

1 nomination

A woman who takes care of her aging parents and their land is joined by her sister when their parents' health worsens.

Dukhtar (2014)

# 12960 IMDb

Dukhtar (2014)


Director: Afia Nathaniel

Drama, Thriller (1h 33min)

Pakistan Pakistan, USA USA, Norway Norway

Rated 7.0 after 1,860 votes, 73% postive reviews on 04-Oct-18.

9 wins & 7 nominations

Two family clans (here just called A and B) who had a long history of hostility agreed to bury their hostility. One central point of the agreement is that the youngest girl of A (who has not really reached puberty) will marry the oldest man of B. The girl, her mother and a trustworthy young male escape. After some time they feel (correctly) that their present hiding place is not safe enough, and (...)

Jinnah (1998)

# 13184 IMDb

Jinnah (1998)

TaglineHe fought for justice, and made Pakistan.

Director: Jamil Dehlavi

Biography, Drama, War (1h 50min)

UK UK, Pakistan Pakistan

Rated 8.1 after 2,333 votes on 26-Oct-18.

4 wins & 1 nomination

Biography of Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of modern Pakistan is told through flashbacks as his soul tries to find eternal rest. The flashbacks start in 1947 as Jinnah pleads for a separate nation from the Muslim regime, infuriating Lord Mountbatten. Mountbatten then tries to enlist Gandhi & Nehru to persuade Jinnah to stop his efforts. Gandhi sides with Jinnah, which upsets Nehru. However, (...)

The Message (1976)

# 03466 IMDb

The Message (1976)

(Mohammad: Messenger of God)

TaglineThe story of Islam

Director: Moustapha Akkad

Biography, Drama (2h 57min)

Pakistan Pakistan, Kuwait Kuwait, Morocco Morocco, Libya Libya, UK UK, Lebanon Lebanon

Rated 8.2 after 38,915 votes on 29-Sep-18.

Nominated for Oscar

Mohammad, Messenger of God (retitled The Message for U.S. release) (1976) is a film directed by Moustapha Akkad, chronicling the life and times of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad. Released in both the Arabic language and the English language, Mohammad, Messenger of God serves as an introduction to early Islamic history. Although the movie revolves around Muhammad, his image is not depicted in any (...)

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