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The Cut (2014)

# 15701 IMDb Not Rated 

The Cut (2014)

Director: Fatih Akin

Adventure, Drama, History, Mystery, War (2h 18min)

Germany Germany, France France, Italy Italy, Russia Russia, Poland Poland, Canada Canada, Turkey Turkey, Jordan Jordan

Rated 6.3 after 4,729 votes, 56% postive reviews on 24-Apr-19.

2 wins & 7 nominations

In 1915 a man survives the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire, but loses his family, speech and faith. One night he learns that his twin daughters may be alive, and goes on a quest to find them.

Pit Stop (1969)

# 15700 IMDb Not Rated 

Pit Stop (1969)

TaglineRaw Guts For Glory!

Director: Jack Hill

Action, Drama, Sport (1h 31min)


Rated 6.8 after 550 votes on 24-Apr-19.

Grant Willard sponsors drivers in a "new" form of race car driving called The Figure Eight. The rise and fall of one such driver is the whole story behind PIT STOP.

Här har du ditt liv (1966)

# 15699 IMDb Not Rated 

Här har du ditt liv (1966)

(Here's Your Life)

Director: Jan Troell

Drama (2h 49min)

Sweden Sweden

Rated 7.4 after 711 votes on 24-Apr-19.

5 wins & 1 nomination

A working class teenager comes of age in 1910s rural Sweden, moving from job to job and meeting a variety of individuals who gradually shape his future.

Hana to Arisu (2004)

# 15698 IMDb

Hana to Arisu (2004)

(Hana and Alice)

TaglineBest friends and boyfriends: which one will you choose?

Director: Shunji Iwai

Comedy, Drama, Romance (2h 15min)

Japan Japan

Rated 7.4 after 3,402 votes on 24-Apr-19.

1 win

When two best friends develop a crush on the same boy, they develop a plan to trick him into dating them.

El Ángel (2018)

# 15697 IMDb Not Rated 

El Ángel (2018)

(El Angel)

TaglineInspired by true events.

Director: Luis Ortega

Biography, Crime, Drama (1h 58min)

Argentina Argentina, Spain Spain

Rated 7.1 after 4,363 votes, 61% postive reviews on 24-Apr-19.

3 wins & 19 nominations

The angelic face of Carlos, a 17-year-old teenager, hides a dark facet of robberies, lies and murders.

Bound for Glory (1976)

# 15696 IMDb PG 

Bound for Glory (1976)

TaglineWoody Guthrie. His music has become as much a part of America as its mountains, its rivers, its forests and its people. His life has touched all our lives. This is his story.

Director: Hal Ashby

Biography, Drama, Music (2h 27min)


Rated 7.3 after 4,293 votes, 70% postive reviews on 24-Apr-19.

Won 2 Oscars. Another 4 wins & 11 nominations

The early life of Woody Guthrie as a vagabond folk singer.

B.B. King: The Life of Riley (2012)

# 15695 IMDb Not Rated 

B.B. King: The Life of Riley (2012)

Director: Jon Brewer

Documentary, Biography, Music (2h 03min)


Rated 7.4 after 563 votes on 23-Apr-19.

The untold true American story of an orphan boy from the heart of the Mississippi Delta who rose to music stardom around the world and inspired a generation of fans against all odds.

Arctic (2018)

# 15694 IMDb PG-13 

Arctic (2018)

TaglineSurvival is its own Journey.

Director: Joe Penna

Adventure, Drama (1h 38min)

Iceland Iceland

Rated 7.1 after 6,299 votes, 71% postive reviews on 23-Apr-19.

1 nomination

A man stranded in the Arctic after an airplane crash must decide whether to remain in the relative safety of his makeshift camp or to embark on a deadly trek through the unknown.

Valkoinen peura (1952)

# 15693 IMDb Not Rated 

Valkoinen peura (1952)

(The White Reindeer)

Director: Erik Blomberg

Drama, Fantasy, Horror (1h 14min)

Finland Finland

Rated 7.1 after 1,133 votes on 21-Apr-19.

5 wins & 1 nomination

A newly wed woman goes to the local shaman to get some help with her lovelife, but instead gets turned into a white reindeer vampire.

The Upside (2017)

# 15692 IMDb PG-13 

The Upside (2017)

TaglineBased on a true story.

Director: Neil Burger

Comedy, Drama (2h 06min)


Rated 6.5 after 16,198 votes, 46% postive reviews on 21-Apr-19.

2 wins

A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy man with quadriplegia and an unemployed man with a criminal record who's hired to help him.

Lukas (2018)

# 15691 IMDb R 

Lukas (2018)

(The Bouncer)

Director: Julien Leclercq

Action, Drama, Thriller (1h 34min)

France France, Belgium Belgium,  British Virgin Islands

Rated 6.1 after 2,189 votes on 21-Apr-19.

A nightclub bouncer in his fifties who's taken punches, literally and figuratively, struggles to raise his 8-year-old daughter.

House Party (1990)

# 15690 IMDb R 

House Party (1990)

TaglineIf they get caught it's all over. If they don't, it's just the beginning!

Director: Reginald Hudlin

Comedy, Music, Romance (1h 40min)


Rated 6.4 after 11,822 votes, 76% postive reviews on 21-Apr-19.

2 wins & 10 nominations

Kid decides to go to his friend Play's house party, but neither of them can predict what's in store for them on what could be the wildest night of their lives.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé (2019)

# 15689 IMDb TV-MA 

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé (2019)

TaglineA Film by Beyonce

Documentary, Music (2h 17min)


Rated 7.5 after 1,306 votes on 21-Apr-19.

This intimate, in-depth look at Beyoncé's celebrated 2018 Coachella performance reveals the emotional road from creative concept to cultural movement.

Gaslight (1940)

# 15688 IMDb Not Rated 

Gaslight (1940)

TaglinePatrick Hamilton's famous play brought to the screen - thrill by thrill as only the British know how!

Director: Thorold Dickinson

Thriller (1h 24min)


Rated 7.4 after 3,198 votes on 21-Apr-19.

Twenty years after the murder of Alice Barlow, her house is finally occupied again. However, the husband of the couple who have moved in has a secret which he will do anything to keep hidden.

Appointment with Danger (1950)

# 15687 IMDb Approved 

Appointment with Danger (1950)

TaglineALAN LADD as the U.S. Mail's ace agent smashes the biggest mail robbery plan in history!

Director: Lewis Allen

Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller (1h 30min)


Rated 6.7 after 887 votes on 21-Apr-19.

When ruthlessly dedicated postal inspector investigates the murder of a co-worker, he finds that the sole witness, a nun, has been targeted by the killers.

Quién te cantará (2018)

# 15686 IMDb

Quién te cantará (2018)

Director: Carlos Vermut

Drama, Music, Mystery (2h 05min)

Spain Spain, France France

Rated 7.2 after 1,154 votes on 19-Apr-19.

15 wins & 24 nominations

When Lila, a celebrated but fame-weary and amnesiac singer forgets how to perform, super-fan Violeta steps in to teach Lila how to be Lila once again.

Liteul poreseuteu (2018)

# 15685 IMDb PG-13 

Liteul poreseuteu (2018)

(Little Forest)

Director: Soon-rye Yim

Drama (1h 43min)

South Korea South Korea

Rated 6.9 after 826 votes on 19-Apr-19.

2 wins & 10 nominations

A young woman grows tired of life in the city and returns to her hometown in the countryside.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

# 15684 IMDb PG 

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

TaglineThey come in pieces.

Director: Mike Mitchell

Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical (1h 47min)

Denmark Denmark, Norway Norway, Australia Australia, USA USA

Rated 6.9 after 22,809 votes, 65% postive reviews on 18-Apr-19.

It's been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild.

Storm Boy (2019)

# 15683 IMDb PG 

Storm Boy (2019)

TaglineLove Has Wings

Director: Shawn Seet

Adventure, Drama, Family (1h 39min)

Australia Australia

Rated 6.9 after 252 votes, 67% postive reviews on 18-Apr-19.

When Michael Kingley, a successful retired businessman starts to see images from his past that he can't explain, he's forced to remember his childhood and how, as a boy, he rescued and raised an extraordinary orphaned pelican, Mr Percival.

Mélo (1986)

# 15682 IMDb Not Rated 

Mélo (1986)

Director: Alain Resnais

Drama, Romance (1h 52min)

France France

Rated 7.2 after 957 votes on 18-Apr-19.

2 wins & 8 nominations

In Paris in the 1920s, a concert violinist meets and falls in love with a stylish young flapper who's the wife of an old friend. Romaine instigates the affair with Marcel, and carries it forward even as her husband, Pierre, falls ill. She may even be purposely giving Pierre a treatment that adds to his misery. After Marcel returns from a concert tour and Romaine stoops to a new low in abandoning (...)

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