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Wings of the Morning (1937)

# 17547 IMDb Approved | Passed 

Wings of the Morning (1937)


Director: Harold D. Schuster, Glenn Tryon (original director) (uncredited)

Drama, Music, Romance, Sport, War (1h 29min)


Rated 5.8 after 219 votes on 26-Feb-20.

1 nomination

First Technicolor movie shot in the British Isles, features Gypsies, horse racing, singing and romance.

Lo foo chut gang (1988)

# 17546 IMDb TV-MA 

Lo foo chut gang (1988)

(Tiger on Beat)

Director: Chia-Liang Liu (as Lau Kar Leung)

Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller (1h 28min)

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Rated 7.0 after 1,448 votes on 26-Feb-20.

1 nomination

A seasoned cop and his rookie partner are a pair of mismatched partners in this Hong Kong action-comedy in the style of 'Lethal Weapon'. The wacky twosome are up in arms as they try to solve the murder of a heroin trafficker.

The Death of Dick Long (2019)

# 17545 IMDb R 

The Death of Dick Long (2019)

TaglineThe night things went very south.

Director: Daniel Scheinert

Comedy, Crime, Drama (1h 40min)


Rated 6.3 after 2,485 votes, 69% postive reviews on 26-Feb-20.

4 wins & 1 nomination

Dick died last night, and Zeke and Earl don't want anybody finding out how. That's too bad though, cause news travels fast in small-town Alabama.

The Day of the Dolphin (1973)

# 17544 IMDb PG 

The Day of the Dolphin (1973)

TaglineUnwittingly He Trained a Dolphin to Kill the President of the United States

Director: Mike Nichols

Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller (1h 44min)


Rated 6.1 after 2,520 votes on 26-Feb-20.

Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 1 win & 2 nominations

A marine biologist teaches his dolphins to communicate in English but shady characters plan to kidnap the trained mammals for a more sinister purpose.

Shinboru (2009)

# 17543 IMDb Not Rated 

Shinboru (2009)


Director: Hitoshi Matsumoto

Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery (1h 33min)

Japan Japan

Rated 7.1 after 3,180 votes on 26-Feb-20.

5 nominations

A man wakes up in a white room empty other than buttons on the walls, he must find out which button to push to get what he wants.

Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang shi (2019)

# 17542 IMDb Not Rated | TV-Y7 | TV-PG 

Ne Zha zhi mo tong jiang shi (2019)

(Nezha: Birth of the Demon Child)

TaglineI am the destiny (Australia/New Zealand/UK/Ireland)

Director: Yu Yang (as Jiaozi)

Animation, Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Thriller (1h 50min)

China China

Rated 7.7 after 2,873 votes, 54% postive reviews on 26-Feb-20.

15 wins & 5 nominations

Born with unique powers, a boy is recruited to fight demons and save the community that fears him.

Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (1968)

# 17541 IMDb R 

Ammazzali tutti e torna solo (1968)

(Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone)

TaglineChuck Connors betrays a gang of seven ruthless mercenaries!

Director: Enzo G. Castellari

Western (1h 40min)

Italy Italy, Spain Spain

Rated 6.5 after 475 votes on 26-Feb-20.

In 1864, mercenary Clyde MacKay leads a squad of hard-case cutthroats on a mission for the Confederate high command: infiltrate an enemy fortress and steal a million dollars in gold from the Union Army.

Judy & Punch (2019)

# 17540 IMDb

Judy & Punch (2019)

TaglineA twisted tale of love, revenge and puppetry.

Director: Mirrah Foulkes

Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller (1h 45min)

Australia Australia

Rated 6.3 after 531 votes on 26-Feb-20.

4 wins & 23 nominations

Seaside (nowhere near the sea), puppeteers Judy and Punch are trying to resurrect their marionette show in an an anarchic town on the brink of mob rule.

Gin gwai (2002)

# 17539 IMDb R | TV-MA 

Gin gwai (2002)

(The Eye)

TaglineWhat if the reflection you see is not yours

Director: Danny Pang (as Pang Brothers), Oxide Chun Pang (as Pang Brothers)

Horror, Mystery (1h 39min)

Hong Kong Hong Kong, Singapore Singapore

Rated 6.7 after 27,355 votes, 66% postive reviews on 25-Feb-20.

9 wins & 8 nominations

A blind girl gets a cornea transplant so that she would be able to see again. However, she got more than what she bargained for when she realized she could even see ghosts.

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby (2009)

# 17538 IMDb TV-PG 

Jim Gaffigan: King Baby (2009)

Director: Troy Miller

Documentary, Comedy (1h)


Rated 7.8 after 2,125 votes on 25-Feb-20.

The greatly anticipated follow-up to the platinum-selling "Beyond the Pale." In this Austin performance that capped off his sold-out 2008 stand-up tour, Gaffigan does not let the audience catch their breath. This all-new show proves no other comedian working today can romanticize laziness and overindulgence like Jim Gaffigan.

Crossfire Hurricane (2012)

# 17537 IMDb Not Rated 

Crossfire Hurricane (2012)

Director: Brett Morgen

Documentary, Biography, Music (1h 51min)


Rated 7.4 after 2,232 votes on 24-Feb-20.

2 wins & 4 nominations

Legendary British rock band The Rolling Stones mark their 50th year together.

Broadway Damage (1997)

# 17536 IMDb Not Rated 

Broadway Damage (1997)

TaglineGreetings from Greenwich Village.

Director: Victor Mignatti

Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance (1h 51min)


Rated 6.7 after 568 votes on 24-Feb-20.

2 wins & 2 nominations

A quirky, romantic comedy about the complexity and frustration of finding a true love in the gay community. Marc is a struggling actor who finds an apartment in NYC by searching the obituaries. He lives with his out-of-work, eccentric fag-hag Cynthia. His best friend, Robert, is secretly in love with Marc, while Marc falls head over heels for flighty studio musician David. Things heat up as (...)

Traveller (1997)

# 17535 IMDb R 

Traveller (1997)

TaglineSwindlers. Scammers. Con-men. As American as apple-pie.

Director: Jack N. Green (as Jack Green) (directed by)

Crime, Drama, Romance (1h 41min)


Rated 6.1 after 1,729 votes, 57% postive reviews on 23-Feb-20.

1 nomination

A young man, Pat, visits the clan of gypsy-like grifters in rural North Carolina who belong to the nomadic ethnic group known as Irish Travellers and from whom he is descended. Pat is at first rejected but cousin Bokky takes him on as an apprentice. Pat learns the game while Bokky falls in love and desires a different life.

The Chocolate War (1988)

# 17534 IMDb R 

The Chocolate War (1988)

Director: Keith Gordon

Drama (1h 40min)


Rated 6.7 after 1,967 votes on 23-Feb-20.

2 nominations

A surreal portrait of a Catholic Private School and its hierarchy. A new student must submit to the bizarre rituals of his peers and the expectations of the school's administration by selling chocolates.

The Cat and the Fiddle (1934)

# 17533 IMDb Passed | TV-G 

The Cat and the Fiddle (1934)

TaglineFrom the Musical Success that ran Two Years on Broadway

Director: William K. Howard, Sam Wood (uncredited)

Comedy, Musical, Romance, Drama (1h 28min)


Rated 6.4 after 332 votes on 23-Feb-20.

A romance between a struggling composer and an American singer.

Team Foxcatcher (2016)

# 17532 IMDb TV-14 

Team Foxcatcher (2016)

Director: Jon Greenhalgh

Documentary, Biography, Crime, History, Sport (1h 30min)


Rated 7.3 after 4,362 votes on 23-Feb-20.

3 nominations

Documentary filmmaker Jon Greenhalgh examines the life of Dave Schultz, a professional wrestler who was part of 'Team Foxcatcher', funded by multi-millionaire John du Pont.

Neal Brennan: 3 Mics (2017)

# 17531 IMDb TV-MA 

Neal Brennan: 3 Mics (2017)

TaglineOne Liners. Emotional Stuff. Stand-up.

Director: Neal Brennan

Comedy (1h 05min)


Rated 7.9 after 2,334 votes on 23-Feb-20.

Neal Brennan is taking multitasking to a whole new level in this stand up special, which features the comedian switching between three different microphones symbolizing three different styles of comedy.

Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (2016)

# 17530 IMDb Not Rated 

Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall (2016)

Director: Spike Lee

Documentary, Music (1h 33min)


Rated 7.4 after 1,964 votes on 23-Feb-20.

A look at the life of the late pop star Michael Jackson from his early days at Motown Records to the release of his hit 1979 album, Off the Wall.

Yat nim mou ming (2016)

# 17529 IMDb

Yat nim mou ming (2016)

(Mad World)

Director: Chun Wong

Drama (1h 41min)

Hong Kong Hong Kong

Rated 7.3 after 1,232 votes on 23-Feb-20.

20 wins & 31 nominations

A mentally ill stockbroker struggles to reconcile with his estranged father and his perturbed ex-fiancée.

Long Shot (2017)

# 17528 IMDb TV-14 

Long Shot (2017)

Director: Jacob LaMendola (directed by)

Documentary, Short, Sport (40min)


Rated 7.4 after 4,165 votes on 23-Feb-20.

1 win & 3 nominations

When Juan Catalan is arrested for a murder he insists he didn't commit, he builds his case for innocence around raw footage from a popular TV show, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

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